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Victor Zambrano
Posted by Jan at 1/4/2006 1:19:00 PM
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The Mets' trade of Jae Seo means that Zambrano moves back into the team's rotation. Unsure why the organization still feels the need to justify the Kazmir trade by pumping him up. It would be easy for GM Omar Minaya to say that he didn't make the deal and cut bait on Zambrano, unless the Wilpons are pressuring him to make pitching coach Rick Peterson, who pushed for the intial trade, look good by constantly throwing him out there. Peterson never liked Seo and it's apparent that he has way too much say in some of the team's moves, especially since he hasn't lived up to the reputation he built up with the A's. Maybe the comments about his abilities being due to having Mulder, Hudson and Zito were true and he is not as good as he thinks?


Kazmir for Zambrano was a failure, finance-wise as well as performance-wise. Still, Seo is unproven other than in the second half of next year, so it might be a case of the Mets selling high. They had such bad bullpen problems last year, though Sanchez and Schmoll are probably not the answers. And despite his control issues, Zambrano hasn't been horrendous since being acquired. I think with his stuff, and with the fact the future was partially mortgaged for him, he deserves another shot before being cast aside.
Posted by bscwik at 1/5/2006 12:53:00 PM
I never liked that trade, because you don't trade young talent like that for a pitcher that has not proven anything other than being inconsistent at the mayor league level. Kazmir potential is overwhelming compared to Zambrano and let's not forget this kid is a lefty, and in baseball that's a commodity. This was a bad trade for the Mets because it did not make them any better, they would've been better off by bringing Kazmir into the rotation last year.

GO METS 2006!!!!!!!!!
Posted by the evil empire at 1/5/2006 8:48:00 PM

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