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Yahoo Friends and Family League Draft

On Friday, we had the annual Yahoo Friends and Family draft – a 14-team expert league where you start 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 2-FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 -TE, 1-K and 1-D. Scoring is essentially normal PPR except for God knows what reason commissioner Brandon Funston prefers .75 points per reception and 4.5 points per passing TD.

Here are the results:

Training Camp Notes: Dysfunction In DC

So, I did a crazy thing. In a recently-completed Yahoo draft for a 12-team non-PPR league where I ended up with the second pick, instead of taking one of the normal top four (or top five, depending on where you slot Marshawn Lynch) running backs, I threw caution to the wind and took Dez Bryant instead.

My reasoning was as follows: in every mock draft I’ve done picking from the top of the draft and taking the expected RB, I’ve hated the WR corps I’ve ended up with. Partially that’s due to spoiling myself with WR-WR starts in later draft slots, but it’s also due to the fact that the talent pool got a lot shallower over the last week. With Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin out of the picture, elite receivers dry up really quickly, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of not getting at least one of them. More than that though, with your first round pick, floor is more important than ceiling. If you don’t get premium production from your premium picks, your season is all but done, and when I look at those top RBs I see a lot more risk than I do with Bryant. Le’Veon Bell is playing a max of 14 games and lost his starting center for a good portion of them. Adrian Peterson is an old man in running backs years being counted on to rebound from yet another season spent on the sidelines. Jamaal Charles is all but guaranteed to deal with nagging injuries, whether they cost him games or not. And Eddie Lacy… OK, Lacy seems pretty safe. But still, I felt better bucking conventional wisdom and grabbing a secure WR1 than I did drafting Lacy, so that’s what I did.

Had I stuck with Lacy, I essentially would’ve ended up with him and Alshon Jeffery instead of Dez and Melvin Gordon (Lamar Miller went one pick before I grabbed Gordon at the end of the second round). We’ll just have to wait and see exactly how dumb I was.

Anyway, on to the blog. Powered by an epic Cardinals-Raiders preseason matchup being played on the Coliseum infield dirt as we speak, it’s your Sunday TCN!

Training Camp Notes: Another One (Almost) Bites The Dust

On Saturday evening, that collective groan you heard emanating from the state of Wisconsin was triggered by Randall Cobb’s departure from the Packers’ game after a tackle on the Eagles’ sideline. Coming just six days after Jordy Nelson was lost for the season with a torn ACL, the 2015 preseason was approaching a point wherein quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be without his Top 2 weapons in the passing attack. After word trickled out that Cobb was dealing with a right shoulder injury, he confirmed afterward that X-rays revealed no fracture in his collarbone, but further tests are on the docket Sunday to determine the extent of the issue. With Cobb out of the picture, second-year wideout Davante Adams was immediately pulled from the contest without making a mark on the box score, thereby allowing rookie Ty Montgomery additional opportunity to shine. While Montgomery’s first touch cast a negative light – he recovered his own fumble on his first kickoff return – he notched a 52-yard catch-and-run on his way to two receptions (on three targets) for 71 yards and three kick returns for 77 yards. His primary competitor for WR looks, Jeff Janis, wasn’t quiet either, hauling in all three targets for 72 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown. If Cobb’s early-season status is at all threatened, both Montgomery and Janis would again be deserving of nudges up draft boards.

Training Camp Notes – RG3 Out Again

Jeff Stotts, RotoWire’s injury expert, wrote a piece last week about the plethora of hamstring injuries that we’ve seen during training camp this year. Players like Emmanuel Sanders and Dez Bryant have dealt with them recently, while Odell Beckham was plagued by an issue there last season. Nevertheless, as the preseason rolls along it appears all the hamstring issues will be cleared up by Week 1, though some players could be falling on their respective depth charts with each day they miss.

ADP Trends: Tights Ends

Tight ends are up next as we track risers and fallers during the pre-season.  Running backs and wide receivers were covered over the past week. Most of the big names have remained consistent in their ADP’s, but there is some major movement after the top-6 or so. Obviously, injuries are a huge factor here, so are owners mining sleepers who can make the jump to TE1 territory.

Below is a list of all tight ends drafted among the top-240 players in NFFC drafts since exhibition games began. 

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