Collette’s 2018 Tout Wars Recap

This year was my 13th year traveling to New York City for Tout Wars. The highest finish I own is a distant second place finish, and that annoys me greatly. I put in a tremendous amount of pre-planning for this auction every year, but the end result is never as good as I want it. Part of the problem is undoubtedly my in-season management as I am notoriously too cautious early in the FAAB process, or I stupidly cut Francisco Lindor two weeks before he was promoted to the big leagues so I could roster a backup catcher. This year, I tried something different, but not by choice.

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I Finally Quit Kershaw!

On Sunday, March 17, I drafted my $125k grand prize NFBC RotoWire Online Championship team with friend and co-owner Chris Hahn. Chris and I have both cashed the overall contest – he finished 7th in 2012 and I placed 15th last year – but we’ve struck out in all of our co-own entries. We are determined to right the ship this season.

We drew the 9th pick, which was our 7th KDS preference. Here are the results (scroll down to see the full draft board):

1.9 (9) – J.D. Martinez – The plan going in was to take Aaron Judge, but Team 8 quickly reminded us that nothing ever goes to plan in a room full of NFBC sharps. Judge went as early as 5th overall in Main Event drafts last weekend, so this really wasn’t a huge surprise. I’m certainly not complaining that JDM was the player that fell to us.

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