Rotowire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 4

Week 3 of the RotoWire and FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship has come to a close, and now a challenging Week 4 comes upon us with the first week of bye weeks (New England and Tennessee) along with really the first weather week hitting us (Washington-Philadephia).

Week 3 Results

Congrats to FanDuel user Deucey69 who grabbed not only the $500 first prize for Week 3 with 210 points, outscoring kidrose (208 points) and straightcashhomiez (201 points), but also the Week 11 $20,000 Championship Freeroll. Deucy69 had a balanced lineup that led him to the Week 3 title with the help of the Carolina Panthers’ duo of Cam Newton and Greg Olsen who combined for 59.3 points while also taking advantage of a big week from Darren Sproles (17.6, taking advantage of the absence of DeMarco Murray), the return of Steelers’ back Le’Veon Bell (22.7) and the revitalization of Cards wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (29.9).

If you are joining the fun this week and want a Redskin or Eagle then you should keep an eye on the status of the game. You also might keep an eye on the weather for that game after all. One of the biggest misnomers is that the passing game suffers in all kinds of weather especially when it rains. This is not the case many times. Actually a raining track especially on a turf field might benefit the passing game because the receivers know the routes as opposed to the defensive backs. The better indication to stay away from a passing game is the wind and that can also come with a bright sunny day so check out the game-time wind speed before setting your lineup.

Expert Standings

It’s still early and one big week can move you up the list just ask Adam Wolf who jumped from outside the Top Ten to the overall lead with a big week of 195.10 points for Week 3, a little more than 18 points better than Nathan Lutterman. You can view the full RotoWire Expert leaderboards here.

1. Adam Wolf (rotosomething1): 419.10
2. Josh Collacchi (JCollacchi): 406.02
3. Jake Letarski (rotojakeski): 394.52
4. Peter Merrill (black26): 392.66
5. Tate McIntyre (tamc10): 386.64
6. Jason Brown (modano9): 386.56
7. Tony Goldenstein (trookie83): 385.96
8. Mario Puig (rotowireyasiel): 374.54
9. Chris Benzine (Crispy272001): 374.26
10. Nathan Lutterman (luttermanf28): 373.34

Thursday Night Observations

Every week I write how each game is more bizarre than the last, and this one was no different. What stood out more than the Ravens bursting out of the 0-4 coffin just as the hammer was about to strike the final nail was Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin’s Tom Coughlin-esque end-game management. Good coaches call plays in combination like a skilled billiards player who not only knocks the ball in the pocket, but leaves the cue ball in good position for his next shot.

Week 3 Observations

About half an hour in, I thought it would be a brutal week, and it was just sort of bad. I went 5-10 ATS, though 3-2 in the LVS SuperContest and 2-1 on best bets. Some of my important teams did well, others did poorly. In one I wisely used Nick Foles over Colin Kaepernick. Another way of putting it is I foolishly started Foles over Andy Dalton. If you think streaming QBs is a picnic, let my experience be a cautionary tale.