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RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship – Week 8

Week 7 RWBC Recap

The Week 7 action in our ongoing FanDuel event featured a Gerrit Cole-led attack complemented by homers off the bats of Evan Longoria, Steven Souza and Ryan Braun, with those big performances leading FanDuel user milbestdrnkr to 66.58 points and a $200 prize. Now, here’s my question about milbestdrnkr: Does his name mean “Milwaukee’s Best drinker” — an imbiber of that college-famous brew we affectionately called ‘Beast’ — or “Milwaukee’s best drinker” — the finest, most capable drinker in the city of Milwaukee? Either way, his pitcher scored more points last Friday than my entire team, so he should probably be the one writing this article.

Charging The Mound: Moyer’s Complaints

Steve (Thursday, 9:00 a.m.):

Did you guys know there’s a pubic grooming column for senior citizens on called “Charging The Mound”?

Speaking of lame humor, what baseball shows do you guys find good enough to watch? Any? I hate all of them and stay completely away from everything. Perhaps what I hate most is the canned stereotypes that comprise every show:

The Ex-Jock

The Eye-Candy Bimbo

The Wacky Morning DJ Host

The Sabermetric Poindexter

DFS Amateur Hour – Tuesday Night

I’ve settled into my strategy for now: 6-8 large-field GPP tournament entries with a 2-4 pitchers and various stacks. I made two exceptions today, pairing random hitters I thought were good values with Jacob DeGrom. I realize stacking is the easier path to a monster score, but I want to see if my value lineups can’t provide enough points to cash. Put differently, I find myself sacrificing a lot of value just to stack, and because so many tournament lineups stack, maybe the prices have gotten weird enough on players like Robbie Cano ($2,600) and Jose Abreu ($3,300) it’s worth going the other way on occasion. In any event here are my eight $5 lineups for tonight’s games:

$115 K Tuesday MLB Rally

Pos Player $ Player $ Player $ Player $
P Kershaw 11000 Kershaw 11000 Kershaw 11000 Kershaw 11000
C Perez 2600 Plawecki 2200 Posey 4000 Molina 2200
1B Davis 3000 Encarnacion 4400 Belt 3600 Abreu 3300
2B Paredes 3100 Cano 2600 Panik 2800 Wong 3200
3B Machado 3600 Donaldson 3700 Donaldson 3700 Donaldson 3700
SS Escobar 2400 Flores 2200 Flores 2200 Peralta 3100
OF Gordon 3200 Bautista 4500 Lagares 2200 Cabrera 2200
OF Jones 3000 Cuddyer 2200 Cuddyer 2200 Holliday 3300
OF Cain 2900 Cabrera 2200 Pence 3000 Pence 3000
34800 35000 34700 35000


Pos Player $ Player $ Player $ Player $
P DeGrom 9700 DeGrom 9700 DeGrom 9700 Shoemaker 8100
C Molina 2200 Castillo 2200 Perez 2600 Gattis 3700
1B Encarnacion 4400 Encarnacion 4400 Abreu 3300 Davis 3000
2B Franklin 2200 Cano 2600 Cano 2600 Altuve 3800
3B Solarte 2200 Donaldson 3700 Beltre 2800 Machado 3600
SS Flores 2200 Reyes 3000 Flores 2200 Flores 2200
OF McCutchen 4600 Bautista 4500 Jones 3000 Springer 3800
OF Trout 5200 Smith 2200 Stanton 4200 Jones 3000
OF Cabrera 2200 Jackson 2600 McCutchen 4600 Trumbo 3500
34900 34900 35000 34700


DeGrom has been pretty tough at home, and Kershaw’s obvious, so they start in seven of my eight lineups. Shoemaker is a wild card because he has strikeout upside and a decent matchup at home against a righty-heavy opponent.

For the hitters, I have a lot of Wilmer Flores, both stacked with other Mets and orphaned as his price ($2,200) is too low given the pop in his bat. Same with Cano, who keeps sinking, but I have to stick with him almost reflexively at his cost ($2,600.) Incidentally, I had a Red Sox stack, but as that seemed to be the game most likely to get rained out, I scratched it. Just for the right to complain later, I’ll note it had Dustin Pedroia, Mookie Betts, Pablo Sandoval and David Ortiz.

Week 8 FAAB Results

This was a relatively quiet week on the waiver wire, but sometimes the quiet weeks present good free agents too. Remember to set your lineups early this week – Memorial Day always features a lot of day games.

NFBC Main Event (15-team mixed)

Team Player Bid Runner-Up
Bad Brad and Wild Will Mike Wright (SP) 95 27
Welcome to Stevieland Mitch Moreland (1B) 60 15
On The Jazz Lance McCullers (SP) 38 38
RotoWire – Erickson Seth Smith (LF) 35 5
RotoWire – Erickson Scott Van Slyke (LF) 35
Bad Brad and Wild Will Matt Duffy (2B) 33 16
Sasha’s Team Rougned Odor (2B) 28
ALL-IN MAIN Preston Tucker (LF) 27
DT & Gut Jose Ramirez (SS) 26 10
Team Warner Chris Heston (SP) 24 23
DT & Gut Roberto Osuna (MR) 23
Philbys Enrique Burgos (MR) 19
ALL-IN MAIN Kendall Graveman (SP) 17 14
Team Warner Randal Grichuk (RF) 17 9
Giancarlo…A Gift Gerardo Parra (RF) 13 8
On The Jazz Shaun Marcum (MR) 12
The Weasel Peckers Luis Sardinas (2B) 8
Philbys Tom Koehler (SP) 8 5
Giancarlo…A Gift Michael Bourn (CF) 8
ALL-IN MAIN Adam Warren (MR) 7
Welcome to Stevieland Mike Aviles (SS) 5
Welcome to Stevieland Mark Canha (1B) 5
Philbys Chris Johnson (3B) 3
Welcome to Stevieland Colby Lewis (SP) 2

DFS Amateur Hour – Friday Postscript

That was a lot of lineup setting to lose $2.50, bringing my bankroll down to $913.10. (I invested $40 over eight $5 entries, and three of them cashed for $12.50 apiece. So I took back $37.50.) I also did poorly in the RotoWire and Tout Wars Contests – remind me not to stack Braves in a contest that counts cumulatively next time. That was pretty dumb and probably will cost me a chance at the $2,000 prize later this year.

DFS Amateur Hour – Friday Night

I went a little crazy today with the two free-rolls (RotoWire and Tout Wars) and eight other entries into the $5, $115K MLB Rally. There are a lot of high-end pitching options tonight, and I used three of them (Max Scherzer, Zack Greinke and Gerrit Cole) spread out over nine of my 10 entries, varying the hitting stacks around them. The one exception was Henderson Alvarez in whom I have zero faith, but he was the cheapest of the pitchers who was likely to have a decent game and get a win, so I rolled him out, using an expensive, hybrid Cubs/Indians stack. I don’t expect much from that entry, but it’s got uniqueness on its side.

In any event, here are the lineups:

Free Rolls

Pos RotoWire $ Tout Wars $
P Scherzer 11700 Scherzer 11700
C Posey 4600 Molina 2300
1B Davis 3100 Freeman 3300
2B Cano 2900 Peterson 2800
3B Seager 2900 Headley 2500
SS Miller 2800 Tulowitzki 4500
OF Smith 2300 Maybin 2600
OF Cabrera 2400 Markakis 2500
OF Guyer 2300 Beltran 2800
Total 35000 Total 35000

$115K MLB Rally

Pos Player $ Player $ Player $ Player $
P Scherzer 11700 Scherzer 11700 Greinke 9900 Greinke 9900
C Posey 4600 Molina 2300 Posey 4600 Molina 2300
1B Davis 3100 Freeman 3300 Belt 3900 Morrison 2800
2B Cano 2900 Peterson 2800 Cano 2900 Cano 2900
3B Seager 2900 Headley 2500 Seager 2900 Ramirez 3100
SS Miller 2800 Tulowitzki 4500 Miller 2800 Miller 2800
OF Smith 2300 Maybin 2600 Gonzalez 3300 Braun 4400
OF Cabrera 2400 Markakis 2500 Cabrera 2400 Gomez 4200
OF Guyer 2300 Beltran 2800 Smith 2300 Davis 2500
Total 35000 Total 35000 Total 35000 Total 34900


Pos Player $ Player $ Player $ Player $
P Greinke 9900 Cole 9400 Cole 9400 Alvarez 6300
C Perez 2500 Hundley 3000 Castillo 2200 McCann 2800
1B Davis 3100 Belt 3900 Abreu 3500 Rizzo 4400
2B Paredes 3300 Cano 2900 Cano 2900 Kipnis 4600
3B Machado 3600 Seager 2900 Seager 2900 Bryant 4000
SS Escobar 2600 Tulowitzki 4500 Miller 2800 Castro 3000
OF Jones 3400 Gonzalez 3300 Braun 4400 Brantley 4700
OF Gordon 3200 Markakis 2500 Gomez 4200 Soler 2800
OF Cain 3100 Davis 2500 Davis 2500 Murphy 2300
Total 34700 Total 34900 Total 34800 Total 34900

I have a lot of Mariners in Toronto against Marco Estrada. I expect they’ll be heavily owned, but it was hard to pass up all those cheap lefties hitting high in the lineup against a pitcher who gives up a lot of home runs. If he deals today, I could easily lose my entire investment. The other team I bankrolled was the Brewers, facing a left-handed Eric Stultz (I won’t repeat the Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Pulp Fiction joke, but know that I’m thinking it.) I actually preferred the original starter, Alex Wood, who was scratched due to an illness, because I expect that stack to be much more heavily used now.