Thursday Night Observations

Every week I write how each game is more bizarre than the last, and this one was no different. What stood out more than the Ravens bursting out of the 0-4 coffin just as the hammer was about to strike the final nail was Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin’s Tom Coughlin-esque end-game management. Good coaches call plays in combination like a skilled billiards player who not only knocks the ball in the pocket, but leaves the cue ball in good position for his next shot.

Week 3 Observations

About half an hour in, I thought it would be a brutal week, and it was just sort of bad. I went 5-10 ATS, though 3-2 in the LVS SuperContest and 2-1 on best bets. Some of my important teams did well, others did poorly. In one I wisely used Nick Foles over Colin Kaepernick. Another way of putting it is I foolishly started Foles over Andy Dalton. If you think streaming QBs is a picnic, let my experience be a cautionary tale.