Monday Night Observations

I can’t lie. I was going to watch the condensed version of the game this morning on Rewind, but only the full broadcast was available. So I watched the highlights and the last five minutes, the latter mostly because my Twitter feed was full of people who were aghast at Bruce Arians punting down 11 with five minutes left in the game.

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Week 3 Observations

I’m all for the NFL expanding to Europe, especially because I live there now, so in principle I think the London game is a good idea. I’m not sure why it needs to start so early, though. That creates 12 hours of NFL to watch on a Sunday which is too much even for a lazy person like me. There are only so many positions one can adjust to on the couch before malaise, backache and skin irritation from the fabric creep in. Full disclosure, I now catch the Sunday night game the following morning on rewind, so it’s only nine hours for me. But even that’s too much. They should start the game at 6:00 pm London time, i.e., 1 pm ET, along with the first wave of games.

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RotoWire & FanDuel Football Championship – Week 3

Week 3 is an interesting point of the fantasy football campaign; we have received just enough of a sample size to begin forming new opinions on players and matchups, but we aren’t deep enough into the season to completely abandon last year’s evaluations. “Is Carson Wentz actually breaking out, or did he luck out from Eric Berry’s absence last week?” or “is Carolina’s D a must-avoid again, or did they simply benefit from facing the Bills and 49ers?” are questions that run through my — and many fantasy owners’ minds as we set our weekly lineups. The beauty of FanDuel is that you can build your lineup around players you feel strongly about that given week, avoiding the aforementioned tough decisions that sometimes come with yearly leagues. So let’s take a look at some players that I am personally targeting in this week’s RotoWire & FanDuel Football Championship.

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Thursday Matchup Edge

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Open: 42 O/U, LAR -2.5
Press Time: 40 O/U, LAR -3

Carlos Hyde has looked great in both of his first two games despite facing perhaps the two toughest draws in the league, the Panthers and Seahawks. Now he faces a Rams defense that surrendered 304 yards (4.8 YPC) and three touchdowns on the ground through two games. It sure seems like he ought to be able to get something going in this one.

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Future Barometer (Week 3)

In this ‘Future’ Barometer, the goal is to break down a handful of players each week who likely don’t offer fantasy utility in the meantime, but otherwise might have the prospect profile of a player who could make an impact if an opportunity presented itself. The hope is that doing so will give you a head start in your evaluations if any of these guys pop up into the mainstream later on.

But again: these are long shots. They’re probably off the radar in even the deepest of re-draft leagues for the time being.

Presented in no particular order of importance…

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