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DraftKings NBA Daily Lineup Optimizer – May 27, 2015

Generate the optimal lineup for your daily fantasy basketball leagues on DraftKings. Email with questions.

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Today's Optimal Lineup For DraftKings
Lock Pos Name Team Opp Salary Pts Value Cap % Exclude

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  1. The pool of eligible players is too small.
  2. Too many players are locked in at a position.
  3. The locked in players are expensive enough that a valid lineup is impossible.

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Excluded Players List

These players will not be included in your optimal lineup.

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Lock Name Team Opp Pos Salary Points Value Exclude
Curry, Stephen GSW HOU PG $10,400 53.3 5.12
Harden, James HOU @GSW SG $10,900 52.3 4.79
Howard, Dwight HOU @GSW C $8,800 44 5
Green, Draymond GSW HOU PF $8,300 41.6 5.01
Thompson, Klay GSW HOU SG $7,100 39.7 5.59
Ariza, Trevor HOU @GSW SF $6,900 30.4 4.4
Smith, Josh HOU @GSW SF $5,900 27.8 4.72
Bogut, Andrew GSW HOU C $5,000 25.6 5.11
Jones, Terrence HOU @GSW PF $5,000 24.5 4.9
Barnes, Harrison GSW HOU SF $4,900 23.2 4.74
Iguodala, Andre GSW HOU SF $4,600 21.3 4.62
Terry, Jason HOU @GSW SG $3,600 19.9 5.54
Brewer, Corey HOU @GSW SG $3,700 19.4 5.23
Livingston, Shaun GSW HOU PG $3,000 12.8 4.27
Barbosa, Leandro GSW HOU PG $2,400 11.3 4.72
Prigioni, Pablo HOU @GSW PG $2,400 9.6 4.01
Ezeli, Festus GSW HOU C $2,500 9.5 3.79
Capela, Clint HOU @GSW C $2,500 5.7 2.28
Lee, David GSW HOU PF $2,600 4.3 1.65
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