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The O-Zone: So You Had a Bad Day
Posted by Joe Oberkrieser at 5/10/2007 1:47:00 PM
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Itís been a rough 24 hours. First, I looked at how my AL-only team did last night, and I saw that Erik Bedard and James Shields combined for 16 shutout innings Ö and neither got me a win. Then I find out today that B.J. Ryan -- whom I own in two leagues -- is out for the year. Bad back my you-know-what, J.P.

Anyway, a few things Ö

* After Jason Marquisí three-hit shutout last night, there was a headline, photo caption and write-up on another Web site that made the Cubs righty sound like Sandy Koufax Jr. Letís not get ahead of ourselves, though. Yes, Marquis has been terrific: 5-1, 1.70. And yes, he is worthy of praise. But thereís no way heís going to continue pitching this well. Iíd sell high in a heartbeat.

My main worry about Marquis is his 24/13 K/BB in 47 2/3 innings. The walk total is OK (especially for him), but 24 Kís in 47 2/3 innings -- a 4.53 K/9 -- just isnít sufficient. Marquis doesnít miss enough bats to keep pitching like a Cy Young winner. He yields too many batted balls, and once those batted balls start dropping in and finding holes, heís going to be in trouble.

* If youíre looking for a buy-low catcher, how about Josh Bard? Although heís been horrible this month (.130 average, .390 OPS), his K/BB for May is a fine 3/4. Overall, heís hitting more fly balls this year, too -- could translate to increased power down the line. Donít expect Johnny Bench numbers here, but Bard should provide good bang for the buck if you can get him.

* Two closer notes:

1. Jorge Julio is apparently going to get his closerís job back in Florida. Whether he can pitch well enough to keep it remains to be seen, but if Julio was dropped in your league after his horrid start, you might want to pick him up if you need saves.

As for current Marlins closer Henry Owens, you might want to sell high while heís still the closer. Of course, keeping him might be wise as well, since Julio could struggle and Owens could eventually get the job back. Either action seems prudent right now.

2. Tony Pena got a save on Tuesday with Jose Valverde unavailable, so one has to figure that Pena would be The Man should something happen to Valverde. Itís worth noting, however, that although Pena throws gas, heís striking out just 4.66 batters per nine innings. Iíve read a few reports on other sites hyping this guy, but Iím skeptical whether heíd be an effective stopper right now.


I thought the report said they wanted to give Julio another shot at some point in the season? I didn't read it as that shot was now. To me that means that Owens is the closer, and julio is in the front of the line in case he falters. Any thoughts?
Posted by joey'scookies at 5/10/2007 7:36:00 PM
The way I understood it is Julio will get the job back at some point, no matter how well Owens does.
Posted by joeo at 5/10/2007 11:03:00 PM
Owens to the DL. I guess the window is closed now.
Posted by spianow at 5/11/2007 3:27:00 PM

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