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RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship – Week 13

Week 12 RWBC Recap

Well, here we are in the final “regular season” week of this season’s big FanDuel event, where despite finishing tied for second among RotoWire experts last week, my team continues to linger in Sadtown. Those worries weren’t shared by FanDuel user dwade35, who dominated last week, taking first place by a 7.5-point margin thanks to a well-rounded performance led by Tyson Ross’s win over Arizona and Edwin Encarnacion’s two-homer game.

Miguel Sano Could Be Special

Every time it seems like all the potential impact talent has come up, some team calls up another intriguing rookie who could shift the balance of your fantasy league. Carlos Correa was up in early-June which seemed to cap off a significant wave of call-ups. Once we began catching our breath from that, we saw Byron Buxton and Francisco Lindor on consecutive days. And then we got Kyle Schwarber’s surprise six-day call-up (during which he admirably lobbied for more with elite play: .982 OPS, 1 HR, 6 R & RBI in 23 PA).

After all of it, Steven Matz was left standing as that one shining prospect for whom everyone wanted to save their FAAB. He made his scintillating debut on Sunday and that really felt like a cutoff point for impact minor league talent. I mean, who else could come up? Corey Seager is awesome, but where is he going to play? Joc Pederson put up a 30-30 season in Triple-A last year (albeit under different management) so maybe they’re comfortable letting Seager marinate a bit.

Is Stephen Strasburg Back?

It’s been an ugly season for Stephen Strasburg and perhaps even uglier for those of us with him on our fantasy teams. After all, the Nats are still in first place. The team where I have Strasburg is far from and I’m sure most of you are experiencing something similar. Alas, there may be some reasons for optimism within his two starts since returning from the DL.

The season got off on the wrong foot when the Mets of all teams battered him for six runs (three earned) in 5.3 innings on nine hits and three walks. Boston hit him even harder with five runs (all earned) on 10 hits. The success of his third start (against Philly) wasn’t enough to get him going and in fact it seems every time he has a good start, it’s followed by two clunkers. Eventually what we all suspected would happen, did: he hit the DL.

Gallardo’s Gone Gallant

With a quickly eroding strikeout rate that propped up his value in the first place, Yovani Gallardo had made a quick descent down the fantasy rankings heading into 2015. A torn meniscus in 2008 limited him to just 24 IP, but he returned with a breakout effort in 2009 which included a 26% strikeout rate in 185.7 IP. It might feel weird now, but his 3.73 ERA that year was solid better than average (110 ERA+). The strikeouts peaked that year, but lived in the 24-25% range for the next three seasons while his ERA generally stayed in the mid-to-upper 3.00s.

He’d become a workhorse. That’s generally the shorthand for a pitcher who logs plenty of innings and usually offers one standout fantasy category while also never really doing enough to be a superstar. From 2009-2012, Gallardo had a 3.68 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 25% K rate, and about 196 IP per year. From 2013 through last year, he was just a workhorse without the standout category. Innings were his only net value. He logged 373 innings of a 3.84 ERA in those two seasons.

RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship – Week 12

It just keeps getting worse. I imagine my competition has more experience in DFS than I do, but 46th place out of 50? That’s just awful and embarrassing, but I guess some has to finish near the bottom, right?

Last week’s 7.50 point total was my fault, as I thought I had set my lineup, but apparently I did not. Oops. Prior to that though, I did set my lineup and netted a whopping 8.08 week.

Jordan Zimmermann didn’t do me any favors, and Albert Pujols picked that day to not hit a home run. These things happen though, but they obviously happen to me more than the folks at the top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately though, you have to hear from me this week.

DFS Disasters Are Disastrous

Apparently I missed the point of Survivor tourneys, and mistakenly thought that drafting the worst possible pitchers while trying to survive was the point. Gerrit Cole was 73.5% owned, which brought me little consolation when he tallied just 3.9 points. But that was better than my pairing option, the disastrous Roenis Elias, who took away 5.95 points, leading to a grand total of 74.95 points for my team. That was good for 4477/5000, pretty far from the 2,500 cut-line.

DFS Disasters For Wednesday

I still have some doubts, but I’ve decided against fading Gerrit Cole tonight for the Draft Kings survivor tournament. He’s going to be owned nearly universally – my guess is it will be over 75%, and the next best starters are Jaime Garcia and Jordan Zimmermann. He has a poor track record against the Reds, but one of those that hits him the best (in a whopping 11 at-bat sample) in Brandon Phillips has been scratched from the lineup. Todd Frazier scares me, as does an in-form Joey Votto. But this is also a different Cole than the Reds have faced most of the time, too. Moreover, this is basically a 50-50 tournament, so there’s less advantage in being different from the pack.