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A new way to play...
Posted by Dennis Crowley at 3/4/2008 12:38:00 PM
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Daily Head to Head:

So you have done roto leagues and you have done weekly head to head leagues and now you are looking for something that feels more like real baseball. Rotowire is the place to go. The flexibility of Rotowire's Baseball Commisioner allows you to play Daily Head to Head. And there is no other commisioner service out there that allows this same flexibilty.

How does it work?

I have been in a daily head to head league since 1994. When we finally decided to move our league online Rotowire was the only commisioner site that allowed you to make a daily schedule. We play our games whenever the majority of MLB teams are in action. So a typical weekly schedule would mean that there were league games on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. In Rotowire's Commisioner software you just make the start date and end date of that game be the same date. And our lineups would be nine hitters (the 8 positions in the field plus a DH), one starting pitcher and two relief pitchers. So looking at a boxscore was just like looking at an MLB boxscore. And unlike a real MLB manager, it was very clear who you should have started that day, since you can check to see how they would have done for you by checking the paper. If you had Dice-K and Brad Penny going on Tuesday you have to make a choice, only one can start for you in your league game.

There are times when you miss out on some historic performances. One league member had three pitchers going one day in the early 90's (before I joined). It was Dave Stewart, Fernando Valenzuela and some young buck named Randy Johnson. So he goes with The Big Unit as he give good points for K's. Sure enough both Fernando and Stewart throw no-nitters that day sitting on his bench!

There is something very cool about looking at a list of probables for that day and filling out your lineup card. Jeff Kent is facing a lefty? Get him in there. Oh wait, Kelly Johnson is in Coors in a day game, check the splits. You have a lot more control that just setting a weekly lineup. You skills as a day to day manager are in play in this style of game.

What do you do if none of your starting pitchers are pitching on a game day? That's where things get interesting. That when you have to go to the dreaded 'List'. A reverse order of standings is made up from the previous season. And the first unowned pitcher from that 'List' will be your starter for that day. This isn't done for RP's or offensive players, but since a SP can often hurt you as much as help you we thought this an important safeguard to make sure teams drafted enough SP's.

That about sums it up. If you are looking for a new and more intense way to play then think about giving a daily H2H league a try.

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