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WBC: Tuesday pitch count impacts
Posted by Gus Papadopoulos at 3/8/2006 7:07:00 AM
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Quick notes on major league pitchers who took part in Tuesday's WBC openers, and subsequent eligibility for later games this week based on WBC pitch count rules:

United States:  All 7 pitchers used by Team USA threw fewer than 30 pitches in their stint against Mexico. (Jake Peavy 23 pitches, Joe Nathan 16, Mike Timlin 14, Chad Cordero 11, Todd Jones 9, Dan Wheeler 8, Brad Lidge 6.) With the US getting an off day on Thursday, all seven can be used both in Wednesday's game against Canada and on Friday against South Africa. However, Peavy almost certainly will be rested until Sunday unless there's an emergency.

Mexico:  Rodrigo Lopez threw 57 pitches and is ineligible until Sunday, presuming Mexico advances. The other four pitchers Mexico used on Tuesday (Elmer Dessens 22 pitches, David Cortes 11, Oscar Villarreal 6, Ricardo Rincon 6) can be used either on Wednesday against South Africa, or on Thursday against Canada, but not in both games; expect all four to be rested on Wednesday, since the Mexico-Canada game likely determines who advances.

Canada:  Erik Bedard threw 55 pitches against South Africa and is ineligible until Sunday, presuming Canada advances. The three other Canadian MLB pitchers that faced the Springboks (Chris Reitsma 25 pitches, Jesse Crain 21, Rheal Cormier 17) can be used either on Wednesday against the US, or on Thursday against Mexico, but not in both games; expect all three to be rested on Wednesday.

Dominican Republic:  Bartolo Colon threw 50 pitches against Venezuela and is ineligible until Sunday. All of the other four Dominican pitchers that saw action Tuesday all threw less than 50 pitches. (Miguel Batista 37 pitches, Julian Tavarez 16, Duaner Sanchez 14, Damaso Marte 9.) Since the Dominicans are off Wednesday, all are eligible for their next game against Italy on Thursday.

Venezuela:  Both Johan Santana (61 pitches) and Carlos Zambrano (56) topped 50 pitches and are both ineligible until Sunday. Victor Zambrano threw 31 pitches and is ineligible for Wednesday's game against Italy. Jorge Julio (20 pitches) and Carlos Hernandez (6) can be used either on Wednesday against Italy, or on Thursday against Australia, but not in both games. Note that Wednesday's Venezuela-Italy game is now a virtual winner-moves-on, loser-goes-out game, so both may see action Wednesday if needed. Venezuela should be a huge favorite, but in one game, anything can happen; just ask another Italian named Mike Eruzione.

Puerto Rico:  Javier Vazquez threw 57 pitches against Panama and is ineligible until Sunday. Both Francisco Cabrera (16 pitches) and Kiko Calero (10) can see action Wednesday because Puerto Rico is off Thursday.

Italy:  The Tigers' Jason Grilli threw 57 pitches in his four-plus shutout innings against Australia and is out until Sunday should Italy advance.

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