Five Bold Predictions

Let me start with a quick disclaimer. These picks are meant to be bold, which means they’re not definitely going to happen, or even likely to happen, but there’s an outside (not just-a-bit-outside, but way-outside) shot that they could come true. These players are chock-full of breakout upside potential, and these possibilities are why I want them on all my fantasy teams. Thus, with the famous words of Lloyd Christmas in mind, let’s get to it.

  1. Corey Dickerson will be a top-five outfielder this season

Dickerson finished as the No. 13 outfielder in 2014 by Yahoo’s rankings. He accomplished that with 103 fewer at-bats than anyone above him on the list, and in some cases more than 200 fewer. But this year, he’s expected to see full-time at-bats. Add in 81 games at Coors Field (where all he did was hit .363/.415/.684 in 2014) and even a slight improvement against left-handed pitching, and Dickerson should easily be a top-10 outfielder in 2015. From there, it’s not that big a jump to sneak into the top five – remember, Michael Brantley ended up as Yahoo’s No. 2 outfielder in 2014.

Cowboys Mock Draft, Version 2.0

This is my second crack at a mock draft for the Cowboys using Fanspeak’s On the Clock simulator (the first mock can be seen here). The big change since my first mock was Greg Hardy’s signing, which helps alleviate the need for a defensive end. It doesn’t eliminate it entirely though, given the possibility of Hardy getting hit with a suspension to begin the season. A running back to replace DeMarco Murray remains a big priority but fortunately for the ‘Boys, this draft class is very deep at running back. If Melvin Gordon isn’t available at the tail end of the first round, there are plenty of nice consolation prizes available later on. Other needs include the secondary (corner and safety), linebacker depth, and a tackle to understudy Tyron Smith and Doug Free and possibly serve as Free’s replacement in 2016.

All that said, here’s my second kick at the mock draft can:

Box Score Breakdown — Curry, Noel Pursue Awards; Lowry, Whiteside Injured

Dwyane Wade missed a free throw. Jerryd Bayless won the jump ball against Michael Beasley. Zaza Pachulia blindly threw the loose ball towards the three-point line. Lastly, Khris Middleton hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer. That’s how the Bucks snapped a six-game losing streak. Dirk Nowitzki grabbed his 10,000th rebound, and the Warriors clinched the Pacific Division title, moving four and a half games ahead of the Hawks for best record in the league with 11 games to play.

Box Score Breakdown: Evan Turner Overdrive

Are you still playing? I’m sure you are, especially if you’re still reading the Box Score Breakdown. In that case, congratulations are in order. But, the hard work is just beginning and shrewd moves, to counter the myriad of injuries that are occurring is the name of the game at the pointy end of the season. That, and just make sure you have James Harden, because that man is awesome.