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FanDuel MLB Daily Lineup Optimizer – March 28 2017

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Lock Name Team Pos Bat Opp Salary Pts (?) Value ML (?) O/U (?) Weather Exclude

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  Today Vegas & Weather  
Lock Name Team Pos Bat Opp Salary Pts (?) Value ML (?) O/U (?) Weather Exclude
Clayton Kershaw (L) LAD P - SD (R) 3.02
Noah Syndergaard (R) NYM P - ATL (R) 2.96
Stephen Strasburg (R) WAS P - MIA (R) 3.05
Justin Verlander (R) DET P - @CWS (L) 2.82
Danny Duffy (L) KC P - @MIN (R) 3.03
Jose Quintana (L) CWS P - DET (R) 3.05
Gerrit Cole (R) PIT P - @BOS (R) 2.93
Kevin Gausman (R) BAL P - TOR (R) 3.03
Julio Teheran (R) ATL P - @NYM (R) 3
Rick Porcello (R) BOS P - PIT (R) 2.39
Marco Estrada (R) TOR P - @BAL (R) 2.78
Ervin Santana (R) MIN P - KC (L) 2.79
Jon Gray (R) DTD COL P - @MIL (R) 2.58
Edinson Volquez (R) MIA P - @WAS (R) 3.43
Jeremy Hellickson (R) PHI P - @CIN (R) 2.84
Junior Guerra (R) MIL P - COL (R) 2.32
Scott Feldman (R) CIN P - PHI (R) 3.61
Jhoulys Chacin (R) SD P - @LAD (L) 3.28
Miguel Cabrera (R) DET 1B N/A @CWS (L) 3.37
Bryce Harper (L) WAS OF N/A MIA (R) 2.87
Carlos Gonzalez (L) COL OF N/A @MIL (R) 3.36
Justin Upton (R) DET OF N/A @CWS (L) 4.03
Josh Donaldson (R) TOR 3B N/A @BAL (R) 3.27
Nolan Arenado (R) COL 3B N/A @MIL (R) 3.11
Chris Davis (L) BAL 1B N/A TOR (R) 3.88
Jose Bautista (R) TOR OF N/A @BAL (R) 3.54
Jonathan Villar (B) MIL 3B N/A COL (R) 3.44
Trevor Story (R) COL SS N/A @MIL (R) 3.4
Brian Dozier (R) MIN 2B N/A KC (L) 3.55
Mookie Betts (R) BOS OF N/A PIT (R) 2.62
Andrew McCutchen (R) PIT OF N/A @BOS (R) 3.65
Miguel Sano (R) MIN 3B N/A KC (L) 4.46
Manny Machado (R) BAL 3B N/A TOR (R) 3.04
Joey Votto (L) CIN 1B N/A PHI (R) 2.94
Charlie Blackmon (L) COL OF N/A @MIL (R) 2.9
Ryan Braun (R) MIL OF N/A COL (R) 2.9
Starling Marte (R) PIT OF N/A @BOS (R) 2.96
Ian Kinsler (R) DET 2B N/A @CWS (L) 3.57
Jose Abreu (R) CWS 1B N/A DET (R) 3.75
Freddie Freeman (L) ATL 1B N/A @NYM (R) 3.3
Yoenis Cespedes (R) NYM OF N/A ATL (R) 3.03
Devon Travis (R) TOR 2B N/A @BAL (R) 4.65
Gregory Polanco (L) DTD PIT OF N/A @BOS (R) 3.48
Giancarlo Stanton (R) MIA OF N/A @WAS (R) 3.09
Eric Hosmer (L) KC 1B N/A @MIN (R) 3.47
Adam Jones (R) BAL OF N/A TOR (R) 3.22
Domingo Santana (R) MIL OF N/A COL (R) 3.78
Lorenzo Cain (R) KC OF N/A @MIN (R) 3.42
Justin Smoak (B) TOR 1B N/A @BAL (R) 4.56
Adrian Gonzalez (L) LAD 1B N/A SD (R) 3.89
Billy Hamilton (B) CIN OF N/A PHI (R) 3.63
Derek Dietrich (L) MIA 2B N/A @WAS (R) 4.53
Lucas Duda (L) NYM 1B N/A ATL (R) 4.35
Hanley Ramirez (R) BOS 1B N/A PIT (R) 3.17
Jackie Bradley (L) BOS OF N/A PIT (R) 3.16
Joc Pederson (L) LAD OF N/A SD (R) 3.83
Dee Gordon (L) MIA 2B N/A @WAS (R) 3.34
Kendrys Morales (B) TOR 1B N/A @BAL (R) 3.68
Adam Eaton (L) WAS OF N/A MIA (R) 3.23
Gerardo Parra (L) COL OF N/A @MIL (R) 3.92
Curtis Granderson (L) NYM OF N/A ATL (R) 3.78
Corey Seager (L) DTD LAD SS N/A SD (R) 2.93
Christian Yelich (L) MIA OF N/A @WAS (R) 3.29
Mike Moustakas (L) KC 3B N/A @MIN (R) 4.2
Wil Myers (R) SD 1B N/A @LAD (L) 3.49
Jose Reyes (B) NYM 3B N/A ATL (R) 3.87
Justin Bour (L) MIA 1B N/A @WAS (R) 3.72
Josh Harrison (R) PIT 2B N/A @BOS (R) 3.99
Travis Shaw (L) MIL 3B N/A COL (R) 3.99
Justin Turner (R) LAD 3B N/A SD (R) 2.96
Mitch Moreland (L) BOS 1B N/A PIT (R) 3.98
Todd Frazier (R) CWS 3B N/A DET (R) 3.04
Matt Kemp (R) ATL OF N/A @NYM (R) 3.21
Daniel Murphy (L) WAS 2B N/A MIA (R) 2.93
Xander Bogaerts (R) BOS SS N/A PIT (R) 3.02
Michael Saunders (L) PHI OF N/A @CIN (R) 4.08
Hyun Soo Kim (L) BAL OF N/A TOR (R) 3.92
Tim Anderson (R) CWS SS N/A DET (R) 3.74
Nick Castellanos (R) DET 3B N/A @CWS (L) 3.47
Victor Martinez (B) DET C N/A @CWS (L) 3.35
James McCann (R) DET C N/A @CWS (L) 4.55
Brandon Moss (L) KC 1B N/A @MIN (R) 4
Yasmani Grandal (B) LAD C N/A SD (R) 3.56
Mark Trumbo (R) BAL OF N/A TOR (R) 2.85
Andrew Benintendi (L) BOS OF N/A PIT (R) 3.43
Adam Duvall (R) CIN OF N/A PHI (R) 3.02
Seth Smith (L) BAL OF N/A TOR (R) 3.97
Jay Bruce (L) NYM OF N/A ATL (R) 3.54
Ryan Zimmerman (R) WAS 1B N/A MIA (R) 4.11
Maikel Franco (R) PHI 3B N/A @CIN (R) 3.4
Jose Peraza (R) CIN 2B N/A PHI (R) 3.28
Byron Buxton (R) MIN OF N/A KC (L) 3.64
Odubel Herrera (L) PHI OF N/A @CIN (R) 2.98
Dustin Pedroia (R) BOS 2B N/A PIT (R) 3.39
J.T. Realmuto (R) MIA C N/A @WAS (R) 4.66
Jorge Polanco (B) MIN SS N/A KC (L) 4.43
Anthony Rendon (R) WAS 3B N/A MIA (R) 2.94
Russell Martin (R) TOR C N/A @BAL (R) 3.73
Melky Cabrera (B) CWS OF N/A DET (R) 3.7
Scott Schebler (L) CIN OF N/A PHI (R) 3.43
Ender Inciarte (L) ATL OF N/A @NYM (R) 3.31
Neil Walker (B) NYM 2B N/A ATL (R) 3.69
Troy Tulowitzki (R) TOR SS N/A @BAL (R) 3.29
Jayson Werth (R) WAS OF N/A MIA (R) 3.28
Cameron Rupp (R) PHI C N/A @CIN (R) 3.96
Trea Turner (R) WAS SS N/A MIA (R) 2.57
Luis Sardinas (B) SD SS N/A @LAD (L) 3.63
Jonathan Schoop (R) BAL 2B N/A TOR (R) 3.63
Cesar Hernandez (B) PHI 2B N/A @CIN (R) 3.93
David Freese (R) PIT 3B N/A @BOS (R) 3.92
Alex Gordon (L) KC OF N/A @MIN (R) 3.33