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Jeff Erickson is a co-founder of and the only two-time winner of Baseball Writer of the Year from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He roots for the Reds, Bengals, Red Wings, Pacers and Northwestern University (the real NU).

Fantasy sports articles written by Jeff Erickson

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Hitting Winners

Charging the Mound: Fantasy Baseball Innovation

Has our game become less about predicting the career arcs of players like Bryce Harper and more about gaming the system?

Rounding Third: Revisiting Early Starting Pitchers

Jeff Erickson looks back at 2014 to review the benefits and drawbacks of targeting starting pitchers early in drafts.

Weekly Rankings: Conference Championships Value Meter

Rob Gronkowski leads the way at the Flex Spot this week.

Rounding Third: The RotoWire 200

Jeff Erickson's initial set of top 200 overall rankings for 2015 predictably has Mike Trout on top, but who follows after Trout?

Weekly Rankings: Divisional Round Value Meter

Tom Brady and the Patriots get the Divisional Round started on Saturday. Where does he rank this week?

Wild-Card Rankings: Week 18 Value Meter

Will Le'Veon Bell be able to play against the Ravens? His status dramatically changes the projection for the Steelers-Ravens game Saturday night.

Weekly Rankings: Week 17 Value Meter

Week 17 always means that certain playoff teams (and non-playoff teams to boot) will bench their starters. So Dez Bryant will be among the handful much lower in the rankings than usual this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 16 Value Meter

There's chaos at quarterback this week, and one of the primary uncertain players is the Panthers' Cam Newton, who has an opportunity to face the Browns when they might be without Joe Haden.

Weekly Rankings: Week 15 Value Meter

Julio Jones's hip injury is one of the bigger question marks for the week, given how well he's played lately and how we expect his matchup against the Steelers to be a high scoring game.

Weekly Rankings: Week 14 Value Meter

The Steelers have given up big passing plays virtually every week. Can A.J. Green and the Bengals be the latest team to take advantage of their secondary?

Weekly Rankings: Week 13 Value Meter

It's the perfect storm for Le'Veon Bell - he just had a 200-yard game before the bye, and he faces a Saints defense that's allowed a 150-yard rusher the last two weeks.

Weekly Rankings: Week 11 Value Meter

Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski both are finally back at full capacity and are top-10 players in this week's Value Meter.

Weekly Rankings: Week 10 Value Meter

The tight end position is particularly tough this week with Rob Gronkowski, Dwayne Allen and a few other good options on bye this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Value Meter

Antonio Brown continues to be money in the bank every single week, even when the rest of the Steelers' offense falters.

Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Value Meter

Usually the opponent of the Saints merits an automatic downgrade in the defensive rankings. But what do we make out of the Lions this week, given how they shut down the Packers at home earlier, the Saints' road numbers and Jimmy Graham's possible absence?

Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Value Meter

Julio Jones has a ticket to the Bears-Falcons carnival this weekend. Do you?

Weekly Rankings: Week 5 Value Meter

Offensive line issues are hurting the value of key Falcons and Eagles. See where Matt Ryan ranks this week with a road game in New York, with his starting center out for the season.

Weekly Rankings: Week 4 Value Meter

Le'Veon Bell has been awesome through three weeks, and now he gets Tampa Bay at home.

Weekly Rankings: Week 3 Value Meter

Murray, Present - DeMarco Murray has been fantastic the first two weeks of the season and now draws a Rams defense that gave up 144 yards to Bobby Rainey.

Weekly Rankings: Week 2 Value Meter

Alshon Jeffery is dealing with a hamstring injury and is one of the more difficult players to rank this week.

Composite PPR Rankings: Aggregate Top 200

Dez Bryant checks in at No. 5 overall.

Weekly Rankings: Week 1 Value Meter

Cam Newton's rib injury is the newest and biggest source of potential shakeups in the rankings. See where he falls in Jeff Erickson's Week 1 Value Meter.

Aggregate Top 200: Composite PPR Rankings

Alfred Morris is one player on whom we agree.

Rounding Third: Beating the Shift

A rant about the shift after an Eric Hosmer hit leads this week's primer. See the top fantasy schedules this week, plus FAAB results in multiple industry leagues.

2014 Team Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

Boom and Bust

Rounding Third: Week 11 Primer

Is chasing saves on the waiver wire a fool's game? Sadly, Jeff Erickson is just that fool in the NFBC this year, and this week he chased after the Diamondbacks' possible saves if Addison Reed's tired arm persists.

Rounding Third: Week 10 Primer

See this week's great schedules and awful schedules, free agent results and trades in expert leagues, including one deal in AL Tout Wars where Jeff Erickson dealt away Gordon Beckham.

Rounding Third: Week 9 Primer

Sean Doolittle went for the highest amount in Jeff Erickson's NFBC league's FAAB bidding this week. See who else got the nod in various leagues this week.

Charging the Mound: Derek & Jeff Talk Baseball

Derek VanRiper thought that he was getting Fit Panda, but instead he's been a Sad Panda.

FAAB Factor-NL: Nearly Taveras Time

Oscar Taveras's promotion from Triple-A could be imminent. Jeff Erickson suggests to get him now and take the one-week shortfall while the acquisition costs are low.

Rounding Third: Week 8 Primer

Jeff Erickson traded away Gregory Polanco in two leagues in the past week, one in a keeper league. See what he got in this week's primer.

Charging the Mound: Charging the TJS

Derek VanRiper is pretty steamed about Jose Fernandez's elbow injury, the latest to hit his NL LABR team. He fills in for Chris Liss this week and discusses the TJS epidemic and its fantasy implications.

Rounding Third: Week 7 Primer

A.J. Burnett and the Phillies have just five games this week, as do the Rockies. Which teams have better schedules?

FAAB Factor-NL: Belted

The Giants are scrambling to fill the void left from Brandon Belt's thumb injury. Jeff Erickson breaks down his replacement options among this week's possible FAAB candidates.

Charging the Mound: The Super Two Madness

Why aren't more fanbases up in arms about teams manipulating the service time of top prospects like Gregory Polanco, when not having them up hurts them in the short term?

Charging the Mound: Selling Low on Harper

Chris Liss completed a trade with Jeff Erickson for Bryce Harper live on our weekly video segment. They talk about it in this week's article, along with a handful of other baseball topics.

Rounding Third: Week 6 Primer

The Reds and Red Sox play two games against each other this week. Tony Perez's Game 7 homer gets short shrift when remembering that series.

Charging the Mound: Charging the Outliers

What price do you put on outliers like Charlie Blackmon and Dee Gordon? Jeff and Chris discuss them among others in this week's edition.

Rounding Third: Week 5 Primer

Remorse from an early season drop, the Vengeance of Versalles and a season or two riding on the sidearm of Joe Smith, all in this week's primer.

Rounding Third: Week 4 Primer

Bryce Harper's benching, Patriots Day game issues and FAAB results.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

What starting pitchers can we trust no matter what happened in their last outing?

Rounding Third: Difficult Cuts

Even though Jake Odorizzi has newfound job security in the Rays' rotation, Jeff Erickson cut him on his NFBC Main Event team.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Daily Fantasy vs. Season Long, plus Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and other needle-movers two weeks in.

Rounding Third: Week 2 Primer, FAAB Results

Matt Kemp had a huge game Sunday night, but he and the Dodgers have only five games this week. See what else is noteworthy on the schedule, and the results from bidding in the NFBC and major expert leagues this week.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Whose value has changed in the season's first week?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk AL Tout Wars

"Chance favors the prepared mind" - Steven Seagal

Rounding Third: Value, Value, Value

Jeff Erickson reviews his AL Tout Wars auction, where Jose Bautista was his most expensive player.

Rounding Third: Release the Kraken

In his RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Online Championship League, Jeff Erickson was able to land Clayton Kershaw with the eighth overall pick, as part of a three aces strategy.

Charging the Mound: Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson Talk Baseball

Are elite starters like Adam Wainwright undervalued?

2014 Reds Team Preview: Is That It?

The Reds were surprisingly quiet this offseason on the free agent market, instead relying on youngsters like Tony Cingrani and Billy Hamilton to fill key vacancies. Will that be enough to keep up with the Cardinals and Pirates?

MLB Draft Kit: 2014 Draft Dilemmas

What do you do with the players returning from the Biogenesis suspensions, like Everth Cabrera? Jeff Erickson discusses them and a couple of the other big dilemmas in this year's draft pool.

Weekly Rankings: Week 20 Value Meter

The AFC Championship should provide the higher scoring fantasy players this week.

Sochi 2014: The Olympic Hockey Roundtable

Six of our hockey writers examine the upcoming tournament at the 22nd Winter Olympiad

Weekly Rankings: Divisional Round Value Meter

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks get things started this weekend with a home game against the Saints.

The RotoWire 200: Our First Bite of the Apple

According to our projections, Clayton Kershaw will be the third most valuable fantasy player in 2014. Are you willing to pull the trigger on him early on if you have that choice?

Weekly Rankings: Wild Card Round Value Meter

Frank Gore has a really nice matchup against the Packers this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 17 Value Meter

Drew Brees is one of the many leading fantasy players still left with something to play for in Week 17.

Weekly Rankings: Week 16 Value Meter

Jamaal Charles is coming off one of the all-time great fantasy games and tops our flex rankings this week with another great matchup against the Colts.

Weekly Rankings: Week 15 Value Meter

Neither rain, nor snow, nor the Detroit Lions can stop Shady McCoy, who draws Minnesota, Chicago and Dallas to finish the season.

Weekly Rankings: Week 14 Value Meter

Is Josh Gordon truly quarterback-proof? We might just find out this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 13 Value Meter

With A.J. Green and the Bengals returning this week, bye weeks are all over, so our threshhold for what qualifies as a starter is higher again.

Weekly Rankings: Week 12 Value Meter

Demaryius Thomas should get a ton of targets against the Patriots' banged-up secondary this week, especially if Wes Welker's concussion keeps him out.

Weekly Rankings: Week 11 Value Meter

It should be Beast Mode time in Seattle this week, with the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch feasting on the Vikings' defense.

Weekly Rankings: Week 10 Value Meter

It's a big WR week, as Calvin Johnson leads four receivers at the top of the flex rankings.

Weekly Rankings: Week 9 Value Meter

The wide receivers get really thin really quick this week - with the likes of Megatron, the Denver trio, Fitzgerald and Victor Cruz all on bye. Does Harry Douglas merit a top 10 spot, even with a bad matchup?

Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Value Meter

With six teams on bye, it's going to get really ugly this week at RB. You will be thrilled to start the likes of Le'Veon Bell in deeper leagues.

Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Value Meter

A frequent debate when discussing wide receivers is the effect of one top wideout when the team loses another one to injury. This week Jordy Nelson's owners face that dilemma - more targets vs. more attention.

Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Value Meter

Is this the week that Gronk returns? Right now we have a cautious ranking of him, given the uncertainty all around.

Weekly Rankings: Week 5 Value Meter

We fell just short of putting Jimmy Graham first overall in our flex rankings, but he's not that far off. It's hard to have a bad team if you spent an early pick on him in your leagues.

Rounding Third: Playoff Rankings

Jeff Erickson is favoring the Cardinals in his playoff ranks, meaning that Adam Wainwright is a fantastic target in your playoff pools.

Weekly Rankings: Week 4 Value Meter

Alfred Morris has a potentially juicy matchup against the Raiders in Week 4.

Weekly Rankings: Week 3 Value Meter

Colin Kaepernick should bounce back with a far better matchup at home against the Colts this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 2 Value Meter

LeSean McCoy thrived in Week 1 in the retooled Eagles offense. He has another favorable matchup this week against the Chargers.

FAAB Factor - NL: A Dissenting Voice on Hamilton

Jeff Erickson fills in for Jan Levine this week and weighs in on Billy Hamilton's future value. Hint - he's not that optimistic.

Weekly Rankings: Week 1 Value Meter

Our first set of weekly rankings are now up. Tony Romo and the Cowboys should be in a shootout with the Giants in Week 1.

Charging the Mound: Charging the Press Box

Chris and Jeff take on the issue of anonymous sourcing, then close with their top 15 lists for 2014.

My NFFC Results: Turning the Wheel

Jeff Erickson took Darren McFadden at the start of the third round in his NFFC - RotoWire Fantasy Football Online Championship draft.

Last Year's Bums: That Guy Killed Me Last Year

Some people probably have sworn to never draft Kenny Britt again after last year's trying season. That's exactly the sort of mentality that can lead to you making a big profit. See who else makes Jeff Erickson's list.

Charging the Mound: Where We Went Wrong

Bryce Harper fell far short of Chris Liss's expectations this year, hurting him significantly in multiple leagues. Was this a design flaw, or just grabbing the wrong player? (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: Dominoes Falling

Chris and Jeff discuss Ryan Braun and the Biogenesis suspsects, the Matt Garza trade, the slumping Nats and fit in a little rant. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: The Two-Hour Nap

Mariano Rivera's eighth-inning appearance was one of the few events from the All-Star Game was one of the few events that registered during the bubble that is the All-Star break.

Charging the Mound: All-Star Charging

Can you really buy low on Starlin Castro? Are you interested in the All-Star game at all? If not, what would it take to make you interested in the game? That and more, from Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson. (WITH VIDEO)

Rounding Third: FAAB Results, Trades and The Shield

Jacoby Ellsbury was the highlighted acquisition for Jeff Erickson in one of his dynasty leagues.

Charging the Mound: It's A Long Season

Could Brett Lawrie be a second-half post-hype sleeper? Can we put Yasiel Pug's sensational start into historical context? Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss those topics and more.

The RotoWire Roundtable: Midseason Rankings

Our five-member midseason composite rankings are up - where does Yasiel Puig check in? See the composite 200 here.

FAAB Factor - NL: Another Shot For Cingrani

Tony Cingrani gets another shot in the Reds rotation this week with Johnny Cueto going back on the DL. Jeff Erickson fills in for Jan Levine this week and tells you what to bid on him.

Charging the Mound: Midseason Values

Manny Machado has been great so far, but Chris Liss suggests that he's a tad overrated in our fantasy circles. (WITH VIDEO)

2013 Cincinnati Bengals Team Preview: Dalton, Green and Co. Set Sights on Third Straight Playoff Appearance

Charging the Mound: Literally Charging

Jeff and Chris review the week's events, including the brawl between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers sparked by the plunking of Yasiel Puig.

Charging the Mound: The Biogenesis Edition

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss the gap between bid and ask on Ryan Braun and the other players listed on the Biogenesis ledgers. (WITH VIDEO)

Rounding Third: Profar's Price

What sort of value does Jurickson Profar have in a keeper or dynasty league? Can you even get fair value for him in such a league where there's an in-season salary cap?

Charging the Mound: Exorcism By Trade

Jeff Erickson finally had enough of B.J. Upton, and traded him at $.75 on the dollar. Was that the right price? Or is he really a buy lowest candidate?

Rounding Third: One Crazy Hour

Bryce Harper's departure from Sunday's game was part of a string of wild events that could have huge fantasy implications. We look at schedule nuances and FAAB results as well in this week's primer.

Charging the Mound: Smorgasbord Week

Jeff Erickson and Derek VanRiper pick a number of items from the buffet this week, including Kevin Gausman's debut for the Orioles.

Rounding Third: Who Do You Trust?

The list of safe closers is pretty thin, but Addison Reed manages to make Jeff Erickson's list. Who else is safe enough to trade for right now?

Charging the Mound: Breaking the Needle

Jean Segura has been a top-five offensive fantasy player this season. Has he broken the needle? How do we value him going forward? (WITH VIDEO)

Rounding Third: Week 7 Primer

Edwin Encarnacion and the Blue Jays have just five games this week, one of three teams to be shorted. Check out the schedule nuances and the FAAB results in this week's Primer.

Charging the Mound: Evaluating In the Moment

Matt Harvey has forced us to evaluate whether he belongs in the top tier of pitchers perhaps before we have enough of a sample size to properly make that evaluation. (WITH VIDEO)

Rounding Third: Week 6 Primer

No, Lance Berkman would not care to revisit his opinion on Wrigley Field, nor does he wish to discuss his role as a pinch-hitter for the next three days. See who else has interleague games this week.

Charging the Mound: When Disaster Strikes

Jason Heyward is one of many injured players for Chris Liss's faltering Y! F&F squad. What do you do when your team is in shambles early in the season?

Rounding Third: Shut Out - Week 5 Primer

After missing out on the latest top bidding object (Jose Valverde) in his various leagues, Jeff Erickson is reconsidering his FAAB strategy, at least in NFBC formats.

Charging the Mound: How to Rank Injured Players and Prospects - With Video

When is a top prospect like Will Myers not worth the roster spot?

Rounding Third: Week 4 Primer

Jeff Erickson can't quit Travis Snider or even put him down for a little while. See his FAAB results and some other planning notes for Week 4 of the MLB season.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball - With Video

Will Giancarlo Stanton come around?

Charging the Mound: Sell Low, Buy Lowest - With Video

Jeff Erickson struggles to move Roy Halladay for 35 cents on the dollar.

Rounding Third: Chris Heisey, Acquired

Chris Heisey has a big opportunity with the Reds while Ryan Ludwick is on the DL.

Charging the Mound: What to Make of a Diminished Thing (With Video)

How worried should we be about players like Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum and CC Sabathia?

Rounding Third: One Thing Leads To Another

One decision can have far-reaching consequences, altering an entire game plan. One such example is Jeff Erickson's decision to draft Jose Bautista in the NFBC.

Charging the Mound: The Ones That Got Away

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson take stock of their portfolios and discuss the players on whom they regret missing out.

Rounding Third: Updated Top 350

Prince Fielder's rise in ADP speaks to the desire for owners to find a safe option in the first round. Is such safety real or an illusion?

Rounding Third: RFBOC Results

Edwin Encarnacion landed on Jeff Erickson's team in the third round. Who else did he take and why?

The RotoWire 350: Preaching What I Practice

Wilin Rosario has climbed the RotoWire rankings to correspond with how Jeff Erickson has treated him at the draft table.

Rounding Third: RotoWire's NL LABR Team

Andrew McCutchen landed on our squad on the basis of a price-enforcing bid. Who else did Jeff Erickson end up with?

Rounding Third: Playing-Time Neutral Rankings

Allen Craig really blossomed in 2012 with extra playing time. Who will be this year's hidden source of value?

Rounding Third: This Time We Go To 350

Lance Berkman was so excited that we expanded the list to 350 players, he called a press conference.

Reds' Team Preview: All-In For 2013

Aroldis Chapman is moving back to the starting rotation this spring.

Rounding Third: The RotoWire 200

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun leads off our initial ranking of the Top 200 fantasy baseball picks.

Weekly Rankings: Conference Championships Value Meter

Frank Gore leads the Niners as a rare road favorite in a Conference Title game.

Weekly Rankings: Divisional Round Value Meter

Eric Decker seeks to burnish his fantasy resume against the Ravens, a team he torched during the regular season.

Weekly Rankings: Wild Card Round Value Meter

Ray Rice and the Ravens have what appears to be a juicy home matchup against the Colts.

Weekly Rankings: Week 17 Value Meter

Should you sit your Falcons, Bengals and Colts this week, with those teams having clinched their respective playoff seeds?

Weekly Rankings: Week 16 Value Meter

DeMarco Murray's return has made the Dallas offense a much bigger threat. The Cowboys have, on paper, a good matchup against the Saints, though as we saw last week, not everything holds to form.

Weekly Rankings: Week 15 Value Meter

Danario Alexander has been dynamic since joining the Chargers.

Weekly Rankings: Week 14 Value Meter

Knowshon Moreno's unlikely resurgence has landed him in the top 10 among running backs this week with a sweet matchup against the Raiders.

Weekly Rankings: Week 13 Value Meter

Trent Richardson has a sweet matchup against the Raiders this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 12 Value Meter

Dez Bryant cracks the top 10 among wide receivers this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 11 Value Meter

A.J. Green should continue his reliable production this week against the Chiefs.

Weekly Rankings: Week 10 Value Meter

Should we prohibitively have Adrian Peterson in our top five the rest of the way, no matter the opponent? Top 3? Top 1?

Weekly Rankings: Week 9 Value Meter

No surprise here - Arian Foster, at home, against the Bills' run defense is as good as it gets this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Value Meter

Demaryius Thomas and the Broncos have a sweet home matchup against the Saints on Sunday night.

Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Value Meter

An actual positive ranking for Chris Johnson this week? Inconceivable!

Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Value Meter

How much do matchups matter? Many of the top quarterbacks this week, including Tom Brady, do not have good matchups.

Rounding Third: 2012 Playoff Rankings

Should Buster Posey be the first overall pick? Before you dismiss the idea, take a look at the playoff catcher pool.

Week 5 Rankings - Value Meter: Week 5 Rankings

Marshawn Lynch gets the cushy matchup against the Carolina Panthers this week.

Week 4 Rankings - Value Meter: Week 4 Rankings

Josh Freeman could bounce back this week against the woeful Redskins' secondary.

Week 3 Rankings - Value Meter: Week 3 Rankings - Value Meter

Trent Richardson justified the pre-injury hype against the Bengals in Week 2.

Week 2 Rankings - Value Meter: Week 2 Rankings - Value Meter

Julio Jones displays where he's ranked among wide receivers this week.

Week 1 Rankings - Value Meter: Week 1 Rankings - Value Meter

Here are our rankings for the coming week at each position to help you decide your starting lineup.

Charging the Mound: Regrets and Ranks

Where do you slot Giancarlo Stanton for 2013?

Draft Kit - Sleepers: Last Year's Bum, This Year's Hero

Matt Duchene was suggested by multiple writers on the RotoWire staff as a sleeper heading into the 2012-13 season.

Draft Kit - Busts: Beware the Career-Year

Scott Hartnell can't be expected to repeat last year's output.

Charging the Mound: Where Are the Bags?

Stolen bases are down in baseball this year, particularly among the elite stolen base guys like Michael Bourn.

Charging the Mound: Keeper League Thoughts

Mike Napoli's injury triggered a selling opportunity for Chris Liss in a keeper league.

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Rankings Today

Where does Mike Trout rate next year?

Charging the Mound: What Didn't Happen At the Trade Deadline

The Twins were mostly inactive at the trade deadline, holding onto Justin Morneau among others.

Charging the Mound: Labels

Is Pedro Alvarez truly a streaky player? How exactly do we measure a player's streakiness, and how do we profit from it?

Charging the Mound: Vegas Version

How much will you pay on the dollar to get Evan Longoria?

2012 Cincinnati Bengals Team Preview: Will Dalton Find a Way?

Charging the Mound: What's Wrong With ...

We start off discussing some of the disappointing players of the season, then discuss midseason rankings.

Rounding Third: The RotoWire 200 - Midseason Update

Carlos Gonzalez climbs up to number two overall.

Charging the Mound: Praise for Dwayne Murphy

Jose Bautista is at it again, and there's many other Jays on fire too. Should hitting coach Dwayne Murphy be feted on the same level of the elite pitching coaches?

FAAB Factor - AL: Prospect Speculation, Catchers Return

Go get Wil Myers now, before the Royals figure out how they're going to make room to play him.

Charging the Mound: Jonah Keri Makes a Guest Appearance

Trading early can net you a big profit. Also, we talk about some of the early surprises, plus the Rockies' four-man rotation plan.

Charging the Mound: Advanced Stats Outliers

Scott Pianowski stars in a guest role in this week's Charging the Mound. Among the players discussed include Matt Cain and how his overall results fly in the face of advance metrics.

Charging the Mound: Panic Time on Upton?

Is now the time to trade for Justin Upton?

MLB Barometer: Why Manny?

Why did the A's sign Manny Ramirez anyhow? His potential debut with them is going to cause a huge playing time concern with little palpable payoff.

Charging the Mound: Do We Still Trust Starting Pitching?

Has Roy Halladay's injury shaken your faith in starting pitching?

FAAB Factor - NL: Happening Times

Charging the Mound: Most Valuable Keeper Commodities

Mike Trout is up to stay with the Angels and performing great.

Charging the Mound: Player Envy

Which players create envy in you for not owning them? For a while, Chris Liss was envious of those who had a shot to own Matt Kemp, but he's moved on from that.

Charging the Mound: Sliding Away, Hamilton's Night

Josh Hamilton and Miggy Cabrera are discussing just how high Hamilton's four-homer game ranks among the all-time great nights in fantasy baseball history.

Rounding Third: Closer Chaos

Fantasy owners had to fear-the-beard, among many other closers so far this spring.

Charging the Mound: The Value of Clairvoyance

How much of an advantage would you have to know the results of the first month of the season, and avoid major injuries like that to Jacoby Ellsbury?

Charging the Mound: Trouble Spots

Gordon Beckham is off to yet another rough start.

Charging the Mound: Level of Dominance

Matt Kemp couldn't have gotten off to a better start. Is he the special type of player that can transcend the game?

Rounding Third: Early NFBC Player Movement

FAAB results from two NFBC leagues.

FAAB Factor - NL: Fishing For Saves In Miami, San Francisco

Brian Wilson is down in San Francisco and Heath Bell is struggling mightily in Miami. Potential replacements headline this week's NL FAAB stars.

Rounding Third: Daily Games Principles

Here's a few tips on how to beat the daily games that have nothing to do with player evaluation.

Charging the Mound: At What Point Does a Hot Streak Become a Breakout?

Many hesitated before buying into Jose Bautista two years ago, feeling certain he would come back to earth. How do we get in early the next time around?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Are some players particularly injury prone, or is it just bad luck?

Rounding Third: Reflections From NFBC Weekend

Justin Upton was Jeff Erickson's first-round pick in Saturday's NFBC draft.

The RotoWire 200: Hanley Moving Up

Hanley Ramirez is moving up everyone's draft board, seemingly.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Both Liss and Erickson regret not having Yu Darvish on a single roster

Rounding Third: My AL Tout Wars Squad

Jeff Erickson was able to buy Adrian Gonzalez for $33 in Saturday's AL Tout Wars auction.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Clayton Kershaw might be the No. 1 fantasy player this year, but a soft market for pitching drops him to Round 2

Charging the Mound: Tough Keeper Decisions

What do you do with Domonic Brown who might not even begin the year on the major-league roster?

Rounding Third: The Silent Auction

Trevor Bauer might become the next Stephen Strasburg, but he's difficult to keep in some formats.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk AL LABR

Liss threw out Justin Morneau with the opening bid for $7 and (purposely) got crickets.

Rounding Third: My Surprise LABR Team

Jeff Erickson didn't expect to have a team in either of the LABR leagues, but he walked away with an AL squad, one that included Alex Gordon. Check out the results here.

2012 Reds Preview: Reds 2012: The Window

The Reds were aggressive this offseason, seeing this as their window of opportunity to compete.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Getting Ready for AL LABR

The RotoWire 200: Ryan Braun Update

Where does Ryan Braun rate now that his suspension has been lifted?

Rounding Third: Playing Time and Dollar Values

Ryan Howard's dollar values change significantly even with a modest playing time adjustment.

MLB Magazine Mock Draft: RotoWire Mock Draft

Rounding Third: Jesus, I Like Him Very Much, But ...

Why Jesus Montero didn't land in our first RotoWire 200.

NFL Value Meter: Conference Championship Rankings

Tom Brady tops the QB rankings this week.

The RotoWire 200: January Edition

Matt Kemp tops our initial 2012 ranks.

Weekly Rankings: Divisional Week Rankings

Can Tim Tebow have a repeat performance against the Patriots? Will the Patriots score so often that it won't matter?

Weekly Rankings: Wild Card Week Rankings

The running backs are pretty mediocre this week, though Arian Foster should fare reasonably well against the Bengals.

Weekly Rankings: Week 17 Rankings

Maurice Jones-Drew tops our RB rankings for Week 17.

Weekly Rankings: Week 16 Rankings

Ryan Mathews is even getting goal line carries now.

Weekly Rankings: Week 15 Rankings

Who will step up now that Greg Jennings won't be there to put that team on his back?

Weekly Rankings: Week 14 Rankings

Matthew Stafford and the Lions get their shot at the injury-riddled Vikings secondary this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 13 Rankings

The Bucs expect to use Blount Force to try to beat the Panthers this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 12 Rankings

Thanksgiving Day Feast of Games

Weekly Rankings: Week 11 Rankings

Do you start Tim Tebow on short rest this week given all the quarterback carnage?

Weekly Rankings: Week 10 Rankings

Cam Newton is back after the bye week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 9 Rankings

If you were drafting today, where would LeSean McCoy rank?

Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Rankings

Steve Smith tops the WR rankings this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Rankings

Jimmy Graham has four consecutive 100-yard games.

Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Rankings

Jason Witten and the Cowboys are returning from their bye week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 5 Rankings

Arian Foster found plenty of open running lanes against the Raiders last season, despite sitting out the first quarter.

2011 MLB Playoffs Cheatsheet: Fewer Bankrolls This Year

There are fewer clear underdogs this year, meaning it's less profitable to draft lesser players on purportedly stronger teams. Thus, someone like Miguel Cabrera doesn't necessarily get discounted.

Weekly Rankings: Week 4 Rankings

Wes Welker, PPR Animal.

Weekly Rankings: Week 3 Rankings

Chris Johnson will finally pay off his owner's investments this week.

The RotoWire 200: Overall Rankings For Roto Leagues

Pay attention to your league's settings - a player like Martin St. Louis gets hurt by his lack of penalty minutes in some formats.

Weekly Rankings: Week 2 Rankings

Ray Rice tops the RB rankings this week.

2011 Bengals Previews: Sad State of Affairs

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Joe Mauer was a bust this year - where does he slot among catchers for 2012?

Weekly Rankings: Week 1 Rankings

This week's position rankings - David Garrard will not appear in this film.

Charging the Mound: Overcoming Platoon Splits

Curtis Granderson's remarkable season has been fueled by a breakout against left-handed pitchers.

Charging the Mound: Late Bloomers

John Mayberry Jr. and Javy Guerra are two players that have provided NL owners value despite entering the season with a very low profile.

FAAB Factor - NL: Will Bauer Get the Call - Now!?

Trevor Bauer is turning heads in the Diamondbacks' farm system.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Trading away Mike Stanton has cost Chris Liss in one of his expert leagues.

Charging the Mound: Angels Flying High

Ervin Santana has spurred the Angels to stick around in the AL West.

Charging the Mound: Very Little Closer Chaos

Heath Bell was one of the many potential trade targets not dealt at the deadline, leaving him free to exchange more awkward high-fives with his Padre teammates.

Charging the Mound: Half Measures

Bryce Harper is the best prospect in the game still in the minors. But is there a scenario when you should trade him?

Charging the Mound: Liss Gets Hosed By Posey, Twice

Buster Posey found a way to hurt Chris Liss twice in NL Tout Wars.

MLB Barometer: Closer Carousel

Between trades and blowups, we have multiple closer jobs changing hands this week. Also, Phil Hughes appears to be back on track.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Players Who Are Tough to Rank

The RotoWire 200: July Update

Dealing with injured players is exceptionally difficult for a set of midseason rankings. Where would you slot Jose Reyes?

Charging the Mound: Robot Umpires

Jonah Keri fills in for Chris Liss this week and talks about trading for Dan Uggla and the need for robot umpires in baseball.

Charging the Mound: Who Should Sell?

Joakim Soria recovered in June after a miserable May. Should the Royals trade him now while they can?

Charging the Mound: The Case For Fewer Strikes

Could Ricky Nolasco benefit from throwing fewer strikes?

Charging the Mound: Wrong at 30,000 Feet

Albert Pujols has eased his fantasy owners' fears in the last 10 days, so those that have preached patience might have been right about him. But when is the macro view wrong?

Charging the Mound: Trading Season

Justin Upton and the Diamondbacks are in first place in the NL West. What should they trade for, and how soon?

Charging the Mound: Setting the Narrative

Is Joakim Soria in trouble?

The RotoWire 200: Mid-May Update

Jose Bautista remains locked in - how early would you take him if you were drafting from scratch today?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Roy Halladay is an ace now, but there once was a time when he was dishing out Mazzaro-like beatings to his fantasy owners.

Charging the Mound: Pianowski and Erickson Talk Baseball

Chances are Matt Holliday got a hit from this swing.

Charging the Mound: Can You Sell Liriano Now?

What can you get if you're a Francisco Liriano owner trying to peddle him after his no-hitter?

Charging the Mound: When Does It Make Sense To Cut Losses?

Hanley Ramirez doesn't have a homer yet. Does it make sense to trade him or other elite slow starters now?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Jose Tabata is off to a fantastic start. Is it possible to sell-high on him and other fast starters?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Josh Beckett is back among the AL's second tier starters again

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

The Royals are running wild early on, something that could benefit players like Alcides Escobar, Melky Cabrera and Alex Gordon (above)

Charging the Mound: Players We Loaded Up On

Liss has Trevor Cahill on a couple of his mixed league teams

The RotoWire 200: Final Spring Training Update

Dexter Fowler makes it on the list.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

When it's perfectly okay to reach for a player like Drew Stubbs

Charging the Mound: Which Players' Breakout Potential Isn't Already Priced In?

Matt Wieters is a good breakout candidate this year, but he's not going that cheap

Injury Analysis: One Month To Go

The RotoWire 200: Falling Down

Chase Utley drops all the way down to #85 in our latest updated rankings.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Liss let one of his perennial staples, Mariano Rivera, go for $22 in AL LABR and left the auction without a closer

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

High strikeout pitchers like Yovani Gallardo deserve an upgrade in an innings-cap league.

2011 Reds Preview: Quiet Offseason

Joey Votto and the Reds won the NL Central in 2010. Can they repeat?

The RotoWire 200: Wainwright Drops Out

Our first update of the RotoWire 200 reacts to the Adam Wainwright injury.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Even if Jose Bautista returns to earth, the Blue Jays should hit plenty of home runs

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Both expect Cubs catcher Geovany Soto to thrive this year

Mock Draft: Results From Our 14-Team Mixed League Draft

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was the first off the board in our draft -- near the middle of Round 8.

NFL Value Meter: Conference Championship Week

Darrelle Revis and the Jets travel to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship.

Positional Preview: Looking at the Player Pool By Position

Whether you're in a league that chooses players via draft or auction, it's always a good idea to first look at the player pool in terms of positions.

The RotoWire 200: Pujols on Top

Jeff Erickson's top 200 ranking for mixed leagues. Albert Pujols once again tops the list.

NFL Value Meter: Divisional Week Rankings

Matt Ryan and the Falcons host the Packers.

NFL Value Meter: Wild Card Round Rankings

Aaron Rodgers vs. Michael Vick is the tough choice this week.

NFL Value Meter: Week 17 Rankings

Hakeem Nicks should have a big game as the Giants battle for the final NFC playoff spot.

NFL Value Meter: Week 16 Rankings

Michael Vick tops the quarterback rankings again this week.

NFL Value Meter: Week 15 Rankings

Shonn Greene and the Jets running game could be non-factors this week against the Steelers.

NFL Value Meter: Week 14 Rankings

Greg Jennings tells a teammate that he did indeed put his fantasy teams on his back last week.

NFL Value Meter: Week 13 Rankings

Where's Wallace? Mike Wallace was shut down by the Bills last week. Will he bounce back against the Ravens?

NFL Value Meter: Week 12 Rankings

Vincent Jackson returns to action this week for the Chargers.

NFL Value Meter: Week 11 Rankings

Frank Gore tops a very strong running back week.

The Daily Puck: Get Hamred

Roman Hamrlik has points in four consecutive games.

NFL Value Meter: Week 10 Rankings

It's Eli Manning's turn to feast on the Cowboys again.

The Daily Puck: Yotes' Regression

Weekly Rankings: Week 9 Rankings

Hakeem Nicks is back in action after his bye last week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 8 Rankings

Peyton Manning and the Colts are back in action after sitting out the bye last week.

The Daily Puck: Three-Game Slate

Jeff Erickson previews Monday's three-game slate.

Weekly Rankings: Week 7 Rankings

With all of the injuries at tight end, Vernon Davis tops his position this week.

Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Rankings

Vince Young lands among the top 10 quarterbacks this week for the first time this season.

NFL Value Meter: Week 5 Rankings

Antonio Gates continues to be money in the bank.

2010 MLB Playoffs Rankings: Bankrolling the Phillies

Ryan Howard and the Phillies have the best chance of reaching the World Series, and thus rank high in Jeff Erickson's MLB Playoffs Rankings.

Weekly Rankings: Week 4 Rankings

Roddy White (pictured) leads NFL wide receivers in targets and chimes in at #2 in our WR rankings this week.

FAAB Factor - AL: Flawed Seattle Prospects

Greg Halman and Matt Mangini get a good look by the M's this week.

2010-11 Calgary Flames Preview: 2010-11 Calgary Flames Preview

2010-11 Calgary Flames Preview: Back to the Future

Weekly Rankings: Week 3 Rankings

Jeff Erickson's weekly position rankings. Miles Austin (pictured) tops the WR's this week.

FAAB Factor - AL: The Angels' Next Closer?

Weekly Rankings: Week 2 Rankings

Philip Rivers' home matchup against the Jaguars is very enticing.

FAAB Factor - AL: Managing September Playing Time

Weekly Rankings: Week 1 Rankings

Jeff Erickson's weekly rankings by position. Drew Brees gets things kicked off for the Saints and Vikings on Thursday.

FAAB Factor - AL: September Shakeups

The Jays' decision to shut down Brandon Morrow for the year after his next start is just the beginning for a lot of teams shaking up their personnel in September.

Charging the Mound: Endgame Strategies

What should you be thinking about when planning your stretch run? Will the Padres give Adrian Gonzalez or any of their other starters more rest in September?

FAAB Factor - AL: More Red Sox Injuries

Dustin Pedroia's return to the DL creates further oppportunities.

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Breakout Players

Chris and Jeff discuss who some of 2011's breakout players might be.

FAAB Factor - AL: Scrabble Roster

Marc Rzepczynski and Jarrod Saltalamacchia are filling up our Scrabble boards this week.

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Cheat Sheet

A Quick Look at Next Year's Top 30 - Where Should Carlos Gonzalez Rank?

FAAB Factor - AL: Injuries Create Opportunities

Injuries to Kevin Youkilis and Carlos Pena have opened the door for Mike Lowell (pictured) and Dan Johnson respectively.

FAAB Factor - AL: Trade Deadline Reactions

Plenty of names to bid on this week following a full week of trades.

Charging the Mound: Bad Trades

FAAB Factor - AL: The Haren Heist

Even in a down year, you should go all-in on Dan Haren in AL leagues.

Charging the Mound: The Middleman's Cut

Making the extra phone call or e-mail can pay big dividends on the trade market.

FAAB Factor - AL: Yunel Escobar, Chris Perez

Charging the Mound: Players to Watch in the Second Half

Could Alex Gordon be a factor once he gets the call?

FAAB Factor - AL: Catcher Speculation

Jesus Montero, J.P. Arencibia and Wilson Ramos.

Charging the Mound: Bust Squad

Derek VanRiper and Jeff Erickson talk about their busts. Adam Lind captains the outfielders.

FAAB Factor - AL: Brantley's Chance

Michael Brantley finally gets his chance, albeit for the wrong reason.

Charging the Mound: The Padres' Next Moves

The surprising San Diego Padres remain atop the NL West, and the NL generally. What moves should they make going forward?

FAAB Factor - AL: Easy As Pie

The Orioles and Indians finally are starting the process of retooling for the future.

Charging the Mound: What About Unearned WHIP?

Team Previews: 2010 Bengals Preview

Can the Bengals Put Together a Complete Season?

FAAB Factor - AL: Caution on Conor

Charging the Mound: Why Won't Teams Do the Right Thing?

The Royals have every incentive to call up Alex Gordon, but for some reason are holding off

FAAB Factor - AL: Incremental Progress in Cleveland

Carlos Santana gets his shot in Cleveland. How much should you bid?

Charging the Mound: What to Make of the Jays

Liss returns this week and asks what to make of Vernon Wells and the Toronto Blue Jays.

FAAB Factor - AL: How Much on Galarraga?

Charging the Mound: Where are You Headed?

Weekly Rankings: Super Bowl Value Meter

NBA Team Previews: 2009 Indiana Pacers Preview

Team Previews: 2009 Bengals Preview

NBA Team Previews: 2008 Indiana Pacers Preview

FAAB Factor- AL: Dustin Mosley and Others

Depth Chart Watch: 2008 Depth Chart Watch-Week 2

FAAB Factor- AL: Bryan Bullington and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Radhames Liz and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Michael Bowden and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Brandon Duckworth and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Paul Byrd and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Lance Broadway and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Dana Eveland and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Zach Miner and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Dallas Braden and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Clay Buchholz and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Matt Harrison and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: John Parrish and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Dan Giese and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Eddie Bonine and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Scott Baker and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Joba Chamberlain and Others

Team Previews: 2008 Bengals Preview

FAAB Factor- AL: Fausto Carmona and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Bartolo Colon and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Jeremy Bonderman and Others

Lessons Learned From Movies: Lessons Learned From Movies

FAAB Factor- AL: Nick Adenhart and Others

Talking Trade: Talking Trade

FAAB Factor- AL: Daniel Cabrera and Others

Marginal Players: Marginal Players

FAAB Factor- AL: Armando Galarraga and Others

Slow Starters: Slow Starters

FAAB Factor- AL: Jeff Niemann and Others

Are Closers Worth It?: Are Closers Worth It?

FAAB Factor- AL: Miguel Batista and Others

Owning Players in Multiple Leagues: Owning Players in Multiple Leagues

Trending Players: Trending Players

How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft : How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft

Charging the Mound: Ranking of Top Five Picks