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Scott Williamson - Keeper at $5 in NL-Only League?
Posted by rhale at 3/16/2006 1:49:00 PM
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There's growing buzz, ok it's really more of a gentle hum, around Scott Williamson and the potential upside play he represents. He has downright wicked stuff and an off-the-charts K/9 rate....when he appears to least at the moment. Most auction value projections have him in the $1-$3 range - which frankly I think are too low. He's likely going undrafted in NL-Only leagues with fewer than 11 teams.

So the question is this - if you somehow have him on your roster going into pre-auction roster freeze - at what maximum price would you protect him?

Personally, I had made up my mind, as recently as a week ago, to throw him back and see if I could land him for $3 or less late in the auction. Ah, but there's that dreaded week long wait in our league between roster freeze and the actual auction. In that time period does the gentle hum grow into an strong buzz? Does he maybe get traded to, say, the Reds? We all know they need a closer! Plus it's the organization he came up with AND was Rookie of the Year with! Bet you forgot about that one, eh?

Anyway....this has been quite therapeutic. I'm still no closer on deciding what to do with Williamson. A keeper at $5? A bit risky - and I know it's only a buck or two difference we're talking here, but sometimes a buck or two and the difference between keeping a guy like Williamson can mean the difference of one place in the final standings!

Other thoughts or input? Bring it on!


Randy, I've like Williamson for a long time too, but maybe the deafening sound of non-responses to your post tells you and me something...

Good post by the way.
Posted by jtopper at 3/18/2006 3:43:00 PM
I think $5 is too aggressive for a middle relief guy not yet first in line to be a closer. Sure, he's got great stuff when healthy, but there are usually other good middle relievers who fit that description that you can get for less than $5 in the end game if Williamson goes for more (which he might not). I'd say $3 or less, keep him, $4 or more, take your chances. Right now the Cubs' closing order goes: Dempster, Howry and then either Williamson or Mike Wuertz. Don't think they'd close with lefty Scott Eyre.

Posted by cliss at 3/19/2006 10:06:00 AM

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