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Fantasy Articles Featuring Matt Capps

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Matt Capps's name.

DraftKings MLB: Value Plays for the Week

Homer Bailey's full-season numbers aren't pretty, but he is set to face the Phillies and has had a tough schedule. He and other players can be bought at exceptional values on DraftKings.

2014 Indians Team Preview: Contender Or Fluke?

The Indians made a brilliant return to the playoffs under Terry Francona in 2013. After a relatively quiet offseason, will they be able to put it together again in 2014?

Twins Team Preview: The Painful Rebuilding Effort Continues

Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer remain behind, but the Twins have ramped up their rebuilding efforts this offseason.

Indians' Team Preview: Major Changes

The Indians lost a number of their mainstays, but held on to Asdrubal Cabrera.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Tilling the Free Agent Fields

The Lineup Card: Jake Odorizzi Makes His MLB Debut

Tuesday Lineup Card: Free Wily

The Lineup Card: End Of Season Fun With Chris Nelson

Circling the Bases: 2012 MLB Bullpen Disasters

Ray Flowers examines the risks in overvaluing closers in fantasy drafts and strategies in drafting the right players.

Monday Lineup Card: Mighty Griffin

Mound Musings: Projecting 2013 Closers

Where will Carlos Marmol be in 2013? Despite the this year's turmoil, he might end up right back with the Cubs.

Thursday's Lineup Card: Pick Me Up Over Yonder

Thursday's Lineup Card

Monday Lineup Card: Carter's Provides Power

Bogfella's Notebook: AL Bullpen Review

Joakim Soria's spring training injury was the start of a chaotic spring for AL closers.

Sunday Lineup Card: Closer Watch Cooking in Oakland

FAAB Factor - AL: Myers Heads to the AL

Transaction Analysis: Big Names Coming, Going

Friday Lineup Card: Ride The Closer Carousel

Wednesday Lineup Card: Steady As He Gose

FAAB Factor - AL: Is Cain Able?

Lorenzo Cain is back from the DL for the Royals. Will he start running?

Saturday Lineup Card: Big Names Back From DL

Transaction Analysis: Markakis Finally Back in Action

Friday Lineup Card: Back In Action

Charging the Mound: Vegas Version

How much will you pay on the dollar to get Evan Longoria?

Mound Musings: Answers for the Second Half

As baseball heads into the second half of the season, is it time to buy or sell Tim Lincecum?

Tuesday Lineup Card: Catching Help is Available

In Some Depth: Nearing the Deadline

FAAB Factor - AL: Adam Lind Returns

Adam Lind is back after playing Vegas for a while, tearing it up while he was there. Should you take a chance on him this time around?

Transaction Analysis: Utley, Finally, Returns for Phils

Bogfella's Notebook: Pitchers on the Move?

Jair Jurrjens was frequently mentioned in trade rumors this offseason. Will the Braves still offer him around prior to the trade deadline?