Week 7 Observations

The early games were mostly bad again, at least until the fourth quarter where there were some exciting finishes. The penalty flags continue to pollute the action, and by my unofficial (and anecdotal) tally, two out of three of them were either bad calls – where maybe it looked like holding from the ref’s angle, but it wasn’t – or something minor and away from or irrelevant to the action. If you designed a robot to make holding calls at random on players who made contact with opponents, it would likely be no worse.

Box Score Breakdown — Thursday, October 16th

So, Brook Lopez is out with a foot injury and Steve Nash is forced to miss time with a back complaint. No, this isn’t 2013. Welcome to the reality of professional sports, where some guys’ bodies just can’t handle the rigors inflicted upon them. It’s an unfortunate by-product of this game we love so much, but for fantasy leagues, it’s better to have this clarification now before most drafts, than in the first week of the season. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Here’s Thursday’s Box Score Breakdown.