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Waiting on Catchers

I don’t care about positional scarcity.

As a result, my teams are often built with a pair of low-end catchers at the end of a draft or auction.

Practice makes perfect, at least, that’s what I have always been told, so Jeff Erickson and I hosted a 15-team mixed league mock draft during the SXM show on Tuesday (the results can be viewed in full here).

Re-Thinking The Price of Prince Fielder

It’s noise season.

Every day, through Opening Day in six weeks, will feature timelines loaded with poorly framed images and videos of players from all 30 teams.

Play-by-play tweets, live look-ins at Alex Rodriguez taking swings on a back field in Florida, and of course, the Best Shape of His Career (BSOHC) stories.

For every useful nugget of information that surfaces from columns, blogs, and tweets, there will be 49 useless ones.