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Bunt Singles from Spring Training
Posted by Topper at 3/9/2007 8:03:00 PM
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3/8, Bradenton, Florida: Tom Gorzelanny had his shoulder and elbow wrapped up Thursday, two days after his five earned run performance Tuesday afternoon. Ian Snell also pitched Tuesday but wasn't wrapped up at all. Is Gorzelanny alright? He's not listed to pitch on Saturday, though Snell is. With his history of injuries, it might be wise to back off Gorzo until he pitches again and/or the Pirates release information on him. Andrew McCutchen continues to wow. He went 2-for-3 against Tampa Bay. If things turn south for the Bucs in 2007, there's a good chance McCutchen could get called up sooner than expected. Jason Bay didn't play but looked good doing lateral agility training drills before the game. Manny Sanguillen, former catcher and one of Roberto Clemente's best friends when they played together, also looked good sitting in the bullpen. Peter Gammons visited Mckechnie Field for the Pirates-Devil Rays game. Fans sought out his celebrity as much or moreso than the players.


Gorzelanny Update -- Found out that Gorzelanny threw a morning practice session on Thursday and had his arm wrapped as a routine practice. I'm always cautious when it comes to pitchers with elbow injury pasts but I do think Gorzo has a very bright future if he can stay healthy.
Posted by jtopper at 3/10/2007 2:37:00 PM

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