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AL Tout Wars Review

The 20th Annual (really? 20 years? Damn we’re old) Tout Wars weekend took place at Rock ‘N’ Reilly’s patio bar this weekend. The venue is the home of the FNTSY Radio Network’s beautiful new studio, so along with SiriusXM we had two networks covering the draft, which is pretty awesome for the industry.

If you want to skip the preamble or even my article and just see the results from all the auctions this weekend – you can go here.

When we last wrote about Tout Wars, we discussed the unrelenting disaster that was my 2016 team. For those that don’t want to read the whole thing, the short of it was that both my draft structure and my player evaluation was tragically off. In a year where hitting budgets were grossly inflated by Steve Moyer’s strategy, I spent less overall on hitting than I typically do, and I apportioned it awfully, rostering six hitters at either $2 or $1. I then lost Prince Fielder, a $27 purchase, for most of the season after he did so little prior to the injury. The result was I had the fewest at-bats in the league, and ended up with just 12 hitting points over five categories.

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AL Tout Wars Team – How I Dominated Jeff Erickson and Everyone Else

On Saturday, we had our annual Tout Wars auction, this year in Rock & Reilly’s bar in midtown Manhattan. It’s a basic 12-team AL-only, 5 x 5 format with some odd ¬†rule quirks. The main one is we use OBP instead of batting average, and the smaller one is instead of a fifth OF, there’s a second utility spot we call a “swing man,” and that swing player can be a hitter or a pitcher.

Here are the results:

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NFBC $125K Main Event

My 15-team NFBC Main Event league took place this morning at the Hilton in NY. The Main Event consists of 32 15-team leagues that compete both for their individual league prizes ($6,500 for 1st, $3,200 for 2nd, $1600 for 3rd) and also for overall prizes ($125K for 1st) among the 480 total contestants. The overall works much the same way as the smaller leagues do, only instead of 15 points for being first in a category, you get 480 points if you’re first, 479 if you’re second… all the way down to one point if you’re 480th.

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NFBC “Beat Jeff Erickson” Draft Results

Wednesday night¬†was the “Beat Jeff Erickson” draft as part of the NFBC’s RotoWire Online Championship. As a reminder, the NFBC features both your individual league and an overall contest, and a good chunk of the $350 entry fee goes to that overall prize. There’s no trading within the league, for obvious reasons. The individual leagues have 12 teams apiece, and you can enter as many leagues as you want.

This is the sixth year that we’ve offered this particular contest as part of our partnership with the NFBC. I’ve done better in this 12-team format than in the 15-team Main Event. I’m not really sure why that’s the case – beyond just the statistical likelihood of finishing worse when there are more teams. I’m comfortable with both formats.

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