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Josh is a fantasy basketball writer for as well as for his own website, Josh also hosts the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. You may also Josh hear as a guest or host on the RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Podcast.

Box Score Breakdown — Wednesday, February 11th

A complete cavalcade of basketball awaited Wednesday, with 24 teams in action ahead of a much needed break for a good portion of the league. The upcoming All-Star break is also a great thing for fantasy owners, as it allows you to really look at your teams and work out how you’re sitting, size up potential playoff opponents, and refine your punt strategy. Just don’t make any reactionary moves over the next week, as a lot can change without a game being played.

Box Score Breakdown — Tuesday, February 10th

Obviously, written somewhere in NBA mythology is the dictum that the Chicago Bulls may not have all five starters healthy at once, because after not even one half with the first five guys, Jimmy Butler went down with a shoulder injury. Sigh. There was some joy for some fantasy owners, as James Harden continued his role as the Houston Rockets. Let’s look at all that went down, including a couple of trades.