Charging the Mound – Players We Targeted and Avoided

Chris (7:29 PM PT, Wednesday, April 1):

The last of my drafts – “Beat Chris Liss 2″  – took place Monday night, and I didn’t realize, but it was my 10th league this year, and that’s not counting our Scoresheet League which you basically run, and for which I occasionally consult. Ten is an all-time record for me, and I’m not proud of it. Ideally, I’d have 3-4 good leagues, and live and die with their results. With 10, it’s too easy to write off the ones with bad injury luck or where things don’t break your way, and nearly impossible to do well in all of them. And whichever ones in which you do poorly – even if you kill eight others – there will always be some ******* who can hold it over you. Moreover, with so many players in play – and with my increased participation in DFS this year – I’ll probably be rooting for and against everyone in every game at the same time which diminishes the joy of watching live baseball.

How the Season Will Play Out

Last week I offered up 5 Bold Predictions for the 2015 season. This week I will give you my view on how I see the entire season playing out, division by division. So without further adieu:

AL East

1. Boston Red Sox – Mookie Betts is a stud all season and the Red Sox trade for either Hamels or Cueto at the deadline helping to propel them to the division title.

Box Score Breakdown — Stephen Curry: The Chris Paul Bearer

State Farm spokesman Stephen Curry dropped fellow State Farm spokesperson Chris Paul with a behind-the-back dribble along the baseline. It doesn’t warrant an MVP award, but cherish it because the only time you normally see Paul on the floor is after he flops. The Minnesota Timberwolves (77) made more three-pointers in March than Curry (75). Yes, a team made two more threes than a single player, which says more about Curry than it does the Wolves. Some might say, ‘WOLVES NOT FAR.’


And remember, April 1st is officially March 32nd at Greendale Community College.

Slugging For Jude

Last night I took part in an “expert” league draft for a 12 team, 5×5 NL-only league put together by Todd Zola of Mastersball. While there was nothing unusual about the league structure, Zola is running the league as part of the Slugging For Jude drive. Jude is the young lad getting his Skywalker on in the picture above (along with the Yoda ear of his little brother Finn), who’s currently in a battle with leukemia. Todd has pledged to make a donation based on how many of us manage to beat him in the standings in this league, so the incentive is certainly there for all of us to make sure he finishes as close to the basement as possible.

For my part, I’m going to make a similar donation at season’s end based on how many teams finish ahead of me in each individual category. Should I win the league, I’ll flip it and donate based on how many teams are below me in each individual category. If you’d like to make a donation yourself, you can use their GoFundMe page, and you can get updates on how Jude is doing here.

My team, and draft strategy, are below the fold.