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Neuroscientist at the University of Rochester and author of Cognitive Bias in Fantasy Sports: Is your brain sabotaging your team?. I cover daily fantasy basketball for RotoWire and write for RotoViz about fantasy football.

Fantasy sports articles written by Renee Miller

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Comparative Lessons

Renee Miller reflects on the MLB DFS season and compares the primary components of the major sports in Daily Fantasy Sports.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Pitching Game Theory

Sonny Gray has been a significant bargain among the elite starting pitchers in DFS play this season. Renee Miller looks for ways to identify bargains among starting pitchers in her article this week.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Game Theory

Chris Carter and his Astros teammates are your not-so-secret weapon against left-handed starters when you're looking to go against the crowd.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Late Season Risers

Even Renee Miller, who literally wrote a book on cognitive biases in fantasy sports, is not immune to using recent hot hitters like the Astros' Chris Carter.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: The Lack of Pitching Trends

Renee Miller searched the end of the 2013 season looking for pitching trends that might carry over to the final weeks of the 2014 season, but unfortunately found few that applied.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Is He Worth The Money?

When do you use a stud hitter like Miguel Cabrera and pay the full price in DFS? Renee Miller delves into the question.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: New Players Add Value

Javier Baez makes his MLB debut Tuesday night, and Renee Miller says that players like him that are new to the pool are good sources for potential cheap value.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Getting What You Pay For

RotoWire's Renee Miller digs into the starting pitching advanced stats to see what coorelates best with DFS scoring.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Adding ISO To Your Arsenal

Looking for a way to sort out the variance in submitting your hitting lineups? Renee Miller suggests adding ISO to your toolbox.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: The Truth About Hot Streaks

Nolan Arenado had a long hitting streak earlier this year, but did his streak portend greater DFS success? Dr. Renee Miller discusses whether a player in the middle of a hot streak is more likely to help you in Daily Fantasy Baseball.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Shortcuts

Renee Miller discusses the process for finding the best shortcuts when playing Daily Fantasy Baseball.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Taking the Fan Out of Fantasy

Do you embrace the Endowment Effect or avoid it when playing DFS? Dr. Renee Miller delves into the topic of fandom intersecting with fantasy.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: How Much to Spend on Middle Infielders

It's easy to spend money on high-salaried middle infielders like Troy Tulowitzki, but savvy DFS players should look for cheaper options like Minnesota's Brian Dozier.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Breaking the Law

Renee Miller can't help her notions as a scientist in challenging the rules of MLB DFS, including those that presume the notion of a universally owned player like Stephen Strasburg on Monday night.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Avoiding Outcome Bias

Renee Miller warns you to avoid Outcome Bias in setting your lineups, using the context of selecting DFS first basemen like Brandon Moss.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Snagging Your Catcher

Renee Miller explains why it doesn't always make sense to pay top dollar for the elite catchers like Buster Posey.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: General DFS Hitting Strategy

Renee Miller elaborates on her general hitting strategy and compares Mike Trout to a fine bottle of wine.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: How To Pick a Pitcher

Renee Miller discusses when it's optimal to use an ace like Adam Wainwright, who starts Tuesday night against the Cubs.

MLB Daily Games Strategy: Posey vs. Lefties and Other Lies in 2014 DFS

RotoWire's Renee Miller has written several NBA pieces on DFS strategy, and now she's bringing her unique statistical insight to our MLB coverage.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: DFS Postseason Strategy

How should daily leaguers tackle the upcoming NBA playoffs? RotoWire's Renee Miller dives in, without abandon.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Beware of Trusting Your Gut

RotoWire's Renee Miller explains why previous patterns can't always be relied upon during the stretch run of the season, when rotations become unpredictable.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: It's Best To Pay for Love

Should DFS owners opt for the most expensive option on a given night? RotoWire's Renee Miller takes a look at the most consistent of the stud ballers versus their respective salaries.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Bigger Isn't Always Better

RotoWire's Renee Miller examines the likelihood of cashing in DFS, depending on the number of entrants in a given game.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: The Pace Mismatches Effect

Are there discrepancies or fallout from high-pace teams playing low-pace teams, and is there something we can use from the data?

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Refocus Your Habits

Don't fret if your post-break decision-making for Daily Fantasy NBA is a bit off. RotoWire's Renee Miller explores her own habits, and why readers may prosper from a slight change in their own.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Using Pace in Daily Fantasy Hoops

RotoWire's Renee Miller aids readers in their use of pace to set DFS lineups.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: First Game Back

How do ballers fare in their first game back from injury? RotoWire's Renee Miller takes a look at a variety of cases.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Not All Injuries Create Equal Opportunities

A thorough explanation of injuries and their impact in daily fantasy NBA by RotoWire's Renee Miller.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Coping with Inevitable DFS Losses

Grappling with the inevitability of Daily Fantasy defeats is examined by RotoWire's Renee Miller.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Prepping for Blowouts

How to Approach a Potential Blowout in Daily Fantasy Basketball

NBA Daily Games Strategy: There's No I in Team

Is a player's fantasy value tied to their team's success?

NBA Daily Games Strategy: New Year's Resolutions

Ersan Ilyasova has been a thorn in the side of yearly league and daily games players. Is it worth taking a risk on playing Ilyasova in daily games?

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Playing to Win with Multiple Lineups

NBA Daily Games Strategy: The Folly of Chasing Points

A look at how you might find the so-called lightning in a bottle of daily fantasy NBA games.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Gaming for the Small Slate

With just two or three games on short slate nights, how should DFS players construct their lineups?

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Different Nights, Different Strategies

The NBA schedule varies from night to night, but should your strategy vary as well depending on the number of games?

NBA Daily Games Strategy: Lineup Construction Tips

Should you go with a Studs & Scrubs lineup or use a lineup structured around a consistent group of average players? Renee Miller breaks down the thought process behind both strategies.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: The Best Fantasy Game

Neuroscientist and fantasy sports expert Renee Miller introduces herself to RotoWire's daily fantasy NBA games crowd with the launch of RotoWire's weekly NBA Daily Games Strategy column.