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Posted by Chris Liss at 2/24/2006 10:27:00 PM
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You got to feel for Bagwell - the guy's coming to camp with a shoulder that's not medically cleared because he has to prove to himself that he's physically not able to do it before he can give it up in good conscience. And meanwhile the team wants him to just go away because if he's able to play in a diminished capacity, he'll cost them a ton of money.

He'll get paid, either way, but this is a no brainer Hall of Famer who watched his team in the playoffs and World Series the last two years and couldn't do much. Some people might characterize this as hanging on too long, but there's little doubt that at 37 he'd still be a very good player if he were healthy. It's not like Jerry Rice who won Super Bowls and set every record hanging on at 42 and joining different teams.


Hey, watch it with the Rice comments. Despite "hanging on," he put up solid numbers in 2000-2003 and was a mentor to other receivers on how to work hard every day. I love Bagwell as much as anyone, and think he is a first ballot HOF, but to say Rice just got his records by hanging on, does his fine career a disservice.
Posted by airjan23 at 2/25/2006 10:15:00 PM
I didn't say Rice got his records by hanging on. He had them long before that. But he was most certainly hanging on the last two years. If you argue his value was as a mentor, well, if that's true, he should have been a coach.
Posted by cliss at 2/26/2006 1:07:00 PM

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