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San Diego Chargers Practice Report – Week 13

See who is practicing – and to what degree – leading up to each week's games.

San Diego Chargers Practice Report – Week 13

Full Participant (FP)

Full participation in practice – 100% of a player's normal repetitions.

Limited Participant (LP)

Limited participation in practice – less than 100% of normal repetitions.

Did Not Practice (DNP)

Did not participate in practice.

Did Not Practice – Non-Injury (DNP-NI)

Did not participate in practice, but not because of an injury.

  Health Report Practice Status
Player Name Team Pos Status Injury Type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jahleel Addae SD S Prob Concussion FP
Ryan Carrethers SD DT Ques Elbow DNP
Dwight Freeney SD LB Prob Not Injury Related DNP-NI
Andrew Gachkar SD LB Ques Knee DNP
Ryan Mathews SD RB Prob Shoulder FP