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Dominate Your Duel: Umpire Analysis

Christopher Olson breaks down the umpire situation for a few series and highlights his top values on FanDuel.

Dominate Your Duel: Better Know an Umpire

RotoWire's Christopher Olson returns with his popular DFS strategy series that breaks down an umpire's impact on the game.

Dominate Your Duel: The All-DYD Team

RotoWire's Chris Olson uses the strategic approaches highlighted throughout the season to construct a FanDuel lineup for Wednesday night.

Dominate Your Duel: Constructing An Efficient Lineup

RotoWire's Christopher Olson examines the benefits of targeting certain spots in the lineup.

Dominate Your Duel: Answering Fundamental Questions

RotoWire's Christopher Olson takes a look at two of the most pressing questions in daily fantasy baseball.

Dominate Your Duel: Effectively Utilizing Splits

RotoWire's Christopher Olson takes an in-depth look at the value of batter and pitcher splits.

Dominate Your Duel: Pounding The Zone

RotoWire's Christopher Olson takes a look at the benefits of throwing first-pitch strikes.

Dominate Your Duel: Incorporating Catcher Framing Statistics into DFS Strategy

RotoWire's Chris Olson explores ways to incorporate catcher framing into your FanDuel strategy.

Dominate Your Duel: Combining Skill Sets

RotoWire's Christopher Olson examines how to target matchups based upon two vital categories: power and speed.

Dominate Your Duel: Looking at Home Run Data

RotoWire's Chris Olson explores home run data and how it can be applied when selecting your FanDuel roster.

Dominate Your Duel: Using Predictive Metrics

RotoWire's Christopher Olson takes a look at two unorthodox metrics that can help you predict player production down the stretch.

Dominate Your Duel: Considering Weather Conditions

With FanDuel recently debuting a weather tracking feature, RotoWire's Christopher Olson examines the impact of weather factors when selecting a daily lineup.

Dominate Your Duel: Examining Conventional Wisdom

RotoWire's Christopher Olson examines some of the most common daily fantasy advice, helping you build the most profitable lineup each day.

Dominate Your Duel: Finding Low-Cost Producers

Chris Olson explores some of the key factors to consider when hunting for bargains on FanDuel.

Dominate Your Duel: Survive or Revive

Christopher Olson takes a look at FanDuel's new Survive or Revive tournament and offers up advice on the new format.

Dominate Your Duel: Follow the Headlines

Christopher Olson delves into the recent struggles of Seattle's Hisashi Iwakuma and offers up advice how to avoid similar issues in your FanDuel lineups.

Dominate Your Duel: Delving into Pitch Value Statistics

Chris Olson examines how pitch type data can aid in your selection of pitchers and hitters.

Dominate Your Duel: Maximum Win Potential

Chris Olson offers up tips to maximize your win potential on FanDuel while dealing with the constant grind of daily fantasy baseball

Dominate Your Duel: Know Your Umpires

Chris Olson explains how the umpire behind home plate should impact your Daily Fantasy Baseball decisions.

Dominate Your Duel: Heart of the Order

Patrick Kaiser recommends targeting hitters from the middle of the lineup when playing on FanDuel

Dominate Your Duel: FanDuel Survivor Strategy

Patrick Kaiser explores strategies for FanDuel's new Survivor contests.

Dominate Your Duel: How To Succeed In Large-Field Tourneys

Patrick Kaiser gives you all the strategy tips you need that just might punch your ticket to Las Vegas.

Dominate Your Duel: Factoring In Weather

Patrick Kaiser discusses how to factor in weather conditions when picking you daily fantasy lineup on FanDuel

Dominate Your Duel: FanDuel Strategy

Patrick Kaiser previews FanDuel's big baseball tournaments for the 2014 season.