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Peter Schoenke is the president and co-founder of He's been elected to the hall of fame for both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and Fantasy Sports Writers Association and also won the Best Fantasy Baseball Article on the Internet in 2005 from the FSWA. He roots for for the Minnesota Twins, Vikings and T-Wolves.

RotoWire’s All-Time Most Updated Players

NHL: FEB 15 Penguins at Blackhawks

The RotoWire player database (which was RotoNews from 1997-2001) just passed its 18th anniversary. We were the first company to develop player notes in its current format (landing one founder on the “Mount Rushmore” of fantasy baseball). So we thought it would be interesting to see which players have been updated the most over that span.

Racing: Kyle Busch (784)
CBB: Tyler Hansbrough (90)
CFB: Matt Barkley (84)
MLB: Carlos Beltran (1047)
NBA: Kobe Bryant (1237)
NFL: Ben Roethlisberger (792)
NHL: Marc-Andre Fleury (1300)
Golf: Tiger Woods (832)
Soccer: Wayne Rooney (332)

We wouldn’t have guessed Marc-Andre Fleury would be the most updated player, but a successful goalie gets notes after almost every start plus we track practice movement closely to post notices and confirm who will start (really important these days for Daily Fantasy Sports and tools like our DFS Lineup Optimizer).

Tyler  Hansbrough’s record is the one that may never be beat. How many college kids these days stick around long enough, and are good enough, to get that many updates? Tiger Woods may also keep his record a long time since it may be a long time until a golfer has his high profile again. He basically was everything in fantasy golf for most of the past 18 years and was our pick for top fantasy sports athlete of the last decade.

Never Draft A Kicker Unless Forced To

If you don’t have to draft a kicker at this point of the preseason – don’t.

The default format for Yahoo! Fantasy Football and many other leagues allow you to leave your draft without selecting a kicker. You don’t need to leave the draft with a full starting roster. You do need to pick up a kicker before Week 1 as you’d take a zero if you left that starting slot blank. Is it worth it to skip taking a kicker for an extra reserve you may just cut between now and Week 1?

I think the answer is yes. Here’s the case for not taking a kicker.

First, kickers are almost random. The fantasy football community does a poor job of predicting who will be a top kicker. Since 2006, kickers taken in the top 125 overall of ADP haven’t finished in the top 12 at the end of the season in fantasy points by a whopping 71 percent of the time (10 of 14). And those are kickers that fantasy owners were excited enough to take in the first 11 rounds of a 12-team draft.

Fantasy Football Draft Logistics Advice

(The following article appears in “101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book from 50+ Fantasy Writers, a .pdf/E-Book available here)

What’s the best way to conduct a fantasy football draft or auction? Here’s some advice and tips from someone who’s in 30+ fantasy drafts/auctions per year.

First, it’s always the most convenient to just hold your draft/auction with the service that hosts your league such as ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, FoxSports,,, and – just to name a few. Most of the services now offer auction capability as well and support for keepers.

The upside here is clear: You draft in the same environment where you run your league and the commissioner of the league doesn’t have to go through the pain of re-entering rosters. Even if your league has traditionally drafted in person, the time savings in an online draft room spread out over 200+ draft picks can add up in a hurry. Plus if your league has some members who come unprepared or don’t even know the NFL players, they have a ready list of options or can choose to autodraft.

I’m also in several leagues that use the slick auction or draft rooms of the major providers, but hand enter the results into another commissioner service that can accommodate all that league’s idiosyncratic rules.

Let’s Kill The Monday Deadline

It’s midseason in fantasy baseball and I’m already worn out and tired of Sunday evenings.

Maybe I’m in the minority since I essentially play fantasy baseball for a living, but the grind of doing free agent bids for multiple leagues on Sunday nights gets old.

Usually I’m outside as much as possible on a nice summer weekend but have the constant thought that I must get on my computer midday Sunday to ensure I get some bids in.