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My “Beat Chris Liss” NFBC RotoWire $75 K Online Championship Draft

On Friday, we held the $75K “Beat Chris Liss” NFBC RotoWire Online Championship Draft. Entry fees were $350, first place gets $1500, and there’s an overall grand prize of $75K. It’s a standard 12-team 5 x 5 format with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U, 9 P and 7 bench slots. There’s no trading and no DL. For the full results, click on the grid below:

The League of Leagues

I’ll write more on this when I have a moment, but this week we just had our epic 14-team League of Leagues draft this week. It comprised 55 rounds and three sports, MLB, NFL and NBA, runs for two seasons with the winner having the highest aggregate score in the six contests. The scoring is 5 x 5 roto for MLB (with OBP instead of average), head-to-head NFL and eight-category roto for NBA. If you finish first in a given league you get 14 points, second 13, third 12, etc. Add up your finishes in all six, and the highest cumulative point total wins.

Charging the Mound – Blog Edition: Fantasy Baseball Innovation

Jeff Erickson and I are moving this to the blog – something we should have done years ago. No more waiting for four replies to publish, no more editing in the times of publication so painstakingly – just the ongoing conversation. And it’s no longer behind a paywall.

Chris (5:57 pm PT, Monday, February 9):

It’s true there’s a good deal of hustle in Y!F&F, but they mitigate that with the innings cap and limited number of reserve slots. And the daily nature of the game means there’s no scrolling through long lists on Sunday. You pick up players as needed rather than at an appointed time, so the hustle is dispersed over the week. But no, I wouldn’t want to be in eight of those leagues at the same time, I hate having to be on it at 3:30 PT every day to make sure everyone in my lineup is active and I inevitably leave valuable stats on the bench on many days.