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Jeff Erickson is a co-founder of and the only two-time winner of Baseball Writer of the Year from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He roots for the Reds, Bengals, Red Wings, Pacers and Northwestern University (the real NU).

Charging The Mound: Moyer’s Complaints

Steve (Thursday, 9:00 a.m.):

Did you guys know there’s a pubic grooming column for senior citizens on called “Charging The Mound”?

Speaking of lame humor, what baseball shows do you guys find good enough to watch? Any? I hate all of them and stay completely away from everything. Perhaps what I hate most is the canned stereotypes that comprise every show:

The Ex-Jock

The Eye-Candy Bimbo

The Wacky Morning DJ Host

The Sabermetric Poindexter

Week 8 FAAB Results

This was a relatively quiet week on the waiver wire, but sometimes the quiet weeks present good free agents too. Remember to set your lineups early this week – Memorial Day always features a lot of day games.

NFBC Main Event (15-team mixed)

Team Player Bid Runner-Up
Bad Brad and Wild Will Mike Wright (SP) 95 27
Welcome to Stevieland Mitch Moreland (1B) 60 15
On The Jazz Lance McCullers (SP) 38 38
RotoWire – Erickson Seth Smith (LF) 35 5
RotoWire – Erickson Scott Van Slyke (LF) 35
Bad Brad and Wild Will Matt Duffy (2B) 33 16
Sasha’s Team Rougned Odor (2B) 28
ALL-IN MAIN Preston Tucker (LF) 27
DT & Gut Jose Ramirez (SS) 26 10
Team Warner Chris Heston (SP) 24 23
DT & Gut Roberto Osuna (MR) 23
Philbys Enrique Burgos (MR) 19
ALL-IN MAIN Kendall Graveman (SP) 17 14
Team Warner Randal Grichuk (RF) 17 9
Giancarlo…A Gift Gerardo Parra (RF) 13 8
On The Jazz Shaun Marcum (MR) 12
The Weasel Peckers Luis Sardinas (2B) 8
Philbys Tom Koehler (SP) 8 5
Giancarlo…A Gift Michael Bourn (CF) 8
ALL-IN MAIN Adam Warren (MR) 7
Welcome to Stevieland Mike Aviles (SS) 5
Welcome to Stevieland Mark Canha (1B) 5
Philbys Chris Johnson (3B) 3
Welcome to Stevieland Colby Lewis (SP) 2

Charging the Mound – A New Variable

Jurickson Profar

Steve (7:15 PM, Tuesday, May 12)

So what is your high of choice these days, Jeff? Are you still a meth man or have you moved on to heroin?

Too bad we had to do this edition all by ourselves. I knew Liss would be too a-scared to match wits with me.

Decided to make a list from TOUT AL (perhaps I’ll do TOUT NL next column) of the Top 10 “Ain’t Lookin’ Too Great Right Now” bids on guys who the BABIP baboon crowd loved in Spring. I tried to stay away from complete injury cases and spent about 10 minutes on this, so don’t be too critical (that’s my job). In descending order, by price:

1. Brian Dozier – $27
2. Dellin Betances – $19
3. Rougned Odor – $18
4. Rusney Castillo – $16
5. Kevin Gausman – $10
6. Allen Craig – $7
7. T.J. House – $6
8. Josh Rutledge – $5
9. Kendall Graveman – $4
10. Jon Singleton – $4

Of course, none of these guys are mine and that’s part of the reason I’m a solid #8 at the moment.

I don’t think you can overvalue good prospects in a dynasty league that allows for easy-on-the-salary keeping of minor leaguers, like XFL. In fact, I think prospects were strangely out of vogue for a few years recently in that league, but I think they’re making a comeback.

Personally, I don’t have roster room for Profar either, but if I was clearly rebuilding for 2015, I’d make a spot for Profar, even at $10, to see where he is at the end of the season.

We could spend several columns and radio show spots on Daily. Last night I put up a 34.5 in FanDuel and lost in a 50/50. So do I agonize more over Yimi “Changa” Garcia blowing the win for my Zack Greinke or Dee Gordon getting a CS instead of an SB, either of which would’ve put me in the money?

Daily is so much “fun” it makes me wanna jump off a bridge. (Can’t someone just teach me to grind?)

Jeff (5:11 PM, Monday, May 11)

I’d call you cranky about something anyhow – it’s your nature. We’ll rectify the show absences starting this week, now that I’ve finally got you writing again. It’s like McCann-Erickson getting Don Draper to join his firm after pursuing him for 10 years – except hopefully you don’t view us as evil/corrupt/soul-crushing, and quit after one column.

I like going against the gravitational pull – it saves you from overpaying for Danny Salazar (2014 version), and maybe Matt Harvey this year. Not that Harvey has been bad, but just not quite as dominant as expected, and I still think that there are some missed starts in his future.

The Hot Hand – Week 4 FAAB Results

Jimmy Paredes

I don’t speak for all of SABR, but my impression of sabermetric conventional wisdom is that the hot hand doesn’t really exist. Or, at the least, it doesn’t last long enough for us to act on that. However, DFS has turned that on its head – we *can* act quickly with daily games and try to ride what we perceive to be hot streaks, assuming that the duration lasts longer than two-to-three days. Moreover, sometimes that hot hand is a portent of a permanent change. If you don’t act on that early, you miss out on the buying opportunity when it’s low.

To that end, I did pretty well last week frequently using Devon Travis and Jimmy Paredes, two near-minimum priced players that were in good spots in the batting order, often playing in good parks and facing vulnerable pitchers. The price on both is starting to adjust so that they’re no longer great bargains, especially on Draft Kings, where Paredes would have cost you $4,000 yesterday had the Orioles game been played.

But I think also that there was a buying opportunity for him in season-long leagues, especially in deeper pools like the Main Event in the NFBC and especially in AL-only leagues, where finding any sort of full-time bat is a difficult proposition, let alone one where the batter hits second or third more often than not. The Orioles will probably continue to use him there for a while. J.J. Hardy just had a setback in his rehab, and Jonathan Schoop’s injury is a long-term one. Meanwhile, the O’s still have a potent lineup and a good ballpark. Perhaps my DFS play is shading my opinion about players in season-long leagues, or maybe it’s helping me. But it encouraged me to bid aggressively on Paredes in Tout Wars.

Week 1 FAAB Results

Usually the first week of FAAB is huge – last year brought K-Rod and Dee Gordon, for instance. I didn’t get that feeling this year, but the earlier the draft, the more valuable that first period typically is. Here are the results from my three NFBC leagues.

NFBC Main Event (Draft 3/28, initial FAAB budget in all NFBC contests is $1,000):

Taking Inventory

Chris Liss may not be proud of doing 10 leagues this year, but I’m even more of a degenerate, clocking in with 13 non-Scoresheet or Strat-o-Matic leagues – those formats are so dramatically different that I won’t include them here, but I’ve got four Scoresheet Leagues (BL Kings, BL DwMurphy, AL Phillips, NL Neifi if you care to look them up) and one Strat league (MWStrat – a crazy 30-team league).

In the past I haven’t done a good job of record-keeping post-draft – who do I have commonly owned, is there a trend, etc … But inspired by Chris’s post, here’s the damage in my leagues.