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Monday Night Observations

Well, that was the worst of all worlds. I had a few interests in the game, namely Jets plus 1.5, stopping Frank Gore and T.Y. Hilton for combining for 20 points in one place and getting 50 or so from Dwayne Allen and Hilton combined in another. Moreover, so I didn’t stew all offseason about starting Colin Kaepernick over Jameis Winston, I wanted Allen and Hilton – in the very likely event they fell short – to fall short by 13 or more points, the difference between Winston and Kaepernick. Instead Allen went crazy, and they came within four points, meaning the Kaepernick decision will haunt me to the grave. And of course, I lost the other Gore/Hilton league matchup as well as the cover.

Week 13 Observations

The French philosopher John Paul Sartre famously said “Hell is other people,” and while a brief perusal of my Facebook feed confirms this as fact, I’d like to add something to the end of it: “and also fantasy football.” Not only did I start Colin Kaepernick in two places, one over Jameis Winston in a two-QB format, another over a random streaming option that will probably cost me a $200 season-long sidebet, but I would still have made the playoffs in the first case but for Steven Hauschka’s late garbage-time field goal. Yes, that field goal set up by a drive that started at the Seattle 20 when they were up 37-7 and the quarterback was Trevone Boykin and running back Troymayne Pope. This would be the $11K Stopa Law Firm League, incidentally, and I have another $200 sidebet on it for good measure.

Week 12 Observations

I got home from London maybe half an hour before the early games kicked off, and after setting my lineups, I realized a couple things: (1) I had left Andrew Luck in on one dead-in-the-water team Thursday even though I had FAABed Carson Wentz; and (2) I hadn’t yet fixed the Apple TV/IPad remote issue that came up on Thursday morning before we left. The first was bad only because it was the NFFC, and I’d hate to swing a win in someone’s favor who didn’t deserve it. Thankfully, that didn’t happen as the team with Luck lost by 100.

Thanksgiving Day Observations

I spent Thanksgiving Day in London and had dinner at a party where they were re-filling your champagne glass before you were halfway done with it. I caught the tail end of the Lions-Vikings, a good deal of the Redskins-Cowboys last night and virtually all of the Steelers-Colts this morning. I’m actually writing this at 7:45 am London time because I woke up with a hangover and can’t yet get back to sleep.

Monday Night Observations

I’m not sure I’ve seen a more frustrating game this season. For starters, the referees blew dead a DeAndre Hopkins touchdown, assuming he had stepped out of bounds when he hadn’t. Why not just let it play out and review it later? Second, on the Texans penultimate drive, the referees clearly spotted the ball erroneously short of the first down at least once if not twice. This essentially cost Houston the game, me the cover and a win in the high-stakes Stopa 11K league. Finally, on the Texans final drive, Bill O’Brien punted on 4th-and-7 from his own 44, down seven, with 3:13 and two timeouts left in the game. The Texans never got the ball back, and I’m pretty sure the 29-yard pass from Derek Carr to Jalen Richard on the run-out-the-clock drive was the margin in the Stopa league.