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Week 4 Observations

Not only was it a 13-game week, but most were low-quality. No one wants to watch BAL-CAR as it is, and even less so in a blowout. Tennessee against anyone is a bad game, and that too was lopsided from the outset. If the NFL’s serious about generating interest overseas, MIA-OAK is probably not the ideal showcase. The Ryan Fitzpatrick-EJ Manuel duel was close at least, and Fitzpatrick laid claim to the 30th-best QB title beyond any doubt. I know I’m leaving out a few thrillers like SD-JAX, and GB-CHI (at least fantasy owners got their fill), but aside from the Falcons-Vikings and Steelers-Bucs, none of whom are contenders, there wasn’t much.

Week 3 Observations

I held off another week on getting DirecTV max, but figured I’d supplement my two screens with some streaming games on my monitors. I logged into my account and discovered if you want to stream the ticket, you need to upgrade for that too. It was probably for the best as it’s enough work to avoid the commercials on two screens. I also remembered my trick during the late games from last year, have the volume on one and not the other, and hit mute when the audible one goes to break – the command hits both screens and changes which one’s on without having to change the channels. I know, genius.

Thursday Night Observations

• Irrespective of how Josh McCown’s thumb x-ray turns out, that a 35-year old journeyman who thrived in ideal conditions over a handful of games last year would succeed in a new offense was always farfetched. Mike Glennon might not be the answer but at least Tampa’s asking the right question if he’s playing.

• Bobby Rainey fumbled twice in a 56-14 blowout, yet still managed 41 yards rushing, seven catches and 64 yards receiving. The fumbles could help reinstall Doug Martin when he returns, but I think Rainey’s the better back and doubt he’s going away.