AL Tout Wars FAAB Results

Tout Wars is running our FAAB on Sunday mornings, in order to hopefully help others make bids in their respective leagues later on Sunday night. Our first run was last week, though it was actually earlier last week. You’ll be able to read about all the bids in all the leagues each week at But here’s this week’s results my AL league, which also includes RotoWire peeps Chris Liss and Jason Collette, as well as former RotoWire guy Vlad Sedler.

First, the winning bids:

I lost out on Tyler Austin to Seth Trachtman, $125-$117, on a $1,000 budget. Remember, this is a 12-team AL-only league. Anyone with regular playing time is going to find value, more so when they are in a great lineup. Tyler Wade was already taken, as was Miguel Andujar, to give you an idea of what the available taken level is. Austin is a bit of a boom or bust hitter – he’s going to strike out a lot, but when he makes contact it could fly. I definitely wanted him to fill my “swing” player slot – it’s essentially a utility slot that can be used for either a hitter or a pitcher. We use that instead of a fifth outfielder slot, to better reflect how major league teams maintain their rosters. It’s really hard to find teams that carry five outfielders these days, especially in the AL.

My consolation prize is Joey Wendle of the Rays, who I outbid Rob Leibowitz for $27-18. Wendle is platooning at second base for the Rays with Daniel Robertson (who I also have), and if you squint you can see 15-10 potential. It’s thin-gruel, but again, playing time is currency in an only league. Wendle fills my SW slot this week, replacing Teoscar Hernandez, who was optioned down to Triple-A to begin the season.

Here are the full bids for the league, including everyone’s contingencies:


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I had two players to DL this week – Aldaberto Mondesi and Ervin Santana – so no drops from me.