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Jason Brown

Jason Brown

A Texas Ranger fan since the days of Richie Zisk, Jason has written for RotoWire since 1998. His loyalties moved on to Oddibe McDowell and Ruben Sierra, before becoming a Rangers clubhouse attendant during his college years, working far too long for far too little but enjoying every minute of it. An early interest in hockey, unusual for a Texan (thanks Dad!), was bolstered when the Stars came to town and culminated in watching Eddie Belfour outduel Patrick Roy in a pair of Game 7 Western Conference Finals wins in back-to-back years. Jason claims to be more attractive than his brother Darin.

Fantasy sports articles written by Jason Brown

Rangers Team Preview: Improved Health, Renewed Expectations

The Rangers used more players last season than any team in the history of baseball, as the injuries hit early and just kept coming. Do they have enough to contend with improved health?

2014 Rangers Team Preview: Heavy Artillery In Arlington

The additions of Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo in the offseason could push the Rangers over the top and to the AL West title in 2014. There are, however, some big question marks behind Yu Darvish in the rotation.

2013 Stars Preview: Big Changes in Big D

The acquisition of Tyler Seguin from the Bruins was one of many big changes in Dallas this offseason.

Rangers' Team Preview: Losing Ground

After a disappointing offseason, the Rangers are no longer clear-cut favorites in the improving American League West.

MLB Projected Starters: Bank on Cashner

Andrew Cashner gets two starts this week, following a good initial outing against the Astros. Do you trust him?

MLB Projected Starters: Roll the Dice-K

Daisuke Matsuzaka has two starts this week. Are you daring enough to start him?

MLB Projected Starters: Multiple Jumbled Rotations

Pitchers like Jered Weaver coming back from injuries and an off-day for every single team have jumbled up the projected starters for this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Ex-Presidents Two Starts Week

Kennedy, Jackson, Johnson and Lincoln all with two starts this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Good Time For a Homer Call?

Homer Bailey has two home starts this week against the Pirates and Tigers.

MLB Projected Starters: Tough Week For the Tigers

The Tigers face the Red Sox and Yankees this week.

MLB Projected Starters: This Bud's For Two

The Astros' Bud Norris has two starts this upcoming week.

Projected Starters Grid: Does Beckett Make the Cut?

Josh Beckett has two starts this upcoming week - do you dare use him?

MLB Projected Starters: Bright Idea to Use Edinson

Edinson Volquez is among the two-start pitchers this week.

MLB Projected Starters: Yu For Two

Yu Darvish is among this week's two-start starters list.

MLB Projected Starters: Injuries In Action

Injuries to Dan Hudson, Cliff Lee and Ryan Dempster among other have shaken up a number of rotations this week.

2012 A's Preview: A's 2012: This Is Going To Be Ugly

2012 Rangers Preview: Rangers 2012: Third Time A Charm?

Projected Starters Grid: Jarrod Parker Debuts

2011 Dallas Stars Team Preview: Limping To the Finish

The Stars missed the playoffs for the third year in a row, thanks to a collapse at the end of the season. Will a new coach change their fortunes?

Projected Starters Grid: Merry Strasmas

Projected Starters Grid: Recovering From Irene

Projected Starters Grid: Time For Lilly to Pad His Stats?

Projected Starters Grid: A Duet for Vogelsong

Projected Starters Grid: This Bud's For Two

Projected Starters Grid: Look Out Below

Projected Starters Grid: Lowe and Behold

Projected Starters Grid: Zack Attack

Projected Starters Grid: Hello... Niemann

Projected Starters Grid: Wandy Returns

Projected Starters Grid: Not-So-Ancient Mariners

Projected Starters Grid: Jordan Lyles' Debut

Projected Starters Grid: Great Britton

Zach Britton is among those with two starts this week.

Projected Starters Grid: Can Wandy Be Magic?

Projected Starters Grid: A Pair of Marquis Matchups

Jason Marquis is among the two-start starters this week.

Projected Starters Grid: Twins' Week Mercifully Short

Projected Starters Grid: A Trio of Tims

Projected Starters Grid: Roll the Dice-K?

Daisuke Matsuzaka has two home starts this week.

2011 A's Preview: Reconstructed Outfield

The A's have a brand new starting outfield in an attempt to bolster a struggling offense.

2011 Rangers Preview: 2011 Rangers Preview

The Rangers look to return to the postseason without ace Cliff Lee.

2010-11 Dallas Stars Preview: 2010-11 Dallas Stars Preview

MLB Projected Starters : Top Cards Double Up