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Are There Roto Gods?
Posted by Kenn at 8/15/2006 5:47:00 AM
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O, Roto God! What have I done to offend thee? I prayest to thou every day. Preparest for my leagues diligently. Checkest Rotowire hourly. And what do I get? Injuries! Injuries to all my players!

And when I losest Nomar and Chipper in the same weekend and try to makest up for it by trading Ryan Howard and underachieving Dave Bush and Aaron Heilman for Aramis Ramirez and Pedro Martinez, what dost thou give me?

And when Chipper comes back and I can't activate him in my lineup, he hittest three home runs? While I havest Steve Finley and Hector Luna still in my active lineup?

And why would thou puttest Jose Valverde and Elizardo Ramirez in my path if thou wanted me to avoidest them? And why would thou let me pickest up Jason Jennings, only to let me trade him before he did me any good?

O Roto God! What can I do to make you love me?


I say if you're banking on Nomar, Chipper, and Pedro to stay healthy, there are factors beyond divine intervention at play.
Posted by bscwik at 8/17/2006 7:34:00 AM
Tell me about it. I didn't even mention that I also have Cliff Floyd, Moises Alou, and Jim Edmonds taking up valuable space. Perhaps I mocked the roto gods by having the hubris of taking on so many injury-prone players?
Posted by kennruby at 8/17/2006 8:04:00 PM

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