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Training Camp Notes: Down on Brown

I’m starting to worry about John Brown. The small, but talented Cardinals receiver is having trouble recovering from a concussion; Brown was held out of practice yesterday due to recurring headaches stemming from said concussion. The diminutive WR was able to return to non-contact drills on Thursday, but was forced to depart practice early; though no reason was given for Brown’s exit, it’s hard not to assume it has something to do with the lingering effects of the concussion. Concussions are no joke, as we were again reminded with the scary stories surfacing about Tre Mason and the effects concussions have had on his ability to function as an adult, and he’s only 23 years old. While I’m not implying anything like this with Brown, I would like to see him back at full strength before I draft him right now, at least where he’s currently going.

Training Camp Notes: Full Nelson

Jordy Nelson
Jordy Nelson is officially back! It was just about a year ago – August 23, 2015 to be exact – that Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target tore his ACL in a preseason game, ending his season before it began; but now Jordy will make his triumphant return to the field after passed his physical and being activated from Green Bay’s PUP list. While it’s a good bet that Mike McCarthy and his staff will ease the WR back into action, this is a terrific sign that Nelson is in great shape to start the 2016 season healthy and ready to go.

Training Camp Notes: Luck be a Lady

Andrew Luck will start Indy’s preseason opener against the Bills on Saturday. Luck will likely only a play a few series, but it’s nice to see him healthy and back on the field. The young QB is coming off a down, injury plagued season, and has the added pressure of signing a $140 million contract this offseason. By most accounts, Luck’s still working back into form and is coming off an “uneven” training camp. However, it’s to be expected that Luck will have some rust to knock off after missing the final seven games last season, so I’m not worrying much yet, and I still consider Luck to be easily among my top three quarterbacks. Having said that, keep an eye on the situation as Luck’s health will (obviously) play a big role in his ability to produce this season.

Training Camp Notes: A Pair of Grounded Seahawks

Thomas Rawls is still languishing on Seattle’s PUP list as the team chose to delay his return to practice for at least a little while longer. The Seahawks seem inclined to slowly work Rawls back from ankle surgery and it’s a virtual lock he won’t be able to participate in the team’s first preseason game on August 13. Seattle still believes Rawls will be ready to go when the season starts, but keep an eye on his progress; the longer he goes without playing, the less likely he’s ready to suit up Week 1.
Like Rawls, Jimmy Graham has yet to make his training camp practice debut, as his surgically repaired knee has yet to be deemed ready for him to return to the field. Granted, while the extent of the knee’s issues aren’t known to us, and he could be back on the field tomorrow, this situation still worries me. Especially considering how much of a disappointment Graham was last season; his first in Seattle. I would be leery of drafting Graham until we see him get back to practice, and in a preseason game for that matter, to prove his knee has recovered.

Training Camp Notes: The Bigger They Are The Harder They Foles

Nick Foles apparently requested to be released. The Rams, I’m sure giddily, accepted. As an Eagles fan, I can tell you one thing about Nick Foles: he stinks. He was even more atrocious in St. Louis than his final season in Philly, to the point where he was replaced by Case freaking Keenum; only to become more useless when the Rams traded up and selected Jared Goff to be the new face of their franchise. Foles will likely latch on as a backup somewhere, the man did throw seven touchdowns in one game dammit (insert sarcasm font); but he isn’t likely to have any fantasy impact this season, even if he somehow makes his way onto the field during an actual NFL game.

Training Camp Notes: Arian Foster Heals Faster Than You

Not a lot of news today; calm before the storm and all that, but let’s discuss what we can. Alright, let’s jump in:

Bill O’Brien confirmed Monday that Arian Foster is ahead of schedule in his return from a groin injury sustained Aug. 3. O’Brien told reporters to expect Foster back “sooner rather than later.” This is clearly a boon to the  29-year-old’s fantasy value, but be sure not to overrate him based on this news. He will certainly miss at least a few games, but it’s clearly worth nudging Foster up the draft board now that we know he could be back on the field in the first quarter of the season.

Training Camp Notes: New Look Bills Say Goodbye To Fred Jackson

In a shocking turn of events, the Bills released (face of the franchise?) Fred Jackson. The nine-year veteran has spent his entire career in Buffalo, where he’s provided remarkably consistent production both as a runner and as a receiver out of the backfield. This move came as a surprise to many, considering Jackson’s long tenure with the Bills, not to mention the team’s dearth of running back depth due to a rash of injuries to their RB core during the preseason. I guess Jackson’s whole “being a pro and gutting it out for nine years for the same crappy team” thing doesn’t play as well in Rex Ryan’s world as, for instance, a guy who attempt to throw an Eyes Wide Shut party or a physical freaks who’s best known for breaking the jaw of his own team’s starting quarterback. I kid, I kid. From a fantasy perspective, this move could be a boon for one of Bryce Brown, Anthony Dixon and Karlos Williams, as those three are jockeying for the second position on the depth chart now. It’s also a good sign for Shady’s owners, as his biggest threat for touches was jettisoned out of town. Jackson’s fantasy value obviously takes a hit, but if he signs with a new team soon, he may be able to contribute again this season. We can only hope the 34-year-old ends up somewhere like New England, where he has a chance to play for something meaningful after toiling away for losing Buffalo teams for the better part of a decade.