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Schoenke for HoF
Posted by Jason Thornbury at 8/1/2006 2:06:00 PM
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A recent Yahoo! column made the case for putting baseball "contributors" into the Hall of Fame. The nominees proffered in the column represent a wide range of the baseball landscape: Frank Jobe, Bill James, Roger Angell, Strat-O-Matic's Hal Richman, Topps' Sy Berger and others.

Now, I'm for less people in the Hall, not more. But if Cooperstown is going to enshrine contributors then there definitely should be a fantasy baseball representative in the first class of induction. And after Rotisserie inventor Daniel Okrent (a RotoWire subscriber, by the way -- if he subscribes, shouldn't you?), why not our own Peter Schoenke?

In a how-to book on fantasy baseball, Peter was called the Godfather of Fantasy Baseball. He brought fantasy baseball news to the Internet, which is only better suited for porn, with RotoNews (RotoWire's predecessor) in the mid-'90s. RotoNews helped introduce sabermetrics to the masses and it set the standard for all of the knock-off fantasy sites that later emerged. I'd have to vote against Pete based on my aforementioned philosophical grounds, but he seems like as good a candidate to me as, say, the San Diego Chicken.


Nice job knobbing the boss, but you might of lost that future bonus with that last line, lol If the above names are worthy, then Pete's name should most definitly be included....One of these days I plan to visit rotowire headquaters in Madtown(only 1hr away), and take Pete out to lunch at the Essen House....the least I can do for his site helping me turn a good profit playing fantasy.. :-)
Posted by Zenguerrilla at 8/1/2006 6:44:00 PM
I vote him in for Tiger Woods' botched information posts as well. (See 10-0 after 36 in a major)
Posted by schwang2u at 8/1/2006 10:55:00 PM

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