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Posted by Jason Thornbury at 7/29/2006 7:20:00 PM
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Saturday was lipstick giveaway day at Dodger Stadium. (Officially, it was called WIN Fan Appreciation Day sponsored by Smashbox Cosmetics. WIN is an acronym for something called "Women's Initiative and Network.") I pointed out a while back how ridiculous this was, but I was glad to see that lipstitck and eyeliner didn't bring out the crowds to Saturday's game. It was so empty it might have been mistaken for a Devil Rays game. Although the boxscore says 41,540 attended, anyone who caught a glimpse on TV knows less than half that showed up. (Besides, baseball doesn't count actual attendence, but rather tickets sold.)

Now, it has been distgustingly hot and humid in Los Angeles recently, so it's not surprising more Angelenos opted for the beach than Chavez Ravine. But had it been Nomar Bobblehead Day, no doubt the place would have been packed, heat or no heat.

I hope Jamie McCourt, owner of the Dodgers and of the lipstick day idea, learned that when people think of baseball the last thing that comes to mind is chick face paint. Therefore, keep the giveaways to baseball-related themes. And if you must stray from the baseball theme, go for something like the Moses Bobblehead giveaway.

As for WIN, I'm sure it's a fine program, but Derek Lowe's ex-wife would probably say the Dodgers don't need any help courting women.

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