Articles by Mike Barner

Mike has been a fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball writer for Rotowire since 2010. Mike is also the Chicago Bulls beat writer for Rotowire.

Centers of Attention

The modern day NBA is a game of elite guards and wing players. The biggest stars across the league include LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Where is all the love for the big men?

Although you won’t see too many national commercials starring Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler or DeAndre Jordan, having a solid man in the middle for your fantasy squad can help lead you to the promise land. Let’s give the centers around the league some attention and examine where their fantasy values currently stand.

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NBA Beat: Bulls on Parade

The 2014-15 regular season is only three games in for the Chicago Bulls, but it was a crazy three games. The Bulls hammered the New York Knicks to win their opener, lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime in their second game, and then beat the Minnesota Timberwolves by one point in their third game Saturday.

Although fantasy owners shouldn’t get too high or low after just three games, there are some interesting storylines that came out of this first few games for the Bulls roster.

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The Bulls Got Deep This Summer

The Chicago Bulls entered this summer as a franchise who has lived and died on the knees of their star player Derrick Rose of late.

When he was healthy, they made it to the Eastern Conference finals and were in the discussion as being one of the best teams in the league. When he has been injured, they have simply been a team that fights hard to get to the playoffs but can’t advance very far once they get there.

This is the first summer since 2010 where they have had the chance to significantly shake up their roster. They went into free agency knowing they needed one thing and one thing badly: scoring.

There’s no question that the Bulls are an elite defensive team behind coach Tom Thibodeau. Without Rose though, they have struggled to keep up offensively. Even with a healthy Rose expected to return for the start of the 2014-15 season, they knew they needed more scoring to compete for a title.

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