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O's/Jays: You Be The Manager
Posted by Bret Cohen at 4/20/2007 6:44:00 PM
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It's the top of the seventh inning of the Blue Jays at Orioles on Friday night, 2-2 game, two out. Daniel Cabrera (righty) just walked Frank Thomas to load the bases on his 109th pitch. Matt Stairs (lefty) is 5-for-16 against Cabrera lifetime, including 1-for-3 during that game. The Orioles have Chad Bradford (righty) and John Parrish (lefty) up in the bullpen: Stairs is 1-for-2 against Bradford and hasn't faced Parrish. The catch is the Blue Jays didn't start Vernon Wells (righty), on account of his 1-for-19 mark against Cabrera. Wells is 4-for-10 career against Bradford, 3-for-7 against Parrish.

You're Orioles' manager Sam Perlozzo. Do you:

  • (1) Leave Cabrera in the game and hope he can get Stairs out
  • (2) Insert Parrish, (0.00 ERA, 13 K), who will probably have to face a pinch-hitting Wells
  • (3) Insert Bradford, (1.69 ERA, 1 K), who might face the lefty Stairs, or a pinch-hitting Wells

    Perlozzo chose Parrish, who gave up a rocket shot that deflected off a diving Melvin Mora's glove at third base, scoring two runs and putting the Blue Jays up 4-2. My initial reaction was that Bradford should have been the choice. Wells-Parrish is not the matchup that you want, and if the Blue Jays leave the left-handed Stairs in to face Bradford, Bradford's slow submarine delivery could contrast nicely against Cabrera's high-90s fastball. Or, if they bring in Wells, you get the righty-righty matchup, though Wells has hit Bradford well in the past. Thinking about it further, Parrish has been the team's best reliever this season, so it's not surprising Perlozzo chose him. But still, Perlozzo had to know they'd pinch hit with Wells against Parrish -- maybe he should have taken his chances with Stairs against either Bradford or Cabrera.

  • Comments....

    It's easy, you're a manager and no matter what, do what you have to, you don't want to see Vernon Wells at the plate. No offense to Matt Stairs he's been a great "professional hitter", but he's no Vernon Wells right now in 2007.
    Posted by kevinccp at 4/21/2007 2:12:00 AM
    Interesting, Sam Perlozzo was asked about the decision in the following day's Baltimore Sun (

    "[We] pretty much knew that was going to happen," Perlozzo said of the Blue Jays' decision to bring in Wells. "But John Parrish has been throwing the ball really well. The guy hit a ball that kicked off our glove. That's going to happen."

    Perlozzo acknowledged that he felt that Stairs and not Wells would have been at the plate if he had relieved Cabrera with right-hander Chad Bradford, who was also warming up. But Perlozzo still wanted Parrish, who has been the club's best reliever this season, in the game. "I like Johnny on the mound," he said.
    Posted by bscwik at 4/21/2007 9:16:00 AM
    So the operative question would be, would you rather have Johnny on the mound, or Vernie in the box.
    Posted by bscwik at 4/21/2007 9:16:00 AM

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