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Another Reason Pete Rose Is An Idiot
Posted by Kenn at 12/19/2007 3:46:00 PM
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I won't be watching Pete Rose's interview with Dennis Miller tonight, but I was listening on Cincinnati sports radio tonight that, in the midst of admonishing today's players for steroids, he claimed that if steroids were prevalent back in his day, he would've had 5,000 hits (the announcers, Reds guys through and through, commented that it would be more like "5,200 or 5,300").

I don't know where Pete's pronouncement comes down on the long list of stupid things he's said, but it's got to be near the top.

1) He's basically saying "I would've cheated too!"
2) He thinks he'd average about 35 more hits/year just from having steroids, even though there doesn't seem to be much proof that steroids makes you a better hitter (and he was already pretty good).
3) Or maybe he thought his career would last longer? It was already one of longest in major league history, and there was that little bit of nastiness that ended it (don't forget the bumping of the umpire as well as the gambling).
4) If steroids were prevalent AND it helps you play better (again, something that hasn't been proved), wouldn't there be a pitcher or two who might get him out? Or a defender who got into the hole a little quicker?

Last but not least, HE GAMBLED ON BASEBALL!!! He has absolutely no moral high ground whatsoever. When will this guy learn to keep his mouth shut?

I'm ashamed I ever liked the guy, even though I had the excuse at the time of just being a stupid kid.

Go away.


I agree with what you said about Pete Rose. Interesting comment on the steroids. So if everybody (and everybody might not be too far off)is using steroids then pitchers, batters and defenders are all better, then it stands to reason that everything is relevant Instead of putting an asterisk by Barry Bonds the asterisk should be put by major league baseball in general and a new set of records should be kept.
Posted by derrillhanson at 12/19/2007 6:13:00 PM
Just ignore all stats and records after 1990.
That should do the trick.
Posted by flutiefan at 12/20/2007 6:33:00 AM
Why stop at 1990? Just ignore all stats and records from the Greenie Era as well. That should wipe out everything back to about World War Two.
Posted by ESiegrist at 12/20/2007 2:15:00 PM

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