Training Camp Notes: DeSean Jackson Cannot Be Stopped

DeSean Jackson cannot be guarded. At least, that’s how the outspoken Washington receiver feels. Jackson was quoted at camp as saying: “I don’t think no one can guard me. It’s how I feel about myself. I don’t feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman, whoever you want to get.” DJax has never lacked confidence, so this kind of proclamation is no surprise from the 28-year-old burner. However, he would probably be wise to tone it down a little, as Washington has enough to worry about on the field without their top receiver mouthing off. Furthermore, while Jackson’s speed is certainly game-changing, he is far from the top receiver in the league, so the odds are good that despite what he believes, DeSean may just be guardable. In a related note, Jackson is currently sidelined with a dislocated left finger, but the injury does not appear to be anything serious.

Call to Arms – Monday

Picking pitchers in DFS is the most important part of the game as they routinely generate the most points. I’m going to try and aid in that picking process with some arms I like. I won’t have a set number because it will vary day-to-day and it won’t be a guaranteed everyday thing because sometimes the slate just isn’t appealing enough to give firm recommendations. That doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily pass on playing, just that I don’t want to offer some tepid endorsements that I’m not even all that comfortable with using myself. Generally, I’ll try to include at least one lower level pick, too. I’ll be using DraftKings pricing so this will usually be someone who checks in at $8,000 or less.

Training Camp Notes: Cap Spaceless In Seattle

While the Seahawks have risen in recent seasons to become of the league’s powerhouses, cracks are beginning to form in the foundation of the team’s success. New contracts handed to Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner have already started to take their toll on the organization’s cap space, and starting defensive tackle Tony McDaniel was released Sunday as the ‘Hawks could no longer afford him. Was he an integral part of their defense? Not really. McDaniel managed just 83 tackles and two sacks in two seasons since coming to the northwest from Miami and will be replaced in the front seven by smaller but more disruptive DT Jordan Hill, a third round pick in 2013.

The 2011 and 2012 draft classes for the Seahawks brought in a wealth of cost-controlled talent that took them to back-to-back Super Bowls, and had them one over-thought play call away from back-to-back Super Bowl wins. But as the rookie contracts for those key performers expire, requiring the club to pony up big bucks or say goodbye to valuable players, it’s going to become harder for Seattle to maintain quality and depth across their roster and harder to keep their spot among the NFC’s elite. That’s simply the circle of life in the NFL during the salary cap era, and it’s also something that might give you pause before you pull the trigger on the Seahawks’ D/ST unit in your draft. They’ll still be good in 2015, but attrition may leave them not be quite as dominant as you need them to be given their ADP.

Notes from around the league on the first Sunday in August:

DFS Amateur Hour – Sunday Lineups

My daughter Sasha’s been traumatized ever since her mom’s purse was snatched* in front of her three weeks ago. No one was hurt, but for a child who won’t even share a cheap plastic toy she never uses with her friends, witnessing a stranger sneak up from out of nowhere and steal her mom’s most personal possession was jarring. As a result, Sasha’s been having trouble getting to sleep and occasionally needs** to come into our bed – with both of us in it. As a result, I went to sleep a lot earlier than I normally would on a Saturday night, and I’m up early this Sunday. At least that’s my excuse for entering two DFS contests this morning.

Training Camp Notes: Romo Palmer Animate

After taking the field for Thursday’s practice and Friday’s walkthrough, Tony Romo was held out of practice Friday to receive treatment on a stye in his left eye. While such an ailment generally heals itself in a couple days, he returned to drills Saturday, connecting with Dez Bryant on a deep touchdown strike at one point. Romo entered training camp with more flexibility regarding his activity from a season ago, when he never practiced more than two consecutive days and regularly missed the initial practice of each week. As a result, consider Friday’s absence a blip on the radar as he navigates training camp and the preseason slate.

DFS Amateur Hour – Friday Postscript

Due to the last minute Clayton Kershaw scratch, I had to scramble to re-set 11 of my 16 lineups and didn’t have time to post any commentary. I would have added some after the games started, but Heather had a work commitment and asked me to take over for her mom at 4:30 PT in watching Sasha, our three-year old. She assured me she’d be back at 5:00, at which point it would probably still have been worth it to post. But Heather didn’t come home until 5:45, by which too much had already happened.