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Isaac is an avid baseball fan/writer, the shortstop for the Medulla Oblongata Gators slow-pitch softball team, and a Nyjer Morgan aficionado. In all seriousness, though, he's a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and contributing writer for Rotowire.

Staff Keeper League 3 FAAB Review – May 19th

We’re now a month and a half into the season, meaning the dust is beginning to settle in the Staff Keeper League 3 (SKL3) here at RotoWire. Contenders are beginning to make moves to jump into the top spot, sellers are starting to rebuild their team for the future, and everyone is looking to pick up the top free agents on a weekly basis. Starting today, I will be doing a weekly rundown of how the FAAB process worked out in SKL3. FAAB bids process overnight from Thursday to Friday each week, with each owner having a $100 budget for the season.

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Staff Keeper League 3 Auction Recap

I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for much of my life, but nothing I’ve ever played can compare to the league I entered last week. On March 19, I became one of the 18 owners in RotoWire’s brand-new Staff Keeper League 3 (or SKL3 for short). To start the league from scratch, we scheduled an auction to fill a standard 23-man roster with a reserve snake draft to fill out the remaining seven reserve and 10 minor league roster spots.

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Impact Prospects for 2017

Everyone loves prospects.


While expectations are set unrealistically high in some cases, top prospects can make huge splashes upon arrival to the big leagues and turn the tide for fantasy owners. Here are the top prospects that I think have the best chance at making sizeable fantasy contributions once they arrive in the majors in 2017.

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MLB Winter Meeting Stock Update

It’s mid-December, which means we’re roughly two months out from pitchers and catchers reporting.


But the dust from the Winter Meetings is just beginning to settle. We saw the Red Sox go all in to land Chris Sale, the Rockies surprise many by signing Ian Desmond (and likely forcing him into another position change), and the White Sox revamp their farm system while seemingly punting the 2017 campaign. As one would imagine, a change of scenery can impact a player’s performance, both positively and negatively. With that in mind, here is a listing of how some players were affected by the transactions during the Winter Meetings.

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Tuesday Fantasy Pickup: Tyler Anderson, P, Rockies

Thanks to a multitude of injuries to the Rockies’ pitching staff, Anderson finally got his first chance to pitch in the big leagues after being a first-round draft pick in the star-studded 2011 first year player draft.  The left-hander was expected to be a little rusty considering he missed all of 2015 with an elbow injury, and was not expected to perform overly well given the fact that he had never pitched above Double-A in his career.  However, Anderson quickly proved why the Rockies spent a first-round selection on him in the first place.

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Tuesday Fantasy Pickup: Devon Travis, 2B, Blue Jays

Having spent roughly the first two months of the season on the disabled list with a shoulder injury, it’s no wonder that Travis wasn’t widely owned coming out of most drafts before the season.  His tough .152/.204/.293 slash line in his first 12 games back from the DL certainly didn’t help his cause, either.  However, as the Blue Jays’ bats have heated up with the summer weather, so has Travis’ bat.

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