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Week 1 FAAB Review

Every Wednesday morning, the FAAB results from the Stopa Law Firm League are processed. This week was particularly busy since the auction took place in mid-July (during the MLB All-Star break) and a lot has changed around the league in the six-plus weeks since.

Here are the results…

Mixed Tout Auction Recap

The photograph above features a frequent facial expression of the author, but that is merely a coincidence.

I’ve played in the 15-team mixed auction since becoming a regular player in Tout Wars in 2012, with one very successful year (a 2014 title) and three bottom-half of the league finishes.

In each of the past three auctions, I have taken a very aggressive approach in roster construction, each time ending up with a “stars and scrubs” build. While that is not necessarily a strategy I will adhere to every year, the market for player pricing in this particular auction will have to change considerably for me to take a more balanced approach.

Byung Ho Park, Fantasy Bargain?

(Can Byung Ho Park follow the lead of Jung Ho Kang and make a successful transition to MLB in Year 1?)

Back in February, I reminded the world that I am a novice when it comes to analyzing swing mechanics in a meaningful way. This particular instance featured video of Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang taking batting practice. (Proof) As it turns out, Dan Farnsworth of FanGraphs completely nailed it with regards to Kang in his piece around that time.

I will try to do better this time, and leave the mechanics to Professor Farnsworth.