Week 17 Observations

I was in Rome Sunday night with a 7:00 am flight this morning, so I caught what I could of the early games before dinner, prepared to check in on the late games (starting 10 pm Rome time) and head to bed shortly thereafter – once the Giants had let in their backups and conceded the game. But that never happened, so I wound up watching the entire Giants game and went to bed at 1:30 for a 4:40 wake-up alarm. The Lions-Packers game was still in the fourth quarter when we got into our 5:00 am cab.

Week 16 Observations

Jordy Nelson

We’ve spent the last four days in Hay on Wye, Wales, so the Christmas Eve slate of games started at 6 pm local time, just after we had returned from the pub and our late afternoon meal. It was also our hostess’ birthday, so we sat around the dining table sipping wine, cider and (in my case) gin and eating from an overstocked cheese plate. I had my laptop on in the living room, streaming the red-zone channel, and occasionally I’d break away to catch an update and some live action.

Thursday Night Observations

And Merry Christmas to you too, Eli.

Actually, Manning’s 5.7-YPA, three-pick monstrosity only minimally impacted the Giants playoff hopes, but his continued poor play bodes badly for their chances to advance. Incidentally, I streamed the condensed version of the game this morning from the guesthouse of a small ~350-year-old cottage in Wales where we’re spending Christmas with friends.

Impact Prospects for 2017

Everyone loves prospects.


While expectations are set unrealistically high in some cases, top prospects can make huge splashes upon arrival to the big leagues and turn the tide for fantasy owners. Here are the top prospects that I think have the best chance at making sizeable fantasy contributions once they arrive in the majors in 2017.

Week 15 Observations

Setting aside that my NFFC team is more or less toast – I’ll probably still win my individual league in the three-week playoff, but long-shot dreams of the $100K grand prize are dead – Week 15 was strangely calm. Even Heather noted there was no yelling and screaming or, on the rare occasion something good happened, celebrating. Part of it is the season nearing its end, and I’ve come to accept it for what it is – a mediocre/poor ATS showing, some decent teams that were bounced from the playoffs, no huge amounts of money won – but  I’m also finally watching the game in a decent setup from our new place in Lisbon as opposed to Berlin, Budapest, our other Lisbon apartment which didn’t suit us, or a hotel room in the Algarve where I was last week.