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Diamond Cuts: Dat Dude's Heel

Jeff Stotts

Jeff Stotts

Jeff Stotts works as a Certified Athletic Trainer (MAT, ATC, PES, CES). He won the 2011 Best Fantasy Football Article in Print from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Jose Bautista and Shane Victorino

Two players with contrasting playing styles are both managing hamstring injuries. Having a firm grasp on the healing process is the key to handling these types of injuries and could provide insight into their return. When a muscle is significantly strained the individual muscle or tendon fibers of the injured muscle tear. The initial response of the body's natural healing process involves cleaning the area and creating an environment conducive to repair. Once the stage has been set, specialized cells begin producing various components that allow for the regeneration of new muscle fibers. However the newly formed scar tissue is laid down randomly and is not immediately at full strength. This haphazard arrangement makes the healing area vulnerable to re-injury and aggravation. Athletic trainers and other medical professionals can combat this problem by specifically loading the affected muscle during rehabilitation. Doing so allows

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