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Week 3 Observations

I held off another week on getting DirecTV max, but figured I’d supplement my two screens with some streaming games on my monitors. I logged into my account and discovered if you want to stream the ticket, you need to upgrade for that too. It was probably for the best as it’s enough work to avoid the commercials on two screens. I also remembered my trick during the late games from last year, have the volume on one and not the other, and hit mute when the audible one goes to break – the command hits both screens and changes which one’s on without having to change the channels. I know, genius.

Thursday Night Observations

• Irrespective of how Josh McCown’s thumb x-ray turns out, that a 35-year old journeyman who thrived in ideal conditions over a handful of games last year would succeed in a new offense was always farfetched. Mike Glennon might not be the answer but at least Tampa’s asking the right question if he’s playing.

• Bobby Rainey fumbled twice in a 56-14 blowout, yet still managed 41 yards rushing, seven catches and 64 yards receiving. The fumbles could help reinstall Doug Martin when he returns, but I think Rainey’s the better back and doubt he’s going away.

Week 2 Observations

I discovered this morning DirecTV is now charging extra for the fantasy and red-zone channels. I thought about paying, but resented it a bit – who do they think is buying the Sunday Ticket in the first place if not the fantasy player? So I held off and decided to surf manually while watching the games. The main challenge is keeping two screens away from commercials. The Microsoft ones are embarrassing. If the Siri voice is so damn annoying, then don’t subject me to it. It’s the same thing with the Kenny Rogers one. If hearing him sing that song gets old, then why are you playing it on an endless loop? I can’t even remember what product they were advertising, and that’s a good thing for them because when I do, I will make sure never to buy it. The Bud Light “up for whatever” ones show how vacuous their ad agency thinks millennials are. “Yeah dude, I’m up for whatever.” You know who’s up for whatever? Justin Blackmon and Aldon Smith. The NFL should be forced to reinstate both before they’re allowed to run that ad again. I don’t mind the Matthew McConaughey ones, though. He’s all: “Time is a flat circle, and I’m gonna put Reginald Ledoux’s corpse in my Lincoln.” I would buy a car on that basis.

When Real Tragedy Meets Football Fantasy – Let’s Be Honest About Our Priorities

Consider this situation: You had a tough start/sit call, say Rashad Jennings vs. Arizona or Andre Ellington at the Giants. Initially you have Jennings in, but at the last second you switch to Ellington. On the first play, Ellington aggravates his foot injury, while Jennings rushes for 140 yards and three TDs. It costs you the win against your biggest rival, your team is now 0-2, and your season is already starting to slip away. You go to bed frustrated that night.