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Conference Title Game Observations

I don’t really know what to say about either game. The first one was so bizarre and full of obvious drama rehashing it in blog form seems pointless. The second was such a one-sided, never-in-doubt blowout – almost exactly like the last few contests between the Colts and Patriots – there’s nothing new to add. So I’ll offer a few stray thoughts, assuming everyone watched – or heard about – most of what transpired.

Divisional Game Observations

These were considerably better games than last week’s, and the Pats-Ravens was shaping up to be a classic before Joe Flacco’s interception on the final possession. Of course, the horrifying reversal of the Dez Bryant touchdown – whether or not it was technically the right call – not only negated one of the big-time plays of the last decade, it deprived us of a chance to see an Aaron Rodgers drive with the season on the line. While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seems to have escaped with his tenure (if not his dignity) intact after his handling of the Ray Rice incident, perhaps the current state of the NFL rulebook is sufficient grounds to can his ass.

Wild Card Observations

One problem with these games except for Detroit-Dallas was at least one team in each was severely compromised by injuries. The Cardinals quarterback situation and the Bengals missing A.J. Green (as well as Marvin Jones, Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert) rendered both unable to move the ball, and the Steelers’ loss of Le’Veon Bell, though less significant, still skewed the results somewhat. I get that’s part of the game, (and in the Steelers case, one could argue losing Bell was no worse than the Ravens losing cornerback Jimmy Smith.) But Smith has been out half the year, and Bell’s injury happened last week, so Pittsburgh didn’t have a lot of time to replace him, and the problem was compounded by their cutting LeGarrette Blount in November. As a result they signed Ben Tate who had a pass go off his hands and into the knees of Terrell Suggs, effectively sealing the game.

RotoWire Fantasy Playoff Draft Results

During our Sirius XM show, we did a quick playoff draft today. Six teams, rosters were comprised of 2-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 2-FLEX, 2-TE, 2-K and 2 Defenses. PPR scoring. Here are the results:

Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6
Ivy Tom Brady Liss Dez Bryant Ivy Jordy Nelson Liss L. Blount Ivy Joe Flacco Liss J. Witten
Payne R. Wilson Stopa C.J. Anderson Payne Andrew Luck Stopa E. Sanders Payne S. Vereen Stopa C. Fleener
Jeff P. Manning Trevor Eddie Lacy Jeff Tony Romo Trevor J. Thomas Jeff J. Stewart Trevor C. Newton
Trevor A. Rodgers Jeff D. Thomas Trevor R. Cobb Jeff Jeremy Hill Trevor C. Johnson Jeff G. Olsen
Stopa M. Lynch Payne A. Brown Stopa D. Murray Payne TY Hilton Stopa J. Edelman Payne G. Benard
Liss Gronkowski Ivy Le’Veon Bell Liss Roethlisberger Ivy J. Forsett Liss B. LaFell Ivy M. Bryant
Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Rd 11 Rd 12
Ivy O. Daniels Liss Gostkowski Ivy T. Williams Liss Andy Dalton Ivy Joique Bell Liss M. Sanu
Payne Seahawks D Stopa Hauschka Payne P. Richardson Stopa Dan Bailey Payne Steve Smith Stopa Colts D
Jeff H. Miller Trevor Torrey Smith Jeff Broncos D Trevor A. Vinatieri Jeff Wes Welker Trevor Ravens D
Trevor K. Benjamin Jeff Connor Barth Trevor D. Herron Jeff Golden Tate Trevor Packers D Jeff R. Hillman
Stopa D. Baldwin Payne Luke Willson Stopa D. Allen Payne S. Suisham Stopa Panthers D Payne Steelers D
Liss Patriots D Ivy M. Crosby Liss A.J. Green Ivy J. Tucker Liss Cowboys D Ivy R. Rodgers
Rd 13 Rd 14
Ivy Bengals D Liss James Starks
Payne G. Gano Stopa Ryan Lindley
Jeff Mike Nugent Trevor Tim Wright
Trevor Catanzaro Jeff Lions D
Stopa Stafford Payne Tony Moeaki
Liss M. Prater Ivy Cardinals D

Results by Team

Ivy Armstrong Kevin Payne Jeff Erickson Trevor Ray Mark Stopa Chris Liss
QB Tom Brady R. Wilson P. Manning A. Rodgers R. Lindley Roethlisberger
QB Joe Flacco A. Luck T. Romo C. Newton M. Stafford A. Dalton
RB Justin Forsett S. Vereen J. Hill Eddie Lacy C.J. Anderson L. Blount
RB Le’Veon Bell G. Bernard J. Stewart Herron M. Lynch J. Starks
WR M. Bryant A. Brown D. Thomas R. Cobb E. Sanders D. Bryant
WR Jordy Nelson T.Y. Hilton G. Tate C. Johnson J. Edelman B. LaFell
FLX Joique Bell S. Smith W. Welker Benjamin D. Murray A.J. Green
FLX T. Williams P. Richardson R. Hillman T. Smith D. Baldwin M. Sanu
TE Owen Daniels L. Willson G. Olsen J. Thomas C. Fleener Gronkowski
TE R. Rodgers Moeaki H. Miller T. Wright D. Allen Witten
K J. Tucker Suisham C. Barth Vinatieri Hauschka Gostkowski
K M. Crosby G. Gano M. Nugent Catanzaro D. Bailey M. Prater
D Bengals D Seahawks D Broncos D Packers D Panthers D Patriots D
D Cardinals D Steelers D Lions D Ravens D Colts D Cowboys D