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Week 3 Observations

Every NFL Sunday in Europe is a full day before the games even start. I went to a farm within the Berlin city limits with Heather and Sasha to see some pigs, cows, lambs and chickens, pick some apples and harvest some potatoes to take home and cook. Here’s a snapshot of the scene – think we were looking at the sheep:


It was unseasonably hot, and after checking out the animals, knocking some underripe (but not bad) apples off a tree with a large stick and a half-assed attempt to dig up some potatoes (we mostly put some people had left behind in our bag for a pathetically small haul), we sat down at their biergarten for some food and drinks. There was an outdoor seating area and beyond that an open area with a guy singing kids songs in terrible English and a make-shift merry-go-round on which Sasha wanted to ride. Heather went over and seated her on a plastic horse. I was left at the table to order and checked my Twitter feed while I waited.

Thursday Night Observations

I picked the Patriots as one-point underdogs at home despite having misgivings with third-stringer Jacoby Brissett starting against a tough Houston defense. On the one hand, the Texans should crush them on paper. On the other, they were traveling on a short week against a Bill-Belichick-coached team. Personnel vs. coaching and set-up. It’s often a tough call. So you can imagine I was surprised to wake up this morning and see the final score. But maybe I shouldn’t have been.

Monday Night Observations

It’s tough to watch a crappy game between mediocre to bad teams on Game Rewind when you know the score in advance. Even the condensed version takes 40 minutes, and you want to fast forward, but you realize there’s nothing to skip – all the commercials and huddles have already been taken out. So I watched until all the non-Eddie Royal return TD scoring had happened and shut it off.

Week 2 Observations

It’s interesting spending NFL Sunday on Central European Time. This week we were in Lake Balaton, Hungary at Heather’s friend’s house. It became clear around 4:30 pm (10:30 am ET) as we were hitting tennis balls in a light drizzle on some old clay courts we wouldn’t make it back to the house, feed everyone, pack up and herd all the kids into the two cars in time to make it back to their apartment in Budapest by kickoff (7:00 pm). So the husband, Jolt Zsolt (that’s how you say it, guessed on the spelling) and I bolted early in his 2000 Saab which he drove at 170 km/hour (105 mph), using the oncoming traffic lane on straightaways to pass, while I set my lineups, using my cellphone as a wifi hotspot. We arrived at the apartment around 7:10, and I holed myself up at an antique table in their office and watched on my laptop until two in the morning. (I probably should have taken a photo of the office, but I didn’t, so this is the best I can do to set the scene):


Thursday Night Observations

I woke up in Budapest, Hungary this morning and immediately checked the score from the game – 37-31? How was that even possible? Maybe Sammy Watkins went off after all? I watched the condensed version of the game online to catch up and took notes. Watkins saw only five targets in a game that hit 68 total points and had two catches for 20 yards.

Week 1 Observations

Watching the games from my apartment in Berlin, Germany without my usual home set-up (two TVs, Sunday Ticket) was better than I anticipated. The Game Pass package available in the EU for $200 euros (~$223) gives you access to everything, and my Apple TV let me display it on the large screen in the living room. On my laptop, I was able to split the screen into  four secondary games at once while the main one stayed on the big screen. What was especially cool is I could click on a game with live action to get audio every time  one of them went to commercial or simply drag in a different game into the four-box instead. It was actually much easier than changing channels on DirecTV. The only issues were having to toggle between the four-box and Twitter, and my stream being 30 seconds behind, so I was annoyingly seeing celebrations about plays I hadn’t yet watched.