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Chris Liss is RotoWire's Managing Editor and Host of RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM radio.

Week 15 Observations

Johnny Manziel’s starting debut was the featured early game on Fox in Los Angeles – producers love that kind of thing. It was like Satan’s Tebow. Unfortunately – for all of us who dumped on Mike Pettine for not even considering a switch at halftime of the Colts games – maybe he did know something, and wanted to avoid using him until Hoyer forced his hand. I wanted to root for the Browns to win (the spread was a pick ‘em), but usually you fade the story, and I’m glad I had the wisdom to do that after my moronic pick on Thursday night.

Week 14 Observations

When things go badly, there’s usually a turning point, an event or instant in time before which everything was fine. In last year’s Super Bowl, for example, it was when the first offensive snap went over Peyton Manning’s head. Today that point for me was when Jarius Wright caught a short pass in overtime and took it for an 87-yard touchdown. I remember watching the last man who had a chance to catch him, Sheldon Richardson, momentarily looking like he had an angle, but realizing it was a defensive end chasing a wide receiver, and the deed was done, the game over, an almost sure win downgraded to a push. It seemed like a small deal (My ATS record went from 6-4 to 5-4-1), but it was the falling pebble that portended the afternoon avalanche.

Thursday Night Observations

Sometimes you have to walk out of the dealership to get the price you want on the car. That’s what happened after three quarters of the Bears losing against the spread, Alshon Jeffery doing nothing and a sequence where they cut to commercial to review the runback on Matt Forte’s fumble, cut to commercial three plays later to review a Cole Beasley touchdown, wrongly upheld the call anyway, kicked the PAT, cut to another commercial, kicked off, commercial. At some point the asking price to watch a terrible game is too high. So I checked HBO which was showing the ad for the new Foo Fighter’s album disguised as an homage to various artists, but HBO3 had “A Good Day to Die Hard.” The scene I watched – where 60-year old Bruce Willis car-jacks a Mercedes SUV in Moscow and drives on top of moving cars – was bad, but it might as well have been “Citizen Kane” compared to the game.