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Trade Deadline Live Blog
Posted by Jeff Erickson at 7/31/2008 10:57:00 AM
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Hopefully we'll get a little more action later today, but I can't really complain even if today is a dud. We've already had some big names dealt, more so than in previous years.

For once, I like a Mariners trade. Gaby Hernandez's numbers are awful this year, but keep in mind that it was in Albuquerque, where Dallas McPherson is hitting like Barry Bonds. The cost is fine, too; they're not going to miss two months of Arthur Rhodes, no matter how well he pitches.

I don't understand the White Sox perspective on the Ken Griffey Jr. deal. Folks, he is *not* a center fielder. He doesn't even have the range for right, and he's still a risk to break.


Jason Bay to the Bucs is still alive, apparently.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 11:06:00 AM
Bay to where is still alive?
Posted by jsloniger at 7/31/2008 11:27:00 AM
Griffey makes no sense to me. They're set at LF and RF. He's no longer a center fielder. He hasn't hit lefties in years, so maybe a slot platoon comes with Griffey and Konerko (Swisher moving where needed)?

All of the Manny rumors seem too friendly to the Boston side. The Red Sox have no leverage here. How can they get some huge haul for Manny? I'd love it given my 01824 roots, but I'm not expecting much. Hope I'm wrong.
Posted by spianow at 7/31/2008 11:30:00 AM
Maybe the Dodgers become a player for Manny? Help us out, LA. Kemp or Ethier would be fine with me.

Posted by spianow at 7/31/2008 11:33:00 AM
Ericson, Do you think my beloved and beleaguered Mets will pull the trigger? I hear rumors about Ibanez or Street. Have you heard anything?
Posted by jhermann at 7/31/2008 11:35:00 AM
D'oh, Bay to the Rays. Sorry.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 11:48:00 AM
Ibanez is in play, with a lot of teams, Jays as well. We'll see - I can't see Seattle *not* trading him.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 11:49:00 AM
What do the buccos get in a deal with the Rays?
Posted by jsloniger at 7/31/2008 11:54:00 AM
i think the m's are counting on two picks for ibanez, so he may not go. only an hour left to trade washburn.

Posted by claskowski at 7/31/2008 11:55:00 AM
Rays haven't confirmed but Bay appears to be headed to Tampa for Reed Brignac and Jeff Niemann.
Posted by uwmichael at 7/31/2008 12:03:00 PM
Does Pittsburgh know how to make a trade. The only way Bay should go to TB is if they trade David Price. If TB doesn't want to do that, then Pittsburgh should just say no. What is wrong with keeping him on their team, he isn't making a ton of money and is under contract through the end of next year. Their Yankee give away was awful, now they gonna give away Bay too?
Posted by ubahero2252727 at 7/31/2008 12:12:00 PM
Price wasn't going anywhere. That's pie-in-the-sky.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 12:21:00 PM
Supposedly the Reds ended up getting some solid prospects for Griffey. It appeared as nothing more than a salary dump, but there is some Major League ready talent mixed in there. Same with the Rhodes deal, the Fish gave up some solid prospects for 2 months from Rhodes who can't close and will pitch about 20 innings for them.

The Cardinals attempt to get Brian Fuentes is dead and they aren't going to trade Kyle Lohse, I don't care who his agent is.

Good stuff, Jeff.
Posted by stanley_gibson at 7/31/2008 12:37:00 PM
I wouldn't call Richar and Masset "solid". "Halfway decent"? Yeah maybe. Back-up 2B and a No. 5 starter is all the Reds could have hoped for I guess.

Brignac and Niemann isn't a bad haul for PIT if true.
Posted by vtadave at 7/31/2008 12:41:00 PM
You don't think 2 potential ML starters for Bay isn't good? You'd rather them keep sending Jack Wilson, Snell, Duke, etc. out to the field the next 5 years? I actually think the Bucs could resemble the 2003 Rays now, and the Rays seem to be doing well these days.
Posted by kevinccp at 7/31/2008 12:42:00 PM
That's what I was thinking dave. Looks like they are both about major league ready.
Posted by jsloniger at 7/31/2008 12:42:00 PM
Both Brignac and Niemann have faded, but ... they're the best prospects I've heard dangled in any trade talks.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 12:49:00 PM
Mets figure several players, like Jose Guillen, will pass through waivers, allowing them to acquire someone post July 31.
Posted by airjan23 at 7/31/2008 1:08:00 PM
Supposedly a Manny deal is done.
Posted by kevinccp at 7/31/2008 1:18:00 PM
If these people from various outlets (i.e., Boston Globe etc.) report a trade has happened when it fact hasn't, they should be given the choice of being caned or stoned.
Posted by kevinccp at 7/31/2008 1:19:00 PM
Rumor is Manny to LA, Bay to Boston, unsure the rest
Posted by airjan23 at 7/31/2008 1:24:00 PM
So now LA gets to sit two from Ethier, Kemp, Pierre, Jones and Manny, yes this makes total sense.
Posted by airjan23 at 7/31/2008 1:32:00 PM
Manny in Dodger blue. This will be interesting. Now if this is followed by Jones' release, I'll back Colletti for a contract extension, so much the better.
Posted by vtadave at 7/31/2008 1:48:00 PM
Dave, do you have any perspective on how this affects Matt Kemp?
Posted by uwmichael at 7/31/2008 1:49:00 PM
Dave, Manny is basically a two month rental, unless they also find a taker for Pierre and sign Manny as a free agent as I believe part of him agreeing to be dealt was to have his two, one-year options torn up.
Posted by airjan23 at 7/31/2008 1:59:00 PM
Sitting Jones and Pierre sounds pretty good to me.
Posted by stanley_gibson at 7/31/2008 2:12:00 PM
With Torre, who knows, but I imagine this affects Ethier more than Kemp. Manny and Kemp should be in there most every day. Just wondering what the corresponding roster move will b (DFA Jones I hope).
Posted by vtadave at 7/31/2008 2:20:00 PM
Raise your hand if you truly believe Torre sits both Jones and Pierre regularly. I think that Ethier is the big loser over not being included.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 2:53:00 PM
Well aware on Manny being a rental. In an ideal world, he's back in 2009 with Jones on another team or getting fatter on some tropical island and Pierre as the fourth outfielder, but there's so much money tied up in these guys that "ideal" most likely equals "highly doubtful".
Posted by vtadave at 7/31/2008 2:55:00 PM
Agree Jeff. I do think though that Jones's starting nods will be few and far between, but Pierre will play quite a bit. With Pierre and Ethier both being left-handed, Ethier is probably the odd man out most nights, though he did hit lefties pretty well last year (this year not so much).
Posted by vtadave at 7/31/2008 2:57:00 PM
Word from St. Pete is that Bay-to-the-Rays got hung up because Pittsburgh wanted Hellickson, not Niemann (or perhaps Hellickson _and_ Niemann). Not sure then if the Rays punted or just tried to regroup, but in the meantime, Boston got back to the Pirates with a new team to replace Florida in the menage-a-trois, and the Pirates obviously got much more as a result.
Posted by sixsigmagus at 7/31/2008 2:58:00 PM
So, how hard is it to learn how to play left field in Fenway in midseason?
Posted by sixsigmagus at 7/31/2008 2:59:00 PM
Well, even though he had local knowledge, Manny Ramirez isn't exactly a gold standard out there, no? Bay should do fine.
Posted by Erickson at 7/31/2008 3:02:00 PM
As a Yanks fan, pissed they didn't snatch Bay instead of Nady.
Posted by kevinccp at 7/31/2008 3:12:00 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but why didn't anyone get Ibanez? He's hit in a *fair* lineup in a AL pitchers park and has still put up good numbers. Given Seattle's track record, probably could have been gotten for not much, IMHO. (I understand he could clear waivers etc.)
Posted by kevinccp at 7/31/2008 5:05:00 PM

Yanks weren't willing to give up anyone who was major league ready on offense - that's why they didn't snatch Bay instead of Nady me thinks.

I think the Pirates did a pretty good job today with Bay. I was pretty ticked when the Rays rumor sounded official with Neimann and Brignac for Bay - that would have been a bad one.

Interesting irony of the deal is the addition of Andy LaRoche will likely lead to the departure of Adam LaRoche as our first-baseman unless we push L'il Roche to 2B next year because I think we'll probably move Alvarez to 1b if we do indeed sign him, which i think we will.

Pirates did fine today - something I didn't think I was going to write when I woke up this morning.
Posted by billgoofnow at 7/31/2008 7:19:00 PM

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