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Box Score Breakdown — Kings Royally Screwed

We’re four days from the All-Star break and 11 days away from the trade deadline. Now’s your last call to stash players before next Thursday seals the fate of many teams. It also means we’re going to see some funky lineups as players with the slightest injury take the next two games off. Try not to fall prey to outstanding stat lines because there’s too much unknown that will transpire over the fortnight. Case in point: Chris Kaman was accumulating a bunch of stats two years ago when Pau Gasol dealt with vertigo prior to the trade deadline. Some people felt the need to roster Kaman should Gasol get traded, but it never panned out and Kaman reverted back to a reserve with limited appeal.

Box Score Breakdown — Getting Back To The Basics

For those unaware, I began writing for the Fantasy Hoops Daily three years ago before joining RotoWire. A trip down memory lane reminded me how far I’ve come and how I can improve on the current Box Score Breakdown format. I’m inclined to recapture the essence of what made my time at Fantasy Hoops Daily successful. Rather than bore with in-depth analysis capturing the minutiae, I’ll provide concise content in an unstructured fashion. I’ll write about trends, schedule quirks, and statistical anomalies while projecting a light-hearted demeanor. In essence, you’ll get a condensed recap of events without the default regurgitating of stat lines from the night’s action.