Box Score Breakdown — Kings Royally Screwed

We’re four days from the All-Star break and 11 days away from the trade deadline. Now’s your last call to stash players before next Thursday seals the fate of many teams. It also means we’re going to see some funky lineups as players with the slightest injury take the next two games off. Try not to fall prey to outstanding stat lines because there’s too much unknown that will transpire over the fortnight. Case in point: Chris Kaman was accumulating a bunch of stats two years ago when Pau Gasol dealt with vertigo prior to the trade deadline. Some people felt the need to roster Kaman should Gasol get traded, but it never panned out and Kaman reverted back to a reserve with limited appeal.

The Carlos Correa Conundrum

Geez, this guy is really into alliterative blog titles.

That’s part of it. The other is I’m facing an interesting decision in a couple of weeks as I’ve been assigned the fourth pick in the upcoming Mixed LABR (League of Alternative Baseball Reality) draft.

The four-hole is my least desired spot. Best-case scenario is Paul Goldschmidt slips, which is plausible if I’m drafting behind a couple of Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw fans. My top-two are Goldschmidt then Mike Trout. If I had the third pick, I’d decide between Kershaw and Harper, with the decision revolving around the league size and format. With the fourth, I’d settle for the guy that’s left.

Or Carlos Correa.

RotoWire CBB Invitational: Putting Our DFS Skills to the Test

This Saturday was the first week of our college hoops expert contest, which stacks up several experts from RotoWire and other fantasy websites in one comprehensive competition. Several RotoWire beat writers are featured, as well as entries from websites such as RotoGrinders, Fantasy Insiders, Numberfire, Daily Fantasy Cafe and many more.


The challenge is an eight-week, “survivor” style contest held on FanDuel. We narrowed down the field to 27 total participants, and each individual was given 10 total entries in Round One. After the early slate on FanDuel was complete, 128 of those entries survived for the next round of competition. The field will be cut in half every week until the eight most consistent experts square off in one final battle on March 26th, 2016.