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RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship – Week 12

It just keeps getting worse. I imagine my competition has more experience in DFS than I do, but 46th place out of 50? That’s just awful and embarrassing, but I guess some has to finish near the bottom, right?

Last week’s 7.50 point total was my fault, as I thought I had set my lineup, but apparently I did not. Oops. Prior to that though, I did set my lineup and netted a whopping 8.08 week.

Jordan Zimmermann didn’t do me any favors, and Albert Pujols picked that day to not hit a home run. These things happen though, but they obviously happen to me more than the folks at the top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately though, you have to hear from me this week.

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RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship – Week 9

It’s 2015 and this is my first foray into daily fantasy sports. As I pore over the leaderboard, I currently rank 31 out of 50, ahead of several guys that know more about this stuff than I do, and I’m sure behind some that know less.

Here are the overall standings through the first eight weeks:

1. Paul Sporer (pjs24) – 337.33
2. Ryan Rufe (rmrufe) – 316.66
3. Scott Jenstad (OaktownSJ) – 314.15
4. Tony Goldenstein (trookie83) – 304
5. Chris Liss (cliss11) – 294.66
6. Peter Schoenke (rotopeter) – 281.24
7. James Anderson (realjranderson) – 279.4
8. Kevin Payne (kevinccp) – 278.57
9. Adam Wolf (rotosomething) – 277.24
10. Brett Goldhammer (bretskyball) – 275.57
31. David Regan (vtadave) – 244.99

See The Full Standings Here

Helpful Contest Links

Hey, I can make up 92+ points in the five remaining contest weeks, right?

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Trade Deadline – Dodgers Don’t Part With the Big Three

When you think of “Big Three” in the sports world these days, of course the names LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh come to mind first, but the Dodger have a Big Three of their own in the forms of SS/3B Corey Seager, OF Joc Pederson, and SP Julio Urias. Each were ranked among the top 20 prospects in the game in Baseball America’s mid-season update published on July 7. A quick note on each:

Urias – 17 year-old left-handed prodigy can touch the mid-90s and is already being compared to Fernando Valenzuela. He is already so polished that there’s talk about a big league debut as early as 2015 when he’d be all of 18 years old.

Pederson – Toolsy outfielder is ready now. Not only is he the best defensive center fielder in the organization (big leagues included), but he’s also batting .315/.443/.580 with 23 home runs and 25 stolen bases for Triple-A Albuquerque.

Seager – Brother of Kyle, Corey may very well wind up as the more talented brother. He was just promoted to Double-A Chattanooga after batting .352/.411/.633 for High-A Rancho Cucamonga. He’s probably a third baseman in the big leagues, but he could be ready to take over as early as the second half of next season.

Leading up to Thursday’s trade deadline, the Dodgers were thought to be in the market for a starting pitcher as well as bullpen help. With Josh Beckett’s hip injury and Dan Haren’s recent ineffectiveness, shoring up the back-end of an already very good rotation looked to be priority one. Being they are the Dodgers, an organization flush with both cash and high-upside prospects, you couldn’t hear the names David Price, Jon Lester, and Cole Hamels being mentioned without a statement that the Dodgers were rumored to have interest.

The club was reportedly willing to part with one of three plus other parts in a deal, but all three? That was never going to happen and GM Ned Colletti turned out to be a man of his word. All this is why the Dodgers’ big acquisition in July was none other than Darwin Barney.

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