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Ozzie Strikes Again....or Tries to....
Posted by Derek VanRiper at 7/24/2006 10:56:00 AM
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My biggest problem with this situation is that the whole incident started when Vicente Padilla hit Alex Cintron with no outs and the lead-off runner on first. I couldn't quite figure out why anyone would intentionally hit a batter in this situation. For me, it raises the question: How long before the White Sox clubhouse simply implodes? The first time Ozzie got in the face of Sean Tracy, a 25-year old rookie who failed to deliver the conventional retaliatory beanball. On Sunday, it was Jon Garland, a big part of last season's World Series title. Will the team ever just decided that "enough is enough" and show Ozzie the door?


Just like Billy Martin and other 'colorful' managers of the past, the White Sox will be delighted by Ozzie's fire and antics right up until the moment his team stops winning.
Posted by ESiegrist at 7/24/2006 12:40:00 PM
They won last year with pitching, defense and a pretty decent offense. This year their offense is better, but the pitching and defense has failed them. Even if they get Soriano(which doesn't improve either of their weaknesses), I still like the Twins to come out of nowhere and win the Wild Card. They've been the best team in baseball for the last 2 months,(MLB best record at home) and with Liriano and Santana, I'd hate to have to face them in the playoffs. Don't forget they're doing this with basically a minor league lineup. (Mauer and Morneau excluded)
Posted by schwang2u at 7/24/2006 10:51:00 PM
Agreed... assuming the Soriano rumors are true, it seems that Kenny Williams is intent on fixing the wrong problem.

The White Sox actually remind me a little of the Yankees when they stopped winning World Series. The pitching has faltered a little, and they've become dependent on the long ball as opposed to having a more balanced offense.

I don't think we can call the Wild Card winner until the trade deadline passes, but it's certainly true that Chicago has squandered what was a pretty decent lead. The Yankees and Twins are very much in the mix now.
Posted by czegers at 7/25/2006 10:09:00 AM
I think Ozzie's hyper managing style makes the downswings of the White Sox much larger than the should be. Give me the even-keel manager (Bobby Cox, for example) any day. The White Sox never really hit major adversity last year, so his style didn't hurt them. I think this year + his crazy comments, could finally worsen their slumps and make them underperform their talent.
Posted by schoenke at 7/26/2006 11:35:00 PM

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