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More MLB Predictions
Posted by Randy Hale at 4/4/2006 12:54:00 PM
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I just completed the Baseball Prospectus Predicatron 2006 in which you attempt to predict the number of wins EACH team in the majors will have in 2006. It's an interesting way to reach the final predictions - I'm not sure if I would have had the same postseason matchups if I'd done it more organically.

My NL lock team was on the Marlins winning fewer than 72 games - I picked 60.

My AL lock team was on the Red Sox winning more than 90 games - I picked 99.

American League Divsion Series:
Boston Red Sox over Anaheim Angels in 4 games
Chicago White Sox over New York Yankees in 5 games

National League Divsion Series:
St. Louis Cardinals over New York Mets in 4 games
Atlanta Braves over Los Angeles Dodgers in 4 games

American League Championship Series:
Boston Red Sox over Chicago White Sox in 6 games

National League Championship Series:
St. Louis Cardinals over Atlanta Braves in 5 games

World Series:
Boston Red Sox over St. Louis Cardinals in 6 games

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