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If I Am Being Honest

I get a lot of questions about Adrian Peterson.

This week, the focus has been on whether he’s worth a pickup with the hope that he might play again in 2014.

First and foremost, I don’t have a good read on whether or not that is going to materialize. Those who have attempted to predict the NFL’s application of its conduct policies and overall approach to discipline have been humbled by the league’s random tendencies in handing out punishment.

More importantly, it does not matter to me if Peterson plays another snap this season, I do not want to win with him on my roster, or because I picked him up and flipped him to an owner in dire need of a potential top-five running back at some point down the road.

Beat DVR League Recap

Last year, it was easy.

In addition to cash prizes for the top-two teams in the league, eight of the 12 teams in the 2013 edition of the Beat DVR League won free RotoWire subscriptions for having a better team than mine.

It’s hard to believe that a roster built around MJD (3.1), Hakeem Nicks (4.12) and Greg Jennings (7.1) would fail, especially with the wait-on-a-QB combo of Russell Wilson (6.12) and Josh Freeman (12.12).

It makes me wish that I had written about my picks and the poor logic behind them as they happened in order to avoid the same mistakes again this season.

Compound the draft-day failure with the lack of valuable in-season pickups (Nick Foles, Zac Stacy, Keenan Allen,  and Julius Thomas all found their way to other rosters), and you’ve got a roster bathing in mediocrity all year long.

Last season, I ended up with the 12th position in the draft order, which in the NFFC-style leagues (third-round reversal, where the third-round order mirrors the second) returns the 12th, 13th and 25th overall picks before following a traditional snake order after the end of Round 3.

My KDS preferences in 2014 were simple, I ranked 1 through 4 as my first four choices,  flipped 12 through 10 as my next three selections, and that went back to 5 through 9 as my last five. Even with the 3RR format, I valued getting an elite receiver or one of the top three running backs more than the earlier selection in Round 3. As it turned out, I was assigned the third overall pick, leaving me with the 3rd, 22nd, 34th, and 39th overall picks.

It played out as follows.