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Players To Buy Low On
Posted by David Martorano at 4/28/2008 2:54:00 PM
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Unhappy with the current makeup of your team? One of the better ways to improve your team is always via trade and there is no better way to make a great trade than by selling high and buying low.

The following is a list of players you should target in trade talks:

1. Matt Kemp- Kemp is an enormous talent and it stands to reason that Joe Torre will finally wake up and give Kemp everyday at bats. This is especially so, considering Kempís grand slam from a couple days ago.

2. Joey Votto- Votto has been one of the few bright spots in the Redsí lineup. Done battling slugger Scott Hatteberg for at bats, Vottoís numbers should continue to improve and he should gradually move up in the lineup into a more hitter friendly spot.

3. Evan Longoria- This Ryan Braun Clone is the everyday third baseman for the Rays. His numbers should begin to reflect his awesome abilities. Trade for this super slugger before itís too late.

4. Edwin Encarnacion- Encarnacion seems to finally have reason to feel comfortable as an everyday player for the Reds. The team is awful and there is every reason to believe that the team is finally committed to letting him play. His power numbers have been impressive and they should only improve.

5. Scott Olsen- The Marlboro Red smoking lefty is finally putting his super skills on display. He is the unquestioned Marlin ace and his early season numbers are no fluke. Trade for him and hope the ride continues. At the very least, he will provide you with strikeouts and the occasional win.

6. Ryan Church- Church has been a doubles machine with the Mets and has shown a surprisingly sweet stroke at the plate. It appears that Church is reaping the benefits of finally being put in a position to play every day. Trade for him before itís obvious to everyone how badly Washington mismanaged Churchís above average talent.

7. Adam Wainwright- Wainwright is one of the more underrated pitchers in all of baseball. St. Louis is aware of what they have, as they locked him up to a two year extension this off-season. Trade for Wainwright and in the process try to dump an overatted household pitching name (Think Brett Myers, Javier Vazquez, Tim Hudson).

8. Lastings Milledge- Milledge is a five tool talent and is the everyday center fielder for Washington. His numbers havenít been overly impressive to date, but he is still getting his baseball legs under him. Buy low on this confident player.

9. Jair Jurrjens- Jurrjens has looked great all season long. Not only does he have plus stuff, he has shown a great on the field presence in addition to a fiery toughness. He is already Atlantaís number 3 pitcher. Buy low before all these aforementioned facts are apparent to the entire fantasy community.

10. Matt Capps- Capps has good stuff, possesses moxie and is in a decent situation for a closer. Pittsburgh is not to be confused with world beaters; however they have provided a decent number of save opportunities for Capps to date. Capps is a top ten closer in my estimation.


Most of these players seem like OK guys to buy. But I don't know if you can say that you'd be buying them "low." Milledge and Kemp, maybe. But Wainwright, Longoria, Capps have all been performing well. Votto's been turning it on, too - the "buy low" ended there a couple of weeks ago, I'd say.

I guess for me a "buy low" is someone with an established track record who is not hurt and is just off to a slow start - Robinson Cano, Ryan Howard, Nick Swisher, ARod, Reyes (he has to start running eventually, right?), Corey Hart, Ryan Zimmerman (sorry, Dave, had to say it!), and Russell Martin all come to mind.
Posted by MPStopa at 4/28/2008 4:01:00 PM
I agree with Mark, do I try and tell the Matt Capps owners that his 2.31 ERA is out of line with last year's ERA (2.28)? No one's going to trade Longoria, Encarnacion is on a 14 game hit streak. "Buy low" candidates are people who are doing terrible and should turn it around, most of these guys are on fire and will command a high price. Of course the exception to this rule is the 30-30 Milledge....
Posted by kevinccp at 4/28/2008 4:58:00 PM
Kevin, if we agree on that then we need to start talking about how the Bills are going to destroy the Jets again this year! That will really get our boy DM going!

Seriously, it was a good read, David, I'd just be more inclined to say those are good players to buy, not necessarily buy "low."
Posted by MPStopa at 4/28/2008 5:30:00 PM
Im not sold on Zimmerman. The numbers dont support the idea that hes a top 10 third baseman in fantasy.
Posted by djm1144 at 4/28/2008 5:47:00 PM
LOL Stop, I'll add Hafner, Fielder and Cust to the list of buy low. I'll try some constructive criticism, point out players like Wainwright and potential candidates to put up for trade.
Posted by kevinccp at 4/28/2008 5:49:00 PM
Still, is anyone going to SELL low on a guy like A-Rod or Russell Martin?

I guess most of the leagues I play in (i.e. not those public Yahoo ones) have guys smart enough to hold onto guys like Wainwright and not accept less than full value.

I'll assume "slugger Scott Hatteberg" was an oxymoron.
Posted by vtadave at 4/28/2008 5:55:00 PM
Dave (Regan), experts, no. But less experienced players sometimes panic and sell ARod or Martin for 80 or 90 cents on the dollar.

DM, I might as well say it at this point so everyone knows what we are talking about. David and I are in the staff league together. He just traded me Zimmerman for Fuentes and Aaron Hill. I thought Zimmerman was a "buy low," which is why I said I "had" to post his name in this column, LOL, and DM obviously disagrees. Time will tell, I guess.
Posted by MPStopa at 4/28/2008 6:10:00 PM
I love the Scott Hatteberg welcomes a trade comment in the MLB player comments. Where is he going to be an upgrade? There's no team that he would upgrade at 1st base, I know that without a doubt, I'd rather have a realistic Tony Clark on my team.
Posted by kevinccp at 4/28/2008 6:45:00 PM
True to a point Kevin, but Hatteberg would probably upgrage 1B for the Giants (Aurilia), Mariners (Sexson), and..ok, the list is rather short.
Posted by vtadave at 4/28/2008 9:35:00 PM
The Giants and Mariners could platoon Liss and Erickson at 1B and it would be an upgrade.
Posted by MPStopa at 4/29/2008 7:12:00 AM
Could one put Philip Hughes on that "buy low" list? He has to be better than his current numbers.
Posted by mr crunch at 4/29/2008 8:05:00 AM
I'd buy low on Hughes...

As for Erickson at 1B, I think he'd have some trouble with breaking stuff..oh and fastballs, changeups, the eephus pitch. You get the idea.
Posted by vtadave at 4/29/2008 8:27:00 AM
You're putting Javier Vazquez in the same category as Tim Hudson and Brett Myers?
Posted by speedomike at 4/29/2008 8:31:00 AM
What about Rich Hill? He's bound to improve.
Posted by joey'scookies at 4/29/2008 8:36:00 AM
I think Scott Olsen has to be a sell-high candidate right now, not buy-low. No way things can better, but there is a lot of downside.
Posted by hainesbl at 4/29/2008 9:19:00 AM
John Bowker is SF's first baseman, and I'd much rather see what he can do than a 38-year-old Hatteberg - he would def. not be an upgrade in SF.
Posted by Dalton Del Don at 4/29/2008 10:28:00 AM

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