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RotoWire 150 - NBA: The Professor's Overall List

Andre' Snellings

Andre' Snellings is a Neural Engineer by day, and RotoWire's senior basketball columnist by night. He's a two-time winner of the Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year award from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

RotoWire 150

This is merely a snapshot as of December 23, 2011, based on a standard eight-category roto league. For updated rankings, please consult our cheat sheet. Feedback is welcome.

Rank Name Pos Team Notes
1 James, LeBron F MIA Best actual player, poised for leap with post game and motivation from last season
2 Durant, Kevin F OKC Consensus #1 in roto leagues, for very good reason
3 Paul, Chris G LAC If I knew for sure he'd play 60 games, Paul might be #1. Great situation in LA but history of injury
4 Rose, Derrick G CHI Last year made MVP leap, and has room to improve
5 Love, Kevin C MIN If he manages to improve on last year's breakout, will challenge for #1 slot next season
6 Westbrook, Russell G OKC If adds a 3-ptr per game would challenge Durant for best roto prospect on Thunder
7 Wade, Dwyane G MIA Consistently great; compact schedule favors young vets in their primes
8 Anthony, Carmelo F NY I've said it before, but if he keeps making 2 treys/game his stats will be as good as Durant's
9 Gasol, Pau C LAL Either holds more responsibility in LA with Odom gone or goes to be the franchise player on another team. Win-win.
10 Howard, Dwight C ORL Added strong steals last year; 5 dominant categories enough to counter FT%? Top-5 worthy in head-to-head leagues
11 Curry, Stephen G GS Would be higher if not for his trick ankle; Adding strong all-around game to all-world scoring and treys
12 Williams, Deron G NJ Should be poised for a big year in New Jersey, especially if he has any free agent motivation
13 Ellis, Monta G GS Has been an ironman with minutes the last few years, and production just keeps coming.
14 Bryant, Kobe G LAL Was poised for a beast season, but wrist injury is worrisome
15 Evans, Tyreke G SAC Appears healthy, if so poised for a monster come back this season
16 Griffin, Blake F LAC FT% is his Achilles heel in standard rankings, but could be poised for Derrick Rose-like leap this season
17 Nowitzki, Dirk F DAL Tried and true, consistent, excellent. Only question is if team rests him more in packed schedule
18 Jefferson, Al C UTA Finished last season (post-Williams trade) strong, seems poised to continue from there
19 Stoudemire, Amar'e C NY Roto feast when healthy and featured, but health (knees/back) always a question mark and Carmelo/Chandler could impact his scoring/rebounding chances
20 Smith, Josh F ATL Supposedly lost a lot of weight and came back even more explosive; had a strong preseason as well
21 Gordon, Eric G NOR Already seemed poised to explode any time based on strong early career; now as featured guy the only thing possibly between Gordon and the roto elite is health history
22 Aldridge, LaMarcus F POR Any time a player has heart concerns is worrying, especially with Portland's injury history, but broke out in a major way last year and should still be the man in Portland this year
23 Rondo, Rajon G BOS Same refrain, if he could shoot would be all-world. Schedule will cause Celts to rely on him even more than usual
24 Horford, Al F ATL He's like a junior "Big Fundamental"…young and consistently good production, but doesn't capture public attention
25 Lee, David F GS Wasn't as elite last season as he had been in previous years, but is healthy again and has had a dominant preseason
26 Wallace, Gerald F POR Came off the bench for awhile after being traded to Portland last season, but grew back into a big roto-producing role in new digs
27 Holiday, Jrue G PHI Quietly joined the roto elite last season, and still young/on the way up
28 Wall, John G WAS Completely overshadowed by fellow "rookie" Blake Griffin last year, Wall also has Rose-leap potential this season
29 Nash, Steve G PHO Was still brilliant last season before hip injury slowed him; age and health vs potential for dominance?
30 Granger, Danny F IND Always a strong roto player, but easily overlooked
31 Martin, Kevin G HOU Consistently strong scorer with great FT% effect, and quietly played 80 games last year to relieve "fragile" reputation
32 Gay, Rudy F MEM Was breaking out before injury last season, but maybe different dynamic after Randolph/Gasol dominated in postseason
33 Bogut, Andrew C MIL His elbow is finally healthy and he's already speaking of increasing scoring into the upper teens with elite defense…expecting huge things
34 Ginobili, Manu G SAN Was MVP candidate for the first half of last season before wore down; scary with the compacted schedule and injury history, but capable of top-10 production if healthy
35 Randolph, Zach F MEM Went into beast-mode in last year's playoffs, but still no defense and shots could go down with Rudy Gay back and healthy
36 Odom, Lamar F DAL Appears to be a perfect fit in Dallas, and may have a larger team role than he had with the Lakers
37 Ibaka, Serge F OKC Broke out last season, and should only be better moving forward
38 Iguodala, Andre G PHI Still great potential, but took a bit of a back seat to Jrue Holiday for the 76ers last year
39 Garnett, Kevin F BOS Age and injury have slowed him, but bounced back last season and is being asked to take on a larger scorer role this year
40 Scola, Luis F HOU Has been underrated for the last couple years, and still is. Unless and until Houston manages to bag a Gasol, Scola remains the man
41 Conley, Jr., Mike G MEM Conley is the 5th most recognized name on his team, but he may finish highest in the rankings
42 Billups, Chauncey G LAC Went from the penthouse (PG for Knicks) to the outhouse (backing up Chris Paul) back into a valuable slot as the starting SG on a team that should get him a lot of open looks
43 Gortat, Marcin C PHO Everyone's favorite "sleeper" center after he played so well post-trade to Phoenix last season
44 Wright, Dorell F GS Will the transition from Nelly's system to Mark Jackson's hurt his production? So much of his value tied into scoring and treys.
45 Blatche, Andray F WAS Thought he would dominate last season after breaking out the season before, but was just good…this could
46 Gasol, Marc C MEM Made his name and his contract with last season's playoffs, but was already showing signs of developing roto goodness last season
47 Bynum, Andrew C LAL When healthy, one of the best centers in NBA. Always an injury risk, but Odom trade means he will get bigger role this year
48 Noah, Joakim F CHI Strong defensive numbers, though the strong frontcourt of the Bulls and nagging injuries ate into his potential last season
49 Jackson, Stephen G MIL Always strong, and should be one of the featured scorers in Milwaukee
50 Deng, Luol G CHI Consistent near-20 point threat with solid peripheral categories
51 Parker, Tony G SAN Doesn't shoot the trey, but otherwise very valuable and could be relied upon more in the condensed schedule with Duncan and Manu being older
52 Jennings, Brandon G MIL Burned me last year, as I projected him a top-30 player. If he improves shot even a little bit, could get there this year
53 Pierce, Paul G BOS Shot career best percentages while still producing almost 20 ppg last season
54 Beasley, Michael F MIN Offensive break-out last season before nagging injuries slowed him, should be even better this year
55 Gallinari, Danilo F DEN Could end up as the best player in Denver this season, especially with so many of his former teammates stuck playing in China
56 Boozer, Carlos F CHI Looking for a big bounce-back this year out of Boozer. I think he approaches his Utah numbers
57 Cousins, DeMarcus F SAC Still hugely talented, with attitude the biggest question mark; Lots of potential and upside here
58 Hibbert, Roy C IND Broke out early last season before he wore down, should be better equipped to handle the larger role this year
59 Johnson, Joe G ATL Johnson's star has fallen in the last few years, from roto elite to tertiary option on his own team
60 Matthews, Wesley G POR Came out of nowhere to replace Brandon Roy last year; now the incumbant, should still be good though Jamal Crawford waits in the wings
61 Bosh, Chris F MIA Won't return to Toronto numbers, but expecting a better fit and more producting in year 2 of Miami's Big Three
62 Hilario, Nene C DEN Much like Al Horford, he's consisently solid but not flashy as he produces year in/year out
63 DeRozan, DeMar G TOR Arrived on the seen with some dominant scoring at mid-season, should be even better this year
64 Humphries, Kris F NJ Burst onto the roto big stage with man-sized double-doubles last season, will have larger role early with Brook Lopez out
65 McGee, JaVale C WAS Ridiculously talented, and the only question mark is his maturity
66 Irving, Kyrie G CLE Early frontrunner for Rookie of the Year; Once "earns" starting spot should be focus of Cavs offense this season
67 Monroe, Greg F DET Became a double-double machine as a rookie, should be even better as a sophmore
68 Lowry, Kyle G HOU Was a surprise last year, taking advantage of Aaron Brooks' injury and subsequent trade. This year he is the incumbent
69 Kidd, Jason G DAL Keeps getting older and older, but remains roto relevant even as he slows down
70 Augustin, D.J. G CHR Had a solid season after winning the position battle with Ray Felton last season, but in a new battle now to hold off Kemba Walker
71 Terry, Jason G DAL His role and production are very well established, and after his big playoff performance his swag should remain strong
72 Allen, Ray G BOS Still one of the best 3-point shooters in the game, even in the back half of his thirties
73 Bargnani, Andrea F TOR A bit of a one-trick pony as a scorer, but still valuable production from a center
74 Felton, Raymond G POR Was borderline dominant in NY, then slowed way down in Denver. Gets a fresh start in Portland, and should be solid
75 Lawson, Ty G DEN Expected to be the man at PG for the Nuggets, but Andre' Miller has been great in the preseason in injury relief
76 Millsap, Paul F UTA Still a strong producer, but ouchy injury has opened the dor for Derrick Favors to possibly snake some of his minutes
77 Dudley, Jared F PHO Appears to have the leg-up on Shannon Brown in the battle for starting shooting guard in Phoenix
78 Harden, James G OKC Was very high on him when I thought he would start this year; still looking for good improvement
79 Collison, Darren G IND Wasn't quite as good as expected in his feature role with the Pacers last season, but serviceable if can hold off George Hill to maintain starting role
80 Duncan, Tim F SAN Getting older, and likely will rest at times with the packed season schedule, but still one of the better roto centers in game
81 West, David F IND Recovered from knee injury earlier than expected; not 100% but already back on court. Game should fit well in Indiana
82 Brand, Elton F PHI Showed that he is still among the better roto options in the game, and is center eligible in many leagues
83 Jordan, DeAndre C LAC The Kaman trade and entrance of Chris Paul drives his value through the roof; may shoot 70% from field off all dunks
84 Harris, Devin G UTA Never made the leap, but is in a good situation to produce as the starting PG inUtah
85 Allen, Tony G MEM Burst onto the scene last season after Rudy Gay went down, will be interesting to see if he can maintain his role with Gy back
86 Afflalo, Arron G DEN A very solid real life player that earned a big contract with a big season last year; no huge strengths nor weakenesses in game
87 Turkoglu, Hidayet F ORL Came back into fantasy relevance with Magic trade last season, but is getting older and would likely be less valuable if Howard leaves
88 Hill, George G IND Was strong as a shooter in San Antonio, has to battle Collison for starting gig in Indiana; should knock down treys either way
89 Delfino, Carlos G MIL Has played well when healthy for two straight seasons, and should continue to do so this year
90 Maggette, Corey G CHR Perhaps the most talented scorer on a talent-depleted Bobcats team; health is the major concern
91 Crawford, Jamal G POR Different team, same role; expect him to score, knock down the trey; may spend some time at PG as well
92 Douglas, Toney G NY Currently a primary role as point guard for a D'Antoni system, but eventually expected to lose time when Baron Davis returns
93 Batum, Nicolas G POR Was everyone's favorite sleeper last season, but Wes Matthews stole his thunder. Still lurking
94 Teague, Jeff G ATL Has opportunity to win starting job in Atlanta if he can stay healthy for long enough; if holds job has sleeper potential
95 Chandler, Tyson C NY In NY this year, expected to bring same defensive character he brought to Dallas. Expect rebounds and blocks as long as he's healthy
96 Richardson, Jason G ORL Numbers fell off a cliff when he moved from Phoenix to Orlando; No reason he shouldn't bounce back a bit
97 Jack, Jarrett G NOR Unexpectedly the new starting point guard in New Orleans after the Chris Paul trade; has history of posting good numbers as starter
98 Salmons, John F SAC Usually strong in first season with a new team then questionable in following seasons
99 Kaman, Chris C NOR Went from battling DeAndre Jordan to battling Emeka Okafor for minutes, but could have larger role in offense if earns the minutes
100 Budinger, Chase G HOU Has proven himself a mid-teens scorer with good treys when starting, which he should this year
101 Casspi, Omri F CLE Sleeper candidate; averaged almost 11 points, 5+ boards and 1.6 treys last season for Kings, expected to have bigger role for Cavs this year
102 Gordon, Ben G DET Should have bigger role in Detroit with Rip Hamilton gone, could bounce back a bit towards what he used to be in Chicago
103 Lewis, Rashard F WAS Numbers fell off badly last season, was injured in Washington. Doesn't seem to fit their youth movement, but could be healthier
104 Favors, Derrick F UTA Had a huge preseason with Paul Millsap ouchy, may have played himself into the line-up; major upside if he earns enough minutes
105 Turner, Evan G PHI #2 pick in 2010, was slightly disappointing as rookie, could really break out as sophomore if he wins the starting job (had good preseason)
106 Williams, Derrick F MIN May be most talented player in his draft class, trying to find minutes in crowded Timberwolves frontcourt
107 Dalembert, Samuel C HOU Finds a way to be productive on the glass and blocks wherever he goes; Houston should be no exception
108 Thornton, Marcus G SAC Strong scoring presence for Kings for as long as he holds the starting SG job, which he holds coming out of camp
109 Landry, Carl F NOR Landry is like a slightly poor man's David West, and enters season as the starter in New Orleans
110 Haywood, Brendan C DAL Poised for a bounce-back season as starting C in Dallas with Chandler gone
111 George, Paul F IND We've been waiting for his upside to pan out for a little while now…could start to see more this year
112 Mayo, O.J. G MEM Took a major step back last year, but still has the ability if he can get off bench. If the twice-failed trade to Indiana ever happens it could be a big help
113 Miller, Andre G DEN The back-up to Ty Lawson in Denver, but had double-digit assists in both preseason games as injury replacement and has good relationship with Karl…keep an eye on him
114 Walker, Kemba G CHR One of the more intriguing rookies; Good upside on a team devoid of talent, especially if he can start earning more point guard minutes over incumbent D.J. Augustin
115 Carter, Vince G DAL No telling if he has anything left in the tank. Looked bad last year, but joins the cast of 30-something former stars in Dallas
116 Young, Thaddeus F PHI Still young enough to improve; Game not dominant, but can be productive with minutes
117 Nelson, Jameer G ORL Supposedly lost weight and came back in great shape, but preseason performance wasn't inspiring and his value would change tremendously if Howard leaves
118 Camby, Marcus C POR 37 years old, history of injury, and already battling a sore knee. On the other hand, if he gets anywhere near 25 minutes/game is good for 10 boards and two blocks
119 Varejao, Anderson F CLE Was having a career year before his season-ending injury, should pick back up this year
120 Williams, Louis G PHI Williams is a prototype scoring sixth man, making his upside range in the Jamal Crawford/Jason Terry realm
121 Johnson, Amir F TOR Starting center for Toronto; a good per-minute player that looks to get more minutes this year; double-double potential, stated goal to be the NBA Defensive Player of Year
122 Jamison, Antawn F CLE Productive when healthy, but now in his mid-30s and coming off of injury so health not a guarantee. Nevertheless, still has 20 ppg potential if can hold off Tristan Thompson as starting PF
123 Johnson, Wesley F MIN Rookie didn't burst onto the scene as expected last season after nagging hammy injury early; could bounce back in year two
124 Crawford, Jordan G WAS Good scorer; expected to be sixth man for Wizards; Upside in Ben Gordon range
125 Okafor, Emeka C NOR Battling Chris Kaman for minutes, and not longer able to play off of Chris Paul…bad news for both his minutes and his production
126 Young, Nick G WAS Had a breakout season last year, and now that he is re-signed to a one year deal he should continue to put up numbers this year
127 Gibson, Taj F CHI Stuck behind the Bulls' talented starting bigs, but showed last season that he can put up starters production in cse of injury
128 McGrady, Tracy F ATL Played well in spurts for Pistons last season, and this summer expressed confidence in a return to form this year
129 Patterson, Patrick F HOU Sat beside his agent on a plane last summer, was cool guy; Patterson was surprisingly effective in short starting bursts
130 Diaw, Boris F CHR Weighing in over 300 pounds to play center; extra weight slows and provides injury risk; Numbers have been consistent for last few years
131 Calderon, Jose G TORtd> Still the starter for now, but could lose job to Jerryd Bayless and I wouldn't be surprised
132 Battier, Shane F MIA Looks like a role player in Miami, though could get some time at PF in a "small" line-up
133 Bayless, Jerryd G TOR May be best lead guard on Toronto, though currently he's behind Jose Calderon on the depth chart
134 Marion, Shawn F DAL Well into his decline, now more of an all-around role player with no dominant category
135 Frye, Channing F PHO Was a fantasy revelation early last season, but battling to keep his starting job this year
136 Stuckey, Rodney G DET Just signed a new contract, and though may play more SG this year still should provide a mix of scoring and assists
137 Neal, Gary G SAN Was strong enough as rookie that George Hill was shown the door; Could improve as sophomore
138 Rubio, Ricky G MIN Is he all flash, or is there some substance? Can he shoot well enough to be effective? Worth a late-round flyer
139 Williams, Maurice G LAC Could still have solid value as 6th man
140 Davis, Baron G NY Injury prognosis went from 8 - 10 weeks to 4 - 8 after Knicks picked him up; if closer to 4 weeks, Davis could be pretty valuable as the starting PG in a D'Antoni system
141 Ariza, Trevor F NOR Unsure if can hold off Aminu to keep starting job
142 Jefferson, Richard F SAN Was a great source of treys last season, and with him apparently not being amnestied, should reprise that role this year
143 Blair, DeJuan F SAN No upside, but still has near double-double potential and the chance to play starter's minutes.
144 Hill, Grant F PHO Keeps getting older and older, but remains roto relevant as long as he's playing
145 Thomas, Tyrus F CHR Solid rebounding and block potential, and is center eligible in some leagues
146 Okur, Mehmet C UTA Should post very solid numbers for the first two months with Brook Lopez out
147 Redick, J.J. G ORL Once a shooter, always a shooter
148 Fredette, Jimmer G SAC I've already seen some writers trying to fit the "Tebow" tag on him, and the season hasn't even started yet
149 Lopez, Brook C NJ Fractured foot could sideline him for almost half of the season
150 Knight, Brandon G DET Another promising rookie vying for minutes

Others that caught my eye

N/A Kirilenko, Andrei F Still unsure if he's playing in America, for who, or when he might start. Other than that, he's a solid late/mid pick
N/A Miles, C.J. G UTA Role in rotation not set, but when given minutes can hit the three and score in the mid-teens
N/A Hamilton, Richard G CHI Should be a solid scorer in Chicago, but lesser and doesn't do much else
N/A Thompson, Tristan F CLE Lottery rookie expected to start season behind Jamison, but has talent to carve out larger role as season goes along
N/A Brown, Shannon G PHO Battling with Jared Dudley for starting SG slot, but appears to be more in line to be the sixth man. Seems made to be finisher for fastbreaking team like Suns
N/A Fields, Landry F NY Started last season like gangbusters then slowed dramatically; has to prove that fast start wasn't a fluke
N/A Bass, Brandon F BOS Currently a back-up, but could end up getting near starters minutes in the older and injury risk Celtics frontcourt
N/A Aminu, Al-Farouq F NOR Has upside and could earn more minutes on a Hornets team depleted of talent
N/A Udoh, Ekpe F GS Has worked on his offense, but still a bit of a defense specialist that is competing for PT; would need Ibaka-like leap for relevance, but already a great shot-blocker
N/A Davis, Ed F TOR Had solid rookie year, but slated to back up Toronto's best player which limits his minutes upside
N/A Fernandez, Rudy G DEN Good potential, but has been disgruntled and moved around a lot the last couple of seasons. Unknown role in Denver
N/A Henderson, Gerald G CHR Was strong to finish last season, but had offseason hip surgery to relieve knee pain; role player on a team devoid of talent
N/A Arenas, Gilbert G Can't find a team. But when he does, reasonable chance to be one of the top-150 players in the league
N/A Hickson, J.J. F SAC Was at one time expected to be a future leader in Cleveland, now competing with others (including DeMarcus Cousins) for big man minutes in Sacramento
N/A Anderson, Ryan F ORL Should score double-digits, grab around six boards, and knock down two treys per game; Solid perimeter role player numbers
N/A Haslem, Udonis F MIA Garbageman, always solid
N/A Meeks, Jodie G PHI Hanging onto the starting SG job in Philly for dear life, with Evan Turner breathing down his neck
N/A Butler, Caron F LAC Worth at least paying attention to as starting SF on talented team, but likely the fifth option and doesn't do much else outside of scoring
N/A McRoberts, Josh F LAL Should start first four games of season as power forward while Bynum is suspended, and still play solid role in rotation even after Bynum is back
N/A Villanueva, Charlie F DET Always tends to produce solid numbers, whether as a starter or coming off the bench
N/A Randolph, Anthony F MIN May be a permanent enigma; No minutes at all available in Wolves frontcourt rotation; yet somehow it seems certain he'll get to be a garbagetime savior in the fantasy playoffs for someone
N/A Davis, Glen F ORL Could be starting PF for Magic this season, has reasonable scoring potential though rebounds may be pedestrian and no defensive stats to speak of
N/A Beaubois, Rodrigue G DAL Was everyone's favorite sleeper last season before injuries derailed him; enters this season healthy
N/A Evans, Reggie F LAC Has double-digit rebound capability even in a bench role
N/A O'Neal, Jermaine F BOS Was solid when healthy last two seasons, enters season as healthy as he's going to get; should post nice blocked shot numbers
N/A Vesely, Jan F WAS Behind Rashard Lewis on depth chart; athletic but lacks polish