Week 12 Observations

There are typically three kinds of commercials while you’re watching football: (1) Outright lies; (2) Based on lies; and (3) Misleading. In Category 3, are your basic cellphone and car commercials that display the product to which they purport, but associate with it all sorts of glamorous activities to which they have no relation whatsoever. Yeah, sure LeBron James is pulling up in a Kia. Category 2 includes the fast food commercials that have good-looking people or hipsters eating at those places, having a great time. It’s possible you’d find on rare occasion (2 am, drunk) some of them there, but if an ad agency went the documentary route, we’d be seeing mostly poverty, misery and ill-health. In Category 1, there are the flat-out lies, like the notion low-quality, mass-produced light beer is a staple at great parties/bar scenes, or Papa Johns (Fritos?) has “natural ingredients.” I suppose everything’s “natural” in some sense – after all uranium is an element, so nuclear waste is ultimately from nature too. But I don’t think that’s what they were going for.

Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Player Rankings

This is our weekly cheat sheet based on our player’s projected output and number of games. It assumes an eight-category league with the following categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, three-pointers made, free-throw percentage, and field-goal percentage.

These are my rankings. They do not necessarily correspond with the RotoWire cheat sheet or our projections for the season. I use both as a rough guide, but I primarily factor in number of games played for the week, current player trends and pertinent information about the team (injuries, time share situations, etc.). The weekly player rankings are written up following Saturday’s games. We will try to update the meter with any breaking news that happens on Sunday, but in most cases, any injuries, lineup changes, etc. that happen on Sunday won’t be accounted for in the rankings until the following week.

Box Score Breakdown — Friday, November 21st

The Orlando Magic (6-8) has more wins than the Cleveland Cavaliers (5-6). The Memphis Grizzlies (11-2) own the best record in the league and the Toronto Raptors (10-2) have the best record in the Eastern Conference. The Denver Nuggets have won four their last five games. And of course, the Philadelphia 76ers (0-12) can’t win a game.

With ten of the twelve Friday games finishing in blowout fashion, we’ll salvage as much as possible without crossing the 4,000 word threshold.