Week 11 Observations

What a bizarre day of football. At one point, I seriously thought I would go 0-8 against the spread in the early slate. (I went 3-5, before going 3-1 in the late/Sunday night games to go 7-6 so far on the week.) Then I thought two of my best teams were toast when I lost Devonta Freeman. (One won, and the other is a big favorite pending Monday night.) Essentially, I went through the bottom of the abyss and came out the other side. Nonetheless, I have some notes from the journey:

Rotowire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 11

Welcome to Week 11, yes we’re at Week 11, and Week 11 is Championship Weekend where a total of $20,000 is up for grabs with the winner picking up $2.5K. You can join the fund with this week’s contest here. Also if you are curious the winnings breakdown is here.

Congratulations go to firebellytoads who accumulated 166.86 as he dominated the competition with 166.86 points, more than 19 points better than second place to win Week 10. Firebellytoads ran the wave of Cousins, who rang up 28.96 points against the Saints defense. While Firebellytoads also owned Adrian Peterson (28.6 points) and Brandin Cooks (25.4), there is no doubt one of the smartest choices he/she had was Chiefs’ kicker Cairo Santos who rang up 21 points, incredible for a kicker.

In the RotoWire Expert Leaderboard Tate McIntyre (tamc10) remained in first place with 1,301.36 points, but is only ahead by a little more than 27 points to Josh Collacchi (JCollacchi) with 1,74.02 while Peter Schoenke (rotopeter) is not far behind in third with 1,268.04. Tom Goldenstein (trookie83) won Week 10 with 139.16 points and moved into the top 10 at ninth place. Goldenstein following the balanced scoring attack with seven players with 12.6 points or better. Like Firebellytoads Goldenstein had Cooks who led his team. In addition he had the Pats duo of Rob Gronkowski (19.8 points) and Tom Brady (19.26).

Here is how the Top-10 shakes out in the Expert Competition as I try to get back into the Top-10 (sitting at 15). You can the full standings here.

1. Tate McIntyre (tamc10) 1,301.36
2. Josh Collacchi (JCollacchi) 1,274.02
3. Peter Schoenke (rotopeter) 1,268.04
4. Peter Merrill (black26) 1,258.08
5. Brian Pelowski (brianp) 1,253.46
6. Adam Wolf (rotosomething) 1,238.06
7. Shannon McKeown (rotoshannon) 1,228.40
8. Jesse Siegel (damon3nba) 1,226.18
9. Tony Goldenstein (trookie83) 1,222.92
10. Shawn Cwalinski (cwalinski) 1,219.22

Thursday Night Observations

I can accept coaches sometimes make sub-optimal decisions on play calls and what to do given certain game situations, downs and distances. But Thursday’s contest was a display of cowardice and ignorance by which even Jim Caldwell and Dan Quinn would be astounded. Here are a few of the highlights: