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Fantasy Articles Featuring Jeff Erickson

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Jeff Erickson's name.

Hoops Lab: Is Avery Bradley For Real?

This week, The Professor takes a look at Avery Bradley's hot start in an attempt to determine what it means for his fantasy value, both short and long-term.

Hoops Lab: DeMar DeRozan... Mentioned With Michael Jordan?

In this week's Hoops Lab, The Professor takes a look at whether DeMar DeRozan's hot start is sustainable.

Hoops Lab: Lakers & The Disaster Out East

Dre joins Jason on TYT Sports to discuss the Lakers and the disaster out East.

SXM Highlights: Lakers, DeRozan & Importance of Prospects

Dre stops by to talk with Chris & Jeff about the Lakers, young talent and DeMar DeRozan.

Hoops Lab: Enjoy the Process

In the latest installment of the Hoops Lab, Andre Snellings makes the case that we're not paying enough attention to Joel Embiid's remarkable start.

Hoops Lab: Year-long vs. DFS Mindset

Andre Snellings takes a spin around the league from a fantasy perspective, focusing on the changes in value between daily and season-long leagues.

Hoops Lab: ROY & Scoring Title Predictions

Dre and Jason make their ROY and Scoring Title predictions, plus discuss troubled dynasty teams.

Hoops Lab: Western Conference Preview

Can anyone stop the Warriors?

Hoops Lab: Eastern Conference Preview

Dre and Jason evaluate the chances of Eastern teams knocking off the Cavs for the #1 seed.

Hoops Lab: KG the Best Player of His Generation?

Kevin Garnett was yet another future Hall of Fame basketball player who announced his retirement this offseason. Is he the greatest player of his generation?

Hoops Lab: Better Upcoming Season: Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Davis?

Andre pontificates who will have the better upcoming season: Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Davis?

Hoops Lab: Giannis at the Point

Dre and Jason talk Milwaukee Bucks, focusing on the Giannis Antetokounmpo point guard experiment.

Hoops Lab: Which Team Improved The Most?

Andre and Jason debate which NBA team improved the most this off-season.

Hoops Lab: Greatest Shooters of All Time?

Andre and Jason debate the top 10 NBA Shooters of all time.

Hoops Lab: NBA Trade Rumors

Andre and Jason debate the most recent NBA trade rumors.

Hoops Lab: 10 Unbreakable Records

The Professor, Andre Snellings, joins TYT's Jason Rubin to debate 10 allegedly

Hoops Lab: Who Will Be the Worst NBA Team?

The Professor, Andre Snellings, discusses who will be the worst NBA team in the 2016-17 season.

Hoops Lab: Is Draymond Green the Real MVP?

Stephen Curry's not the MVP? Has the Professor lost it? Andre' Snellings explores whether the voters got it wrong and should have named Draymond Green, and not Curry, the NBA MVP.

Hoops Lab: Top 10 Frontcourts in NBA History

Andre' Snellings breaks down the all-time top-10 players in the frontcourt positions, and debates whether Kevin Durant already deserves a spot among the league's best small forwards in history.

Hoops Lab: 1996 Bulls vs. 2015 Warriors

Andre' Snellings addresses Charles Barkley's recent comments about the '96 Bulls being much better than the '15 Warriors and explains why it's far from a foregone conclusion that MJ would be victorious.

Hoops Lab: Giving Thanks for Finding Family

The Professor is back with his takes from around the league, including Kobe Bryant's inability to contribute positively in roto leagues, but not before telling an incredible personal story.

Hoops Lab: How DFS Helps Season-Long Leagues

Andre' Snellings breaks down how he uses DFS to help his season-long teams, while also touching on whether we need to start worrying if Anthony Davis is injury prone.

Hoops Lab: The Things We Do For Fantasy Sports

RotoWire's Andre' Snellings is high on Kemba Walker this year and thinks he will outproduce his preseason rankings. That and more in the professor's first column of the 2015-16 regular season.

Hoops Lab: Injury Updates

Andre' Snellings takes a look at all the big injury issues to consider when prepping for drafts.

Hoops Lab: Veteran Migration

In his latest offseason Hoops Lab, Andre' Snellings looks at the teams that saw the most roster upheaval thanks to adding or jettisoning significant players.

Hoops Lab: State of the Rookies Address

It's a month after the 2015 NBA Draft, and most of the big-name rookies played at summer league to give us an idea of how they'll size up in the NBA.

Hoops Lab: A Night in Vegas

ProfessorDrz spent a night at Las Vegas Summer League and got a look at some of the top rookies to consider drafting in fantasy basketball next season.

Hoops Lab: Accountability for the Professor

The Professor closes the the lab for the season with a look back at some of hits, and misses, from a year's worth of hoops prognosticating.

Hoops Lab: Diamonds in the Rough

The Professor goes into the lab this week to analyze non-shooting stats that could identify next year's breakout players, like Minnesota's Gorgui Dieng.

Hoops Lab: Who's the Next Scorer of Note?

The Professor goes deep into the stats this week to find players, like the Clippers' J.J. Redick, who might turn into great scorers next season.