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How Does Rajon Rondo’s Injury Affect His Fantasy Value?

The Boston Globe is reporting that Rajon Rondo broke his hand on Thursday as a result of a fall at his home. They are also reporting that he had surgery to repair the injury on Friday. It’s expected that Rondo will miss six to eight weeks. With the Celtics’ first regular season game just over four weeks away, it’s all but certain that his injury will cause him to miss some regular season games.


Fantasy Impact

As with most fantasy basketball questions, the impact of this injury on Rondo’s value depends on the type of league you play in, Rotisserie or Head to Head. We’ll first examine the impact to his rotisserie value.


Analyzing Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Sleepers and Busts

Fantasy basketball fans, now is the time to start getting excited. With Yahoo! opening their draft rooms for leagues and of course, mock drafts, the first set of rankings has also been released. When rankings are released on sites like Yahoo! and ESPN, they are always worth taking the time to peruse, not because they are the best, but because so many people will blindly follow whatever numbers are presented to them on their league’s platform of choice.

How can you, as a savvy fantasy basketball manager, prosper from these default rankings?

Knowing where your league-mates may be valuing players can be extremely beneficial in your own preparation before draft night. Scouring these rankings will allow you to find guys who are underrated, players who are overrated, and allow you to begin to formulate a solid draft strategy.

It’s important to know that Yahoo! uses nine-category leagues (including turnovers) as their default setting, so all of the rankings and subsequent analysis is based on nine-category leagues.

I’ve gone through the Yahoo! rankings with a fine-toothed comb to find who could be the busts and the sleepers from these first set of player evaluations on Yahoo!.

Scalabrine Coming Home to Boston

The White Mamba is returning to Boston, and his “I’m Coming Home” parody is hysterical. With several of our writers being Northwestern alumni, we  like the reference he makes to the Wildcats in the story, too.

If you’re willing to take the “Scallenge,” read it here.

Don’t worry Celtics fans, he’s returning as a Comcast SportsNet announcer, not as a player.