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NHL Playoff Sleepers: The 12 Knights of Postseason Glory

Dustin Nelson

Dustin Nelson

Dustin Nelson is a writer based out of NYC. His fantasy team is full of loafers.

The 12 Knights of Postseason Glory
by Dustin Nelson

Postseason fantasy is a time for half-cocked theories and groundless superstitions. A salary-cap league I play allows teams to own the same players, all of which must play the entire week-long match-up without transactions. The openness of this drafting process often leads to wild gaming theories that can only be created by a madman who has spent weeks in his basement crunching numbers, probabilities, and moving colored fluids from one beaker to another. The madman emerges with a puff of smoke and a wild shock of hair to proclaim his findings.

He proclaims that the path to victory is fielding a team with players who will spend most of the week at home, or that you win by avoiding players who will tire quickly at the end of a long season (presumably the youngest and oldest players), or you must predict who has a match-up that is tough enough to lead to a seven-game series, but not so toug

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