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Carson Cistulli

Carson Cistulli

Carson Cistulli writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire.

Fantasy sports articles written by Carson Cistulli

In Some Depth: Potential Free Agent Impacts

Carson Cistulli takes a look at the potential 2011-12 free agent class.

In Some Depth: 10 Interesting Situations

Nelson Cruz has returned from the DL, creating a chain of events with the Rangers' lineup.

In Some Depth: Anticipating Future Breakouts

In Some Depth: Roster Expansion Season

In Some Depth: September Help

Carson Cistulli discusses who can help you in September.

In Some Depth: Cliche-ing For the Cycle

Carson Cistulli is giving 110 percent.

In Some Depth: Happy Columbus Day Anniversary

In Some Depth: Business As Usual

After previewing and, uh, post-viewing trade deadline implications over the past two weeks, In Some Depth returns to something like Business-as-Usual today.

In Some Depth: Trade Reactions

Who is starting in the wake of the Carlos Beltran (pictured) trade?

In Some Depth: Potential Trade Fallout

Carson talks about eight potential trade targets and the fallout if those players get dealt.

In Some Depth: Crazy Eddie's Electronics Version

Chipper Jones' return in a week or two will set off a chain of events on the Braves' depth chart.

In Some Depth: 10 Futures Gamers On the Way

A Carlos Quentin (pictured) trade would theoretically open the door for Dayan Viciedo.

In Some Depth: 10 Situations in Flux

Travis Snider is getting another shot with the Blue Jays.

In Some Depth: Pressing Issues

Jose Tabata's injury has opened up some playing time for others in the outfield, such as Alex Presley.

In Some Depth: St. Louis Shuffle

Albert Pujols injured his wrist Sunday, leaving Tony La Russa a jigsaw lineup.

Charging the Mound: Cistulli and Liss Talk Baseball

Prospecting for under-the-radar help

In Some Depth: Rocky Footing

Carson Cistulli covers 10 depth chart situations worth your notice, including Dexter Fowler's shaky long-term status following the promotion of Charlie Blackmon.

In Some Depth: NL Pitchers Under the Radar

Let the Peacock Fly!

In Some Depth: Finding the Next Nicasio

Juan Nicasio was great in his debut Saturday for the Rockies. Carson Cistulli helps us find the next Nicasio.

In Some Depth: Wild and Crazy 3B Situations

Wild and Crazy Guy Carson Cistulli breaks down 10 third base situations.

In Some Depth: Because It's a Party

Carson Cistulli answers some of the more pertinent depth chart questions this week.

In Some Depth: Rangers Shuffle

Nelson Cruz's quad injury has opened up playing time for multiple players on the Rangers.

In Some Depth: Murphy's Law

Daniel Murphy is in a platoon at second base for the Mets.

In Some Depth: Playing Time With the Twins

Jason Kubel is getting more playing time thanks to Michael Cuddyer getting action at second base.

In Some Depth: 10 Situations of Note

Grady Sizemore's return from the DL creates a playing time crunch in left field for the Indians.

In Some Depth: Teaching a Man How to Fish

Carson Cistulli's Depth Charts article debuts on RotoWire

Nerd Alert: The Jordan Crawford Experience

Little-used sub keys fantasy victory

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

Religious epiphanies and at-rim shooting

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

Revisiting Some Predictions

Nerd Alert: Looking Forward to Next Season

Who's Primed to Make a Leap Forward?

Nerd Alert: Outperfoming Projections

Better-than-expected numbers from Rose, STAT... and Darko?

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Hidden Values

True shooting minus secondary shooting equals fantasy sleeper

Nerd Alert: True Shooting Percentage and Fantasy Hoops

The epic mini-series continues

Nerd Alert: True Shooting Percentage and Fantasy Hoops

Chauncey Billups is really good.

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

Specialists vs. Across-the-Board Performers

Nerd Alert: Projecting Value in Steals

Indy's Paul George Could Produce Big Steal Numbers Given PT

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

What's a Steal Worth?

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

Steals and Blocks and Junk

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats Applied to Fantasy Hoops

Some Surprises with Steals (But Not Blocks)

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Rebounding

Rebounding Studies, Part 2

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Rebounding

Some Simple Questions About Rebounding, (Mostly) Answered

Nerd Alert: At-Rim Studies, Part III

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Hoops

A Briefer, Better At-Rim Analysis

Nerd Alert: Advanced Stats and Fantasy Basketball

Beware of Josh Smith, and Other Collected Lessons

Nerd Alert: Nerd Alert

Advanced Stats and Fantasy Basketball

2010 Portland Trail Blazers Preview: 2010 Portland Trail Blazers Preview

The Give and Go: What have we learned this season?