The NFL Has Run Out of Excuses on Colin Kaepernick

With all but the Monday nighter left on the docket, Week 2 produced a lot of compelling stories for fans and media to gab about: Tom Brady not being quite ready for the glue factory, Kareem Hunt’s continued excellence, the Seahawks’ abysmal offensive line, etc.

It also, definitely and conclusively, exposed the last of the excuses for Colin Kaepernick not being in a uniform right now as the sham that it is.

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Week 2 Observations

I have a few close contests pending heading into the Monday Night game, but Week 2 is already a million times better than Week 1 for me. For starters, my Survivor pick, the Seahawks, cruised to an easy win after going behind 9-6 with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Seriously, the Seahawks offensive line is the worst in NFL history, and this would be even more obvious if they didn’t have Russell Wilson as their QB. I’m 10-5 ATS, though really 13-2 per my new criterion for grading myself. (I should have taken the 49ers and Falcons.)

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RotoWire Football Championship Week 2

The first week of the NFL season is sort of like Christmas. There is so much build up to it and for many, there is a total let down especially on the fantasy side. For me, there’s nothing as loathing as the first week of the NFL season when it comes to fantasy. You basically have nothing to go on since preseason has become a wasteland and you really can’t base it all on last season. And it showed last week as I finished a nice round 58th out of 58 in the RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship so for me there is only one way to go which is up. Hopefully, you will fare MUCH better than I in the second week of the RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship.

If you are unfamiliar with the competition, here are the basics:

– 10-week competition hosted on FanDuel
– $10 entry
– Compete against other users and three FanDuel experts (Jeff Erickson, Derek VanRiper, Kevin Payne)
– Finish above the experts and win an entry in the Week 11 Freeroll with over $4,000 in prizes and RotoWire subscriptions up for grabs
– Each qualifying week acts as a double-up with the top 150 doubling up their cash
– This is not a continuous competition, so you can enter every week, and you don’t have to have participated in Week 1 to enter this week’s competition
– You can sign up for this week’s competition here:

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Thursday Night Observations

Usually, I wake up on Friday and, first thing in the morning, watch the 40-minute condensed version of the Thursday night game. I squint to avoid seeing the final score, because even the edited version can be boring as hell when you know what happens. But today I overslept and had to rush to a doctor’s appointment, so I wasn’t able to watch right away. Instead, I made the mistake of checking Twitter on the subway and saw from my mentions the game was a Bengals loss (I predicted they’d not only win but cover), and all their key players likely did nothing (I own a lot of shares.)

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Thursday Matchup Edge: CIN vs. HOU

Cincinnati (0-1) vs. Houston (0-1)

Open: O/U 38, CIN -3
Press time: O/U 38, CIN -6

Andy Dalton’s struggles were among the top stories from Week 1, as he headed into Sunday a home favorite but was shut out with a 170-yard, four-interception line on 31 attempts. The offensive line certainly didn’t help, however, giving up five sacks while allowing plenty of disruption on the other plays, too. There’s a decent amount of pedigree on this line, so perhaps its struggles can largely be explained by the strength of the Baltimore front seven. As intimidating as J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus might be, the Texans allowed 155 yards on the ground last week and might be a tad less imposing than last year without Vince Wilfork. This game should be a fairer test for the Cincinnati line.

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Was Week 1 the beginning of the end for Tom Brady?

The first postmortem for the career of Tom Brady was written by many sports analysts on the evening of September 29, 2014 after he completed 14-of-23 passes for 159 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions when the Patriots were destroyed 41-14 in a Monday night game at Kansas City. Those who predicted his demise quickly learned that betting against this legend proved to be a lesson in futility, and after the next five games were in the books, all Patriots victories, he had thrown 18 touchdown passes without an interception, and on February 1, he was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

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