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Diamond Cuts: Early Season Injuries

Red Sox closer Koji Uehara is likely to start the season on the disabled list, opening up the door for someone else to grab the early ninth inning work.

Diamond Cuts: Lone Star Recoveries

The Rangers' offense could be dominant this season if Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo can fully recover from their injury-plagued 2014 seasons.

Diamond Cuts: Time Before Opening Day

Anthony Rendon would likely have hit the 15-day DL if the regular season was already underway, but RotoWire injury expert Jeff Stotts thinks he should be back before Opening Day.

Diamond Cuts: Tumbling Down Draft Boards

RotoWire injury expert Jeff Stotts kicks off this season's Diamond Cuts with news that Yu Darvish is likely headed for Tommy John surgery.

Diamond Cuts: Players to Avoid

In his annual column, Jeff Stotts plants the red flags around the players to avoid on draft day in 2015.

Diamond Cuts: Brewers Win Martin-Monahan Award

The Brewers' training staff managed to limit the impact of Ryan Braun's oblique injury and helped prevent their pitchers from going under the knife this season.

Diamond Cuts: Frustrating September Injuries

Josh Hamilton has been bothered by a shoulder injury this month, and because it's expanded roster season, he hasn't had to be put on the DL, leaving his fantasy owners in the lurch.

Diamond Cuts: A Core Problem

Jeff Stotts discusses the core injury that's been troubling the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera in this week's MLB injury report.

Diamond Cuts: Captain of Bad Puns

Every pun using David Wright's last name has been already used, but Jeff Stotts is concerned about a bigger issue - Wright's shoulder. He wonders if there's something serious underneath the shoulder and neck issues that have bothered Wright lately.

Diamond Cuts: Protecting McCutchen

Jeff Stotts talks about the measures that the Pirates will take to protect Andrew McCutchen as he returns from his rib injury.

Diamond Cuts: Rocky Mountain Low

Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki are on the DL ... again. The Rockies are going through a losing season ... again. Jeff Stotts has the latest on both injured stars.

Diamond Cuts: An Aversion To Avulsions

Jeff Stotts details what the recent clarification of Andrew McCutchen's rib injury means.

Diamond Cuts: Tulo-git To Quit

Troy Tulowitzki finally hit the DL on Tuesday for the first time this season with his thigh injury.

Diamond Cuts: All-Scar Team

In the year of the Tommy John Surgery, Jose Fernandez's injury has been the most impactful. Jeff Stotts reveals the rest of his annual All-Scar team in this week's article.

Diamond Cuts: Pop Goes the Quad

Edwin Encarnacion's quad injury headlines Jeff Stotts' weekly injury article.

Diamond Cuts: Evan Gattis's Back Injury

RotoWire's Jeff Stotts says that the location of Evan Gattis's bulging disc in his back is troublesome.

Diamond Cuts: Dat Dude's Heel

Though the Reds are at Wrigley Field this week, we didn't get to see Brandon Phillips strike this pose Monday because of his heel injury.

Diamond Cuts: Cramping Conundrum

Cramps have been the injury du jour in the sports world of late, and Jeff Stotts breaks down the setback, particularly the one that is bothering Detroit's Torii Hunter.

Diamond Cuts: Rocky Mountain Low

Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer suffered significant setbacks in the last week. Jeff Stotts gives you the lowdown on their respective procedures.

Diamond Cuts: Get a Grip

Jeff Stotts talks about the importance of a hitter being able to maintain his grip after coming back from a hand, thumb or wrist injury, such as the one suffered by the Angels' Josh Hamilton.

Diamond Cuts: Sore Thumbs

Jeff Stotts discusses Josh Hamilton's latest setback with his thumb injury, and gives the latest on the Rangers' injuries.

Diamond Cuts: Abreu's Ankle

Early season sensation Jose Abreu is now on the DL with an ankle injury. RotoWire's Jeff Stotts gives us the full information on the injury, and tells you why an early July estimate for CC Sabathia's return might even be optimistic.

Diamond Cuts: Why Can't We Have Nice Things?

Jose Fernandez has become the latest treasure of the game to go down with a UCL tear. Jeff Stotts leads off with him in this week's edition of Diamond Cuts.

Diamond Cuts: They Call Me Bruce

Jeff Stotts isn't ranting about Rick Springfield's song, but rather about the reporting on Jay Bruce's meniscus injury and the subsequent procedure done on it in this week's edition.

Diamond Cuts: UCL Forces the DL

Bryce Harper's thumb injury has not only forced him to the DL, but also to the surgeon's table. He headlines this week's column by Jeff Stotts.

Diamond Cuts: Can CarGo Go?

Jeff Stotts opens this week's column talking about the knee tendinitis troubling the Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez.

Diamond Cuts: Two For the Thumb

Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Hamilton went down with significant thumb injuries in the last week. Jeff Stotts describes the difference between the two injuries and subsequent consequences in this week's article.

Diamond Cuts: Strain vs. Sprain

Yasiel Puig's thumb injury inspired Jeff Stotts' annual lecture on the difference between a sprain and a strain.

Diamond Cuts: Teres Major Heartache

Dodgers fans and fantasy owners alike are wincing with the news that Clayton Kershaw is suffering from a teres major injury. Jeff Stotts goes into more detail about the nature of the injury this week.

Diamond Cuts: The Rangers' Rough Weekend

Jurickson Profar is out 10-to-12 weeks, as is Geovany Soto, and Yu Darvish is also hurting. Jeff Stotts breaks them down, as well as a few other top injuries around the league.

Diamond Cuts: Elbowed Out

Jarrod Parker highlights a string of pitchers going down with elbow injuries this spring. Jeff Stotts breaks them all down for you in this week's Diamond Cuts.

Diamond Cuts: Atlanta Burns

It's been a miserable spring for the Braves' starting rotation, with Kris Medlen suffering the most serious injury. Jeff Stotts breaks down his status in his first article of the spring.

Diamond Cuts: Fallen Jays

Edwin Encarnacion and Colby Rasmus are the latest Blue Jays to be shut down for the season.

Diamond Cuts: Oblique Issues

Jeff Stotts discusses Felix Hernandez's injury among other topics this week.

Diamond Cuts: Ellsbury's Foot Injury

Jeff Stotts gives us the details on Jacoby Ellsbury's foot injury, Carlos Gonzalez's hand and King Felix's back.

Diamond Cuts: Miggy's Nagging Injury

Owners of Miguel Cabrera in weekly leagues are in a tough spot on whether or not to start him.

Diamond Cuts: Braves In a Bind

Jason Heyward's broken jaw is particularly ill-timed for the Braves. Jeff Stotts talks about him and more this week.

Diamond Cuts: Eyes on the Prize

Dan Uggla recently had LASIX laser eye surgery in the hopes of improving his batting eye.

Diamond Cuts: Busy NL Contenders

Jeff Stotts has a lot of info dealing with the Dodgers and Cardinals, including the latest on Matt Kemp's rehab.

Diamond Cuts: The Latest Dodgers Injury

Hanley Ramirez's tumble into the stands has Dodgers fans concerned about his injured shoulder.

Diamond Cuts: El Hombre Down

The Angels are shutting down Albert Pujols due to his ongoing foot issues. Jeff Stotts details what Pujols will go through in his rehab.

Diamond Cuts: Injured Outfielders

Matt Holliday and Yoenis Cespedes top the list this week in Jeff Stotts' weekly injury column.

Diamond Cuts: The All-Scar Team

Giancarlo Stanton was one of three big-time NL outfielders to make Jeff Stotts' list.

Diamond Cuts: Matt Kemp, Ryan Howard, and Yadier Molina

A number of knee injuries highlight this week's list, along with Matt Kemp's ongoing shoulder issues.

Diamond Cuts: Longo's Foot

Evan Longoria is dealing with a case of plantar fasciitis. Jeff Stotts talks about him among this week's injuries.

Diamond Cuts: Conflicting Reports

Bryce Harper's return date isn't set in stone. Jeff Stotts talks about Harper, Carlos Gomez and a number of injured Yankees this week.

Diamond Cuts: The Return of Reyes

Jose Reyes is starting his rehab assignment ahead of schedule. Jeff Stotts talks about him and a lot more this week.

Diamond Cuts: Scar Tissue

Jeff Stotts explains the setbacks suffered by Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez and expresses some doubt about Giancarlo Stanton.

Diamond Cuts: Kemp's Hamstring

Jeff Stotts breaks down the latest breakdown of Matt Kemp and his Dodgers teammates.

Diamond Cuts: Pessimistic Outlook For Ryan Howard

Jeff Stotts is decidedly pessimistic about Ryan Howard's knee injury, in no small part because of Howard's previous Achilles injury.

Diamond Cuts: A Pain in the Foot

Brett Anderson's crummy injury luck has continued this season. Read the latest on his status from Jeff Stotts.

Diamond Cuts: Doc's Results From the Doc

Roy Halladay didn't get good news from his shoulder exam and will go under the knife. Jeff Stotts breaks down what to expect and more in this week's article.

Diamond Cuts: Hamstrung

Hanley Ramirez's sore hamstring is vexing his owners right now.

Diamond Cuts: Tulo Time

Troy Tulowitzki's shoulder injury has his fantasy owners justifiably concerned. Jeff Stotts tells you what to expect for the oft-injured star.

Diamond Cuts: The Captain's Setback

The Yankees and Dodgers feature prominently in Jeff Stotts' weekly feature, including a discussion about Derek Jeter's setback.

Diamond Cuts: Pitcher Injuries in LA

Jered Weaver and Zack Greinke headline this week's very busy list of injuries.

Diamond Cuts: Blister vs. Abrasion

Jeff Stotts discusses Yu Darvish's specific injury - does he have a blister on his pitching index finger, or an abrasion? And what are the implications for each injury?

Diamond Cuts: Unchartered Territory

Johan Santana underwent his second capsulorrhaphy in 31 months and will be out for the season. Jeff Stotts discusses Santana's likelihood of returning in this week's article.

Diamond Cuts: Third Base Carnage

Chase Headley and Hanley Ramirez headline the list of players discussed by Jeff Stotts this week.

Diamond Cuts: Yankees' Mounting Injuries

Jeff Stotts breaks down all of the breaking down Yankees among others banged up this spring.

Diamond Cuts: Looking Ahead

Jose Bautista will be one of the players who Jeff Stotts will be tracking this offseason.

Diamond Cuts: Tex Mess

RotoWire's Jeff Stotts suggests to not count on Mark Teixeira to do much this week.

Diamond Cuts: Tragic Hip

Expect the worst with Clayton Kershaw for the remainder of this season.

Diamond Cuts: Headfirst Into Trouble

Mark Teixeira's headfirst slide at first wasn't just a game-ender - it might have ended Teixeira's regular season.

Diamond Cuts: Votto's Return

Joey Votto is due back from his knee injury this week.

Diamond Cuts: Ribs and Wrists

Brett Lawrie's oblique injury leads off this week's version of Diamond Cuts.

Diamond Cuts: Progress, Finally

Jose Bautista is making strides in his efforts to rehab his injury and return.

Diamond Cuts: Setbacks Everywhere

The three stars that hit the DL on the same day - Joey Votto, Jose Bautista, and David Ortiz - all remain on the DL with return dates later than initially expected.

Diamond Cuts: Waiting Game

Joey Votto is one of the injured stars still on the DL that we're still waiting for a return.

Diamond Cuts: Good News and Bad News

There's good news regarding Giancarlo Stanton and bad news about his teammate Logan Morrison.

Diamond Cuts: Big Names on the DL

Joey Votto is one of the many big names that hit the DL in the last week.

Diamond Cuts: The Doc Is In

You might want to temper your initial expectations for Doc Halladay upon his return.

Diamond Cuts: The All-Scar Team

Jeff Stotts takes a look at those who have broken our heart this season.

Diamond Cuts: Feeling the Heat

Stephen Strasburg departed early from his last start due to a heat illness.

Diamond Cuts: Carpenter Progressing

Chris Carpenter has started to face hitters in his rehab. Is he worth a pickup?

Diamond Cuts: Two Rehabbing Phillies

Jeff Stotts is pessimistic about Ryan Howard's short-term chances of recovery. He also talks about Troy Tulowitzki and Carl Crawford.

Diamond Cuts: Red Lights in Texas

Neftali Feliz and Derek Holland are on the DL, and Alexi Ogando might not be too far behind.

Diamond Cuts: Big Names, Big Injuries

Jeff Stotts has the latest on Matt Kemp, Troy Tulowitzki and other big names.

Diamond Cuts: Three Injured Indians

Asdrubal Cabrera is among the three Indians position players sidelined right now.

Diamond Cuts: Taking the Conservative Approach

The Dodgers made sure that their MVP candidate didn't aggravate his hamstring injury by having him try to play through it.

Diamond Cuts: Brett Gardner's Setback

Jeff Stotts talks about Brett Gardner's setback and more.

Diamond Cuts: Sad Panda

Pablo Sandoval is out with a broken hamate bone.

Diamond Cuts: A National Problem

Ryan Zimmerman's shoulder has landed him on the DL, and that move started a chain that prompted the Nationals to call up Bryce Harper.

Diamond Cuts: Bloody Saturday

Cliff Lee was one of four pitchers to hit the DL on Saturday.

Diamond Cuts: Ellsbury's Sublexed Shoulder

Jeff Stotts goes into detail about Jacoby Ellsbury's shoulder injury.

Diamond Cuts: Mister Fister

Doug Fister's side injury, no matter how it's characterized, will be a real pain for his fantasy owners to deal with.

Diamond Cuts: Starting On the Wrong Foot

B.J. Upton is among the injured starters beginning the year on the DL.

Diamond Cuts: Who Is the Injury Guy Avoiding?

Grady Sizemore was once among the elite, but Jeff Stotts won't be touching him this year.

Diamond Cuts: 2012 Injury Outlook

Ryan Howard's torn Achilles' tendon might have been the result of numerous cortisone shots received to address pain in his ankle.

Diamond Cuts: Broken Youk

Diamond Cuts: Whoa, Nelly! Cruz Off DL

Diamond Cuts: Strasburg Sizzles in Return

Diamond Cuts: Hamstrung Again

Nelson Cruz is on the disabled list with yet another hamstring injury.

Diamond Cuts: Rollins Out Again

Diamond Cuts: Taking a Toll

Cole Hamels is the latest young ace to get derailed by shoulder inflammation.

Diamond Cuts: Situational Rest

With the Twins falling out of the playoff picture, it's unlikely that they'll take any chances with Scott Baker's arm woes.

Diamond Cuts: Ace On the Mend

Washington's Stephen Strasburg is progressing well in his rehab and could make it back to the Nats' rotation before the end of the season.

Diamond Cuts: Brave New World

Brian McCann's oblique injury is a significant one both because of his position, and because of how unique he is in fantasy terms.

Diamond Cuts: Philling Up The Tank

The Phillies' rotation could get a boost soon from the return of Roy Oswalt.

Diamond Cuts: All-Scar Team

Diamond Cuts: Fallen Stars

Diamond Cuts: More Back Trouble for Oswalt

Roy Oswalt is suffering from a bulging disc in his back and is unlikely to return before August.

Diamond Cuts: Back to Square One

Clay Buchholz's back injury is the latest in a series of maladies that have chipped away at the Red Sox's roster this season.

Diamond Cuts: Sliding On By

A's starter Brett Anderson received good news from Dr. James Andrews this week and will avoid Tommy John surgery at this time.

Diamond Cuts: Furcal Derailed Again

Rafael Furcal's oblique injury landed him on the disabled list for the sixth time in his six-year stint with the Dodgers.

Diamond Cuts: Fish Out of Water

Could Hanley Ramirez's back injury become a chronic issue?

Diamond Cuts: Chopped Brave

Is it time for owners in one-year leagues to consider trading away Jason Heyward?

Diamond Cuts: Back-End Blues

The Red Sox's rotation has been thinned by injuries with John Lackey and Daisuke Matsuzaka landing on the DL.

Diamond Cuts: Down Goes Soto

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto has landed on the DL after suffering a groin strain in Tuesday's game.

Diamond Cuts: Several Sluggers on the Shelf

Diamond Cuts: Shouldering the Load

Did the extra workload during spring training lead to Neftali Feliz's shoulder woes?

Diamond Cuts: Two Elite Catchers Ailing

Are the Twins on the brink of moving Joe Mauer out of the catcher spot in an effort to keep him healthy?

Diamond Cuts: MVP Down

Josh Hamilton will miss 6-8 weeks after breaking his arm while sliding at home plate against the Tigers on Tuesday.

Diamond Cuts: Thumbs Down

Ubaldo Jimenez landed on the disabled list Wednesday with a cut on his right thumb cuticle. How long will he be out?

Diamond Cuts: Closers Head to DL

Diamond Cuts: Spring Injury Update

Diamond Cuts: Ailing A

The A's received good news on Andrew Bailey, but can he return to action soon enough to keep his job as the closer in Oakland?

Diamond Cuts: Injury-Riddled Phils

Is Chase Utley's knee injury more serious than the Phillies initially suggested?

Diamond Cuts: Injury Plagued Cards

After losing Adam Wainwright for the 2011 season due to Tommy John surgery, Chris Carpenter suffered a hamstring strain the next day.

Diamond Cuts: Rehabs to Track This Spring

Diamond Cuts: Folding Aces

Adam Wainwright has been shut down for the season with the Cards simply playing out the string over the final five days of the regular season.

Diamond Cuts: Resting Franchise

Now that the Twins have clinched the AL Central, Joe Mauer could be rested to limit the wear and tear on his troublesome knee.

Diamond Cuts: On the Shelf

Shoulder surgery could sideline Mets ace Johan Santana until June.

Diamond Cuts: Fish Out of Water

Will Josh Johnson's back injury derail him for the rest of the season?

Diamond Cuts: Neau Progress

The Twins continue to limit the activity of Justin Morneau as he's still experiencing concussion-related symptoms.

Diamond Cuts: Handle with Care

The Nats will be understandably cautious with young ace Stephen Strasburg.

Diamond Cuts: Back to the DL

Jacoby Ellsbury is back on the DL, and this time it may be for the rest of the 2010 season.

Diamond Cuts: Stung Rays

Tampa Bay's Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis have both landed on the DL with shoulder strains. Can James Shields and company pick up the slack?

Diamond Cuts: It's Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Phillies will be without Ryan Howard for at least a couple of weeks after he suffered a sprained ankle over the weekend.

Diamond Cuts: Phenom Under the Microscope

Nats rookie Stephen Strasburg was a late scratch from his scheduled start on Tuesday night. Will he be cleared to make his next scheduled start this weekend?

Diamond Cuts: Back to the DL

Manny Ramirez continues to be hampered by leg injuries, and he's back on the DL for the third time this season.

Diamond Cuts: Greinke’s Surprise Scratch

Diamond Cuts: Down Goes Yo

How long will the Brewers have to go without ace Yovani Gallardo?

Diamond Cuts: Thumbs Down

Jason Heyward is one of three key players to land on the DL with a thumb injury. Jeff Stotts takes a closer look...

Diamond Cuts: Hips Don't Lie

Is the pain in A-Rod's surgically-repaired hip this season related to his 2009 operation?

Diamond Cuts: Ready to Cruz Again

Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz is nearing the start of a minor league rehab assignment.

Diamond Cuts: Thumbs Down

Aramis Ramirez has finally landed on the DL with his ongoing thumb issues.

Diamond Cuts: Latest Injury Analysis