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NL-Only Experts Draft
Posted by Erik at 2/8/2006 7:51:00 AM
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Participated in my first draft of the year yesterday -- a 12-team NL-only 5x5 'experts' league hosted by Sportsline.

I had the #2 pick, and did a fair amount of agonizing over it. In the end, I went with my gut and took David Wright over Miggy Cabrera for two reasons: 1) Wright's steals, and 2) the complete uncertainty over who Cabrera is going to have to drive in, and who will be driving him in. (Cabrera, incidentally, dropped to a shocking 7th overall, so I obviously wasn't the only one concerned about the Marlins offense).

I ended up with a roster that lacks both saves and outfielders, but has good position flexibility and should have some tradable assets to allow me to patch holes... we'll see how it goes.

#2 David Wright (3B NYM)
#23 Ben Sheets (P MIL)
#26 Ryan Howard (1B PHI)
#47 Ken Griffey (OF CIN)
#50 Brandon Webb (P ARI)
#71 Ryan P. Freel (2B CIN)
#74 Matt Cain (P SF)
#95 Brad Hawpe (OF COL)
#98 Brian McCann (C ATL)
#119 Josh Willingham (C FLA)
#122 Brad Penny (P LA)
#143 Adam Everett (SS HOU)
#146 Ryan Madson (P PHI)
#167 Chris Duffy (OF PIT)
#170 Eric Byrnes (OF ARI)
#191 Wilson Betemit (SS ATL)
#194 Kip Wells (P PIT)
#215 Corey C. Hart (OF MIL)
#218 Damaso Marte (P PIT)
#239 Scott Hairston (2B ARI)
#242 Duaner Sanchez (P NYM)
#263 Cesar Izturis (SS LA)
#266 Brian Bruney (P ARI)
#287 Jeff Baker (3B COL)
#290 Aaron Miles (2B STL)
#311 Matthew Cepicky (OF FLA)
#314 Jon Rauch (P WAS)
#335 John Mabry (OF CHC)
#338 Jason J. Ellison (OF SF)
#359 Chris Resop (P FLA)

And the VERY interesting first round...

#1 Baseball Info Solutions Albert Pujols (1B STL)
#2 David Wright (3B NYM)
#3 Patton & Co. Derrek Lee (1B CHC)
#4 Chase Utley (2B PHI)
#5 Roto Times Bobby Abreu (OF PHI)
#6 Elias Sports Bureau Alfonso Soriano (2B WAS)
#7 CBS (Gonos) Miguel M. Cabrera (OF FLA)
#8 CBS (Mack) Andruw Jones (OF ATL)
#9 Carlos Beltran (OF NYM)
#10 Jason Bay (OF PIT)
#11 Juan Pierre (OF CHC)
#12 Baseball Prospectus Barry Bonds (OF SF)


Bonds at 12? I may be a hockey-first kind of girl, but even I know he's too much of a risk for the first round.
Posted by eaglehawk at 2/8/2006 11:09:00 AM

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