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Fantasy Articles Featuring Pedro Martinez

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Pedro Martinez's name.

Charging the Mound: Charging the Press Box

Chris and Jeff take on the issue of anonymous sourcing, then close with their top 15 lists for 2014.

Minor League Barometer: Seager Gets No Respect

Don't sleep on Corey Seager. The Dodgers prospect is not getting the attention he deserves this season.

Minor League Barometer: Thorny Issue for Brewers

Tyler Thornburg has had a miserable 2013 and is in danger of getting passed over promotion yet again in the Brewers organization.

Draft and Auction Strategy: Tips for Assembling Your Fantasy Team

When considering an injured player like Curtis Granderson, factor in who you'll start in his place.

All-Time Roto Team : Which Historical Seasons Would Have the Biggest Fantasy Impact?

Jimmy Rollins' 2007 MVP season just misses the cut

Mound Musings: Second-Half Observations

Felix Hernandez's velocity might be down, but i hasn't seemed to matter.

Circling the Bases: The R Word

Paul Konerko's batting average is already starting to decline, but Ray Flowers thinks that there's still a pretty deep drop remaining.

Circling the Bases: Right in Line

Is Drew Stubbs an underperformer, or are his 2011 numbers a better indication of what is to come in 2012?

Charging the Mound: Sliding Away, Hamilton's Night

Josh Hamilton and Miggy Cabrera are discussing just how high Hamilton's four-homer game ranks among the all-time great nights in fantasy baseball history.

Charging the Mound: Level of Dominance

Matt Kemp couldn't have gotten off to a better start. Is he the special type of player that can transcend the game?

RotoWire Roundtable: Latest 350 (Part 1)

Ryan Braun's suspension hadn't been lifted the last time the Roundtable met. He's third in our composite rankings this time around.

RotoWire Roundtable: Latest 350 (Part 2)

Tim Hudson's back injury has pushed him down the list in this month's rankings.

Mound Musings: 30 Rotations Entering Spring

Wade Davis' bid to land a Rays rotation spot is but one of many spring pitching battles around the league. Find out how it's all likely to shake out.

Mound Musings: Questions for the Second Half

Will Joe Nathan regain the closer role for the Twins? That's just one of a bevy of questions we tackle, looking ahead to the second half.

Circling the Bases: Kelly Johnson and Ricky Nolasco

Scouting Pitchers: Adrian Salcedo Interview, Carlos Martinez

RotoWire's James Benkard saw two promising young arms during a recent Midwest League doubleheader.

Farm Futures: Failure to Develop

Brandon Wood's departure from the Angels represents a high-profile failure of the organization to develop a top prospect.

Marginal Players: Marginal Players

Slow Starters: Slow Starters

Are Closers Worth It?: Are Closers Worth It?

Owning Players in Multiple Leagues: Owning Players in Multiple Leagues

Trending Players: Trending Players

Scouting Pitchers: NL Top 25 Bargains: Spring Update

Scouting Pitchers: Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto

Scouting Pitchers: Carlos Zambrano and Erik Bedard

Scouting Pitchers: Aaron Harang and Jair Jurrjens

Scouting Pitchers: 2008 Season Preview: Starting Pitchers

Charging the Mound: Ranking of Top Five Picks

Pitching Value Meter: Cy Young Charge

Felix Hernandez gets two start this week against rather anemic offenses as he tries to convince voters that he is Cy Young worthy.

Pitching Value Meter: Home Cookin'

Adam Wainwright sits atop the pitcher rankings this week with two starts at home.